Madam Salem
General Information
Species Ledgerdomainan
Home World Ledgerdomain
Residence Ledgerdomain
Age 167
Affiliations Order of Bezel
Occupation(s) Witch
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Magic Manipulation
Relatives Zander (descendant)
Alias Salem
Voice Actor Vanessa Marshall

Madam Salem is a character in Puzzle Piece. She first appeared in Snooze. She is a Ledgerdomainain from the dimension Ledgerdomain.


Madam Salem is African-American with white hair and purple eyes. She wears a pink and purple robe with a brown belt that has a cat looking belt buckle similar to Zander's. She also as a golden crusted gem on her robes. On her head, she has a black crown.


She is a calm and serious witch and expects Zander to be studious and quick learning. She does not like it when her time is wasted by any set backs. She is extremely knowledgeable, but lacks combat expierence.

Powers and Abilities

Mana Manipulation

  • Mana Discs
  • Mana Whips
  • Mana Shields
  • Mana Platforms



Madam Salem is not much of a fighter, making her a poor choice in combat. She makes up for this by being intelligent.


Madam Salem has been living for nearly two hundred years. She met Zander's great great grandfather in 1895 when she was forty-seven. She had Zander's great grandfather in 1909 when she was sixty-one. She stayed to watch over Zander's grandfather who was born in 1947. She left her family to go back to Ledgerdomain a short time after Zander's father was born.




  • Bezel



  • Her design is based on Storm from X-Men: Evolution.
  • Her design also takes aspects from Verdona's Omniverse design as well as Charmcaster's Ultimate Alien design.
  • Her name comes from Salem, a town famous for it's witch hunts in the 1600s.


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