General Information
Species Lurnitated Osmosian
Home World Tifica Awshum
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Scientikinesis
Equipment Trident
First Appearance 1+1=X
Lurnit is an alien in Evan Billion. He is one of the additional 6, and Evan's most powerful alien. Lurnit also appears in Ben 10: Stupidity Force.


Lurnit has complete control over science, math, and history. These powers make him very powerful, as they allow him to change the laws of the universe themselves.

Lurnit has control over all individual sciences, from the major ones such as physics and biology, to the smaller ones such as audiology, the study of hearing, and cryptology, the study of codes. Lurnit can alter physics, meaning he can control things such as gravity, energy, and dimensions. Via kinetic energy, Lurnit has telekinesis. Via potential energy, Lurnit can halt objects in midair. Lurnit has control over the forms of energy, such as light, sound, or electricity.

Lurnit can control properties of objects, such as mass, density, and length. He can make things more durable, and change the sizes of things. He can destroy inertia, making objects extremely fast. Lurnit can control the properties of everything, including himself, and by doing this, can bestow superpowers upon himself.

Lurnit can change complete rules of math. He can make 1 equal to 0 in only a certain object, making that object disappear. He can remove math, making there nothing to live upon, and by doing this, can freeze objects in time, or destroy everything they have. He can make things equal to infinity, making endless copies of the object. He can clone himself by doing this.

Lurnit can distort math, distorting reality at the same time, and altering the physical structures of objects. He can create math problems, and can make the answer to the math problems anything, which will have various effects. By manipulating coordinates, he can teleport. Lurnit can virtually distort anything by manipulating its math.

Lurnit can travel to any point in history. He can also turn the future into history, granting him control over the future, too. Lurnit can use his other powers to change things in history, altering the present and the future and causing different things to happen. Lurnit can change a person's age, giving them more years in history to make them older, or destroying their years of history to make them younger.

Lurnit's power is unlimited. He can affect all properties of the universe, altering them and making whatever he wants happen.


Evan Billion

Ben 10: Stupidity Force

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