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Lykos is a Loboan who works for Azmuth. Ayaka Inoue transforms into Cyber Blitzwolfer when its DNA is scanned.


Lykos resembles the Werewolf from the original series with traits of Blitzwolfer's Omniverse design (the mane and tail) and the latter's Ultimate Alien coloration.


Lykos was seen fighting against Smilodonborg until the latter is recalled. Lykos then meets Ayaka and gives her the Cybertrix it was working on, but was accidentally scratched during the ealier scuffle and gives Ayaka unintentional wolf-like traits. Azmuth manages to repair the glitch, but Ayaka's wolf powers remained. Lykos, feeling sorry, helps Ayaka train using Cyber Blitzwolfer until Spitter, Buzzshock and Arcticguana show up, requesting back up after Smilodonborg had severely defeated them, and Ayaka defeats Smilodonborg.

Powers and Abilities

Being a Loboan, it shares the same abilities as Blitzwolfer.


Being a Loboan, it shares the same weaknesses as Blitzwolfer.


  • Lykos is incapable of speech for some reason.]