MI6 Base (Earth-251)
MI6 Building
Continent Europe
Location Earth
Notable inhabitants Lauren Genare
Population British
Affiliation FLA

Lauren Genare

United Kingdom

United Nations

Movie Energy Revolt

The MI6 Base is the main government building for MI6, with its location at London. 

Physical Structure

The main headquarter's looks like a normal fast food like an ancient Babylonian ziggurat with influences from the Mayans and Aztecs as well. Beneath sea level, the base is over six acres large. There are over six million agents just for this one base. The normal office is about one hundred square feet. The cheif has a larger office where he has a desk, a TV on the wall, computer built into the wall and his own bathroom. When an agent has died, their office is tore down with all of their personal belongins so a new agent can join.


The Original headquarters were built in 1918 with many remodeling during the forthcoming years. Originally, MI6 only had three hundred agents. During 1922, there was a break out of crime lords in the city, causing MI6 to lose almost half of their agents. The remaining agents spread out over the world, creating new bases for more agents. Currently, there are bases in London, Budapest, and other eight more locations that are unknown. 

Finally, on 1994 the new current base completed construction. Its still in current usage. 

There are no bases in the United States, as MI6 are rivalry with the F.B.I. However they are allies with the FLA . 


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