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Macrok is a Cotresaurian bounty hunter from Stonelus and hired by Darkstar to kill Ben during the Hunting Season. But short after their confrontation he was defeated as Ben throws him around as a ragdoll while using Graviton.


Macrok is a long reptile alien with a deadly set of teeths and claws. He has, unlike like most reptiles a brown fur and around the neck a ring of feathers. He have also three crests on his head, one cranial and one on each cheek. Three crests starting from spinal cord are in his neck, just above the feather ring. He have very long arms and 4 long fingers on each hand. He has a equal amount of toes. He has a very long tail, starting from his lower back.

He is known for his patience but also for his ruthlessnes. He also not one of the best and because of this, cheap enough for Darkstar to afford him.


Macrok is a typical psychopath and started to kill just for fun. After he was caught, he was send in exile. During his exile, his only surviving victim hired a bounty hunter to kill him. After he killed the bounty hunter, he took his place and became the infamous bounty hunter he is today.

Powers and abilities[]

He is very strong and has powerful claws. He is very talented in hand-to-hand combat and is pretty good in hunting. He can also be very patient.


He's isn't the most subtle or the smartest. He also lacks accuracy and haves the habit to left 'his signature.' This makes it very easy to see who committed the crime, which can use to indicate who hired him.


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