The Mach 10, formerly known as Brandon's Car, is a vehicle used in the series, Brandon 10.


In Ultimate Hero, the Mach 10 is a green and black sports car. It's headlights are square with round ends with a green bumper underneath. A green line forms in the middle of the car on the hood up until the windshield which is clear but slightly tinted black/grey. A green banner located at the bottom is designed on the car doors which then continues on the side until it meets with the other side and forms along the trunk. The car also has a liscene plate reading "BRNDN10".


Little is known about the Mach 10 earlier on but it was given as a birthday from Coco to Brandon.


  • Built-in Screen with Voice Recongition
  • Cup Holders
  • Heated Seats
  • Navigation
  • Radio
  • Speed Boosters


Ultimate Hero

Video Games



  • The Mach 10's original name, Brandon's Car, was not only a temporary title until an official name came up but a running gag in the series about how Coco names his car, Coco's Car.
  • Some names that Brandon came up with for the car was The Mystery Car, a play on The Mystery Machine, and the Brandon Mobile, a reference to the Batmobile.
  • In the episode, Race, Brandon designs a race car using alien technology. The race car's design is very similar to the Mach 10.


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