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Mad Ben


Mad Ben is an alternate and evil version of Ben Tennyson.


Mad Ben now wears a black leather spiked-jacket with it's left arm torn out. He wears a silver shoulder patch marked with a 10 on his left shoulder, orange gloves and a bracelet-like Omnitrix on his wrist, which he calls the Power Watch. He wears brown pants and black boots.


Mad Ben has an Australian accent and tends to speak in a calm and cool voice and uses catchphrases akin to those of fierce and cool-headed movie characters.

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Mad Ben is extremely bloodthirsty, megalomaniacal, sadistic, spiteful and power-mad towards his subjects in his dimension; he reacts with extreme aggression and threats whenever anyone else at all so much as talks to him as an equal instead of his servant, and after Maltruant left, Mad Ben still had his exhausted and half-dead slaves keep digging for no reason.

Mad Ben apparently thinks highly of himself as having achieved glory by becoming a tyrannical warlord, and contemptuously thought his heroic alternate counterparts to be too "pathetic" to ever be like him.

Mad Ben is also very short-tempered and becomes hotheaded when insulted or irritated, which can both serve as his weakness and serve to make him even more dangerous. He apparently doesn't react well to defeat or humiliation either.

Powers and Abilities


In combat, just like every other Ben, Mad Ben relies on his Omnitrix, which is also known as the Power Watch. He appears to have much finer control of his Omnitrix compared to Prime Ben and Ben 23, as he was never seen mis-transforming.

Accessible Aliens

  1. Mayhem 
  2. Arctiguana 
  3. Blitzwolfer 
  4. Buzzshock 
  5. Cannonbolt 
  6. Diamondhead 
  7. Ditto 
  8. Eye Guy 
  9. Four Arms 
  10. Frankenstrike 
  11. Ghostfreak 
  12. Grey Matter 
  13. Heatblast 
  14. Ripjaws 
  15. Snare-oh 
  16. Spitter 
  17. Stinkfly 
  18. Upchuck 
  19. Upgrade 
  20. Way Big 
  21. Wildmutt 
  22. Wildvine 
  23. XLR8
  24. Alien X 
  25. Big Chill 
  26. Brainstorm 
  27. Chromastone 
  28. Echo Echo 
  29. Goop 
  30. Humungousaur 
  31. Jetray 
  32. Lodestar 
  33. Nanomech 
  34. Rath 
  35. Spidermonkey 
  36. Swampfire
  37. AmpFibian 
  38. Armodrillo 
  39. Chamalien 
  40. Clockwork  
  41. Eatle
  42. Fasttrack 
  43. Juryrigg 
  44. NRG 
  45. Shocksquatch 
  46. Terraspin 
  47. Water Hazard
  48. Astrodactyl 
  49. Atomix 
  50. Ball Weevil 
  51. Bloxx 
  52. Bullfrag 
  53. Crashhopper 
  54. Feedback 
  55. Gravattack 
  56. Gutrot 
  57. Kickin Hawk 
  58. Mole-Stache 
  59. Pesky Dust 
  60. The Worst 
  61. Toepick 
  62. Walkatrout 
  63. Whampire
  64. Rocks
  65. Snakepit
  66. Squidstrictor
  67. Gax
  68. Highbreed
  69. Elements
  70. Power-Up
  71. SnowBeast
  72. Big Nose
  73. Batbolt
  74. Sandbox
  75. Shellhead
  76. XYZ
  77. Chimera
  78. Mage
  79. Fire Crusader


Like Ben Prime, whenever the Power Watch times out, Ben is left powerless until he either dodges or switches to a new alien form, although he is highly trained in combat. In addition to gaining the selected alien's powers and strengths, he gains its weaknesses.


After using the Ascalon to defeat Vilgax, Ben had the opportunity to take a decision on something that would not only affect him but maybe the rest of the world. While thinking about what to do, his friends kept telling him to do what's right, but Ben had enough.

He didn't want to do what's right, he wanted to do what he wanted for him alone, for the first time in six years. He then used the sword to turn the Esoterica back to humans, just to alter reality by his own, making it a dystopical world. As it detected a negative wish, Ascalon dematerialized from Ben's hand, angrying him. But he also changed some other things.

He remembered what Azmuth told him about not being worthy of The Omnitrix. Well, now he made himself worthy to be the weilder of the universe's greatest tool. Or, in his hand, a weapon. And he will rule with an iron fist.