Lyon Michael Moreton
Me in Omniverse
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Age 15
Affiliations Ben's Team (formerly)
Occupation(s) Hero
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Continuous Crying
Enhanced Speed
Enhanced Stamina
Enhanced Durability
Equipment Omnitrix
Relatives Soul Stanford (boyfriend)
Alias Lyon
Depressed Child
Waste of air
Waste of space
Alternate Counterparts Lyon Moreton (non-canon counterpart)
Voice Actor Myself
First Appearance The Introduction of Lyon and Soul


Lyon is a tall boy with spots on his face, his eyes are brown, and he has long, thick hair, which covers his left eye. He wears a black jacket with a white hood, while also wearing a grey top underneath it.

He wears navy blue ripped jeans, whilst also wearing black trainers. As accessories, he wears thick eyeliner and wears chains on his jeans, which fits his theme.


Lyon is a nice and calm teenager who suffers with autism.[1] He usually doesn't interfere with people's business. However, when alone, he believes that no one loves or cares about him.

He hates everything about himself, from his appearance, and the fact that being happy is a stupid thing to him.

Powers and Abilities

Like every other alternate Ben Tennyson, Lyon relies on his Omnitrix to battle.

Known Seen Transformations

Known Unseen Transformations


His depression can overthrow him, causing him to break down and burst into tears.

He is extremely aggressive, and takes his anger out on other people, including family relatives.

He can't control his anger.


Lyon was born on November 8, 2004.[1] which makes his zodiac sign Scorpio, and his birth stone Topaz. When he was a few months old, according to his mother, he was slapped by his abusive father who was confirmed to be an alcoholic.

Within the next few years, him and his sister had never bonded because his sister thought she was all perfect, and she was spoilt by the mother, because she was a mother's girl.

Sometime around 2016, his mother attacked him due to the intense stress she had whist being pregnant for his baby sister. He was in a lot of pain. His grandfather passed from a heart attack. He was depressed then on.

He is currently living with his grandmother, who treats him just as bad as how she treated his mother when she was little.




Love Interests





  • Lyon thinks dating Soul was his fault, and should never happen again.[1]
    • However, this doesn't make sense as he says that Soul was everything he wanted.
  • His Nan thinks that he will find happiness with someone, however he doesn't think that is the case.
  • His favourite aliens are both Feedback and Big Chill.
  • He doesn't care about how people treat him anymore.
  • He suffers with autism, social anxiety and depression
    • He even threatened he would slit his wrists in front of his nan.
  • Soul agreed to letting Lyon's Omniverse character be in a relationship with Soul, via speaking to each other on Snapchat.[3]


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