The Matrix



General Information
Creator ???
User Mack
Type Omnitrix

Mack's Omnimatrix is the newest Omnitrix introduced in Mack 10. It's official name and creator are unknown, but Mack refers to it as the Matrix. Others usually call it the Omnitrix, but the Matrix quickly catches on.


Mack's Omnimatrix was created by an unknown person and sent to Earth. The reason it was sent to Earth is also unknown. It is found by Mack in the football field outside of his school.


The Matrix has the appearance of an Apple Watch, but is bright blue.


  • The Matrix can turn Mack into alien lifeforms.
    • It does this by recreating strands of alien DNA when Mack chooses an alien of which to transform into.
  • The Matrix has a database of different types of appearances for the alien.
  • It is super durable and only comes off with the permission of the user. However, this doesn't stop it from malfunctioning every now and then.
  • It has a built in universal translator.


Mode What it does
Omnitrix mode Allows the user to turn into any unlocked alien.
Incognito mode Disguises the Matrix as a normal watch, closest looking to an Apple Watch.
Self Destruct mode Causes the Matrix to explode without harming the user.
Scan mode Allows the user to scan an aliens' DNA.
Cooldown mode Renders the Matrix useless for a short period of time.
Hologram wheel Lets the user select one of his favorite aliens from a playlist of 8.
Life-form lock

Lets the user stay as a life form for an extended amount of time. This can be dangerous.

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