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Luna Lobo is a moon that is home to the Loboans. It orbits the planet Anur Transyl in the Anur System.


Luna Lobo is a dark moon, covered in forests of rocky spires. From Anur Transyl, the moon appears purple.


A wooded moon, Luna Lobo's landscape is prowled with a race of cunning wolf-beasts with a thirst of blood. While these feral creatures mostly hunt in packs, it is a lone wolf beast that often proves to be the most savage of all.


At some point Loboans began to emigrate to elsewhere in the Anur System, most notably to Anur Transyl itself.


In Earth-1010 this moon was once under control of the Vladats. Once the planet was liberated by the Anurians, they evolved into the Loboans that exist today.

Known Inhabitants



  • Luna Lobo's name comes from the words for Moon and Wolf in Latin and Spanish respectively.