Not to be confused with this Lupina.

Lupina is the Akira 10 version of Blitzwolfer.


Due to being a female Loboan, Lupina is thinner and has a more feminine shape than Blitzwolfer. She lacks the should spikes while her arm spikes are shorter. She also lacks the dark markings on her paws as well. She has long hair with long bangs that covers one of her eyes. She wears purple clothing and the Omnitrix on her stomach.

Powers and Abilites

Being a Loboan, Lupina has the same powers as other members of her species, including her Night Vision, Enhanced Hearing, Enhanced Agility, and Sonic Howls.


Being a Loboan, Lupina has the same weaknesses as other members of her species.


  • In her old design from 2016, Lupina had purple bracelets, a belt, and dark grey colored paws.
  • Her alternate looks consists of her having brown fur similar to the creator's hair color in real life.


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