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General Information
Home World Dagon's World
Body Animalistic
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Agility
Laser Beams
Mind Control
Radiation Immunity
Wall Crawling
First Appearance The Creature from Beyond

Lucubra (pronounced Low-coo-brah) are Dagon's minions. Many Lucubra appear as enemies of Sir George in Solitary Alignment.

According to Gwen, a Lucubra is a demon from another dimension sealed by the first Forever Knight using a spell.


A Lucubra has a green and grey gelatinous body with red teeth like markings on its face. It resembles some kind of lizard. They use tentacles to feed off their victim's thoughts and to communicate with others. Once a person has been fed upon, the Lucubra can send telepathic commands to them.

The Lucubra appear to range in size, one being as large as a dog, while another was several times larger than a human.

Powers and Abilities

A Lucubra has the ability to feed on the thoughts of humans. Gwen states that it feeds on the part of the mind used to pray or meditate until there is nothing left of the victim's mind. The victim then becomes its obedient servant, evident by the turquoise eyes, which it is implied it can control from other dimensions.

Lucubra are very durable, being able to take hits from the Forever Knights' weapons, Gwen's mana attacks, Kevin's physical attacks and NRG's radiation attacks with no visible damage at all.

Lucubra are strong enough to knock one of the Forever Knights away with little effort.

Lucubra can fire a powerful laser beam from their face and climb walls.


A Lucubra can't take over beings if their cranium is protected by certain types of materials like iron.

The Lucubra can be contained through magic.

Known Victims

  • Gwen Tennyson
  • Unnamed Officer
  • Two Forever Knights
  • Winston
  • Sir Reginald
  • Unnamed knights


  • According to Gwen, a Lucubra is an insect when compared to the power of Diagon.
    • Additionally, according to Azmuth, the Lucubra are nothing like Diagon.
  • The Lucubra have many features that a traditional demon has in general demonology and mythology:
    • The Lucubra is very durable.
    • The Lucubra can be contained by magic.