Nu Mack 10 has been cancelled by CaT due to early and wholly unwarranted cancellation being the only proper way for a BTFF series to end. It may return at some point, but for the foreseeable future, it will no longer be worked on.


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Nu Mack 10 was the wiki's January 2017 featured series!


Mack 10
General Information
Genre Action/Adventure
Status Airing
Original run 10/3/16 - TBA
Episodes 7
Starring BTFF
Country United States
Network Cartoon Network
Creator(s) CaT
Series Guide
Preceded by
"Ben 10: Inversed Roles"
Succeeded by
"Inversed Roles Rebooted"

Mack 10 is a parody series created as a satire of various common elements of BTFF.

If you're looking for the old Mack 10 and got linked here from an alien page or something, sorry to tell you, but the original creator Mack 10 got salty and left the wiki. This series has been created on his deleted page. Have fun!


There are three pervasive concepts that grip the wiki like the iron fist of a dictator with really, really narrow tastes. These concepts are:

  • The Ben 10 Continuation/Reboot series that continues and/or reimagines canon as the writer sees fit. (i.e. POTO or Death of Ben 10)
  • The ____ 10 self-insert series that generally start off with the main character having their Omnitrix tossed at them somehow. (i.e. Tech 10 or Mack 10)
  • The pretentiously titled (usually with one word), try-hard edgy series that have almost nothing to do with Ben 10 and barely ever get off the ground or produce new content. (i.e. Prototype or Horizons).

Mack 10 will use name recognition and lots and lots of satire to lampshade the hell out of these and other concepts. This is the beginning of...The Mackening.


  1. Ben 10: Omniversal Multi Super Fusion Evolution
  2. X 10
  3. X 10: The Unnecessary And Still Completely Noobish Reboot That's Supposedly Better Even Though The Original Only Started A Week Or Two Ago
  4. Edgelads
  5. Drama Bomba Llama
  6. End of Memevangelion
  7. Obligatory 7-Episode Miniseries Finale


Fan List

If you're up for some dank and hopefully maybe good satire, sign here:


  • This series was created using the dead Mack 10 page as a meta commentary on all the series on this wiki that get cancelled for no good reason.
    • Furthermore, this series itself was cancelled for no good reason in order to fully complete the meta commentary.

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