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The manufacturing and sale of EvoLocks and EvoKeys is illegal. My company neither manufactures nor sells these items; we simply contract them out. I am no more legally responsible for the actions of an Evolvyrn than a car rental service is for the misuse of their vehicles.

–Lucius rebutting claims of illegal actions on his part., New X World

From now on, I’ll make sure my choices are mine and mine alone, and if fate permits...I’ll make them the right ones.

–Lucius reflecting., Truth X Morning

Lucius Raivent
Lucius Raivent TC.png
General Information
Species Human (Physically)
Devil (True Form)
Home World Earth
Alias Lucifer
Personality Type ISTJ-A (Logistician)
Alternate Counterparts Lucius Raivent (13)
Relatives Sephtis Raivent (Father; Deceased-ish)
Unnamed Woman (Mother; Deceased)
Age 19
Height 5'10" (179cm)
Status Active
Abilities and Equipment
Abilities Various Demonic Abilities
Equipment EvoGun
First Appearance New X World
Last Appearance TBA

Lucius Raivent is a main character of the series Tech Cross.


Lucius started out as the heir to the Raivent family's criminal empire, an extensive organization that dealt in various illegal trades and were infamous for their brutality. What was unknown to the organization at large, however, was the fact that Lucius and 12 other sons were created as demonic superweapons intended to serve the crime ring and give them an unbreakable hold over the criminal underworld, with Lucius himself being born as the earthly incarnation of Satan/Lucifer, lord of hell.

After the initial supposed death of Lucius's father, Sephtis Raivent, Lucius took over the organization at the age of 13 and immediately set to work restructuring it into a proper company. Illegal trades were cut off and the company began dealing through strictly legal (if not moral) channels. This shift in focus initially created some infighting, but those who rose up against the new status quo were swiftly dealt with, firmly establishing Lucius as the unquestionable head authority of the organization.

This new direction proved to be extremely successful thanks to Lucius's business tactics, with the Raivent company quickly rising to become a major financial power. At some point, the company was offered a lucrative contract by a yet unknown party to take on the distribution of the EvoLock system, which Lucius accepted.

Though the manufacturing and sale of these devices were quickly made illegal after the system was first released, political lobbyists from Lucius's company (including one of his brothers, Callahan Raivent), managed to keep a legal loophole open allowing them to contract out the devices under their own terms.


Lucius is initially a ruthless and seemingly emotionless businessman, placing the state of his company above all else. His morality is primarily centered around efficiency; he strives for effective solutions that carry minimal long-term consequences. Because of this, his actions may be either beneficial or detrimental to those around him, though he tries to avoid harm if at all possible.

He takes significant issue with his origins as a living demonic superweapon, and refuses to use his more powerful abilities on account of this. As of Truth X Morning, he's able to overcome this somewhat thanks to the advice of Christine Eldridge, but he remains reluctant to use his full power.


Lucius is extremely intelligent, able to thoroughly calculate the results of any given action before going through with it. He is also an excellent marksman, having a near-supernatural sense of precision that allows him to hit his targets without fail. He can apparently teleport within a certain range as long as nobody is watching him, and has enough durability to fall from an extended height and crash through the roof of a moving vehicle unharmed.

When channeling a portion of his demonic powers, he assumes his Inferno form, which allows him to freely control hellfire and empower his transformations with demonic abilities. The full scope of his powers if he were ever to use his true form is unknown.




The EvoGun is a heavily modified EvoLock that functions as both a standard pistol and a transformation device. By inserting one of his four custom-made EvoKeys into the slot on the side of the EvoGun, Lucius shifts the device from gun mode to transformation mode, with the next pull of the trigger being used to initiate the transformation itself.

Whenever Lucius activates the EvoGun's transformation mode, his pupils shrink into slits. Contrary to initial belief, this phenomenon is not in fact caused by the EvoGun itself, but seems to be a short flicker of Lucius's demonic form coming through during the transformation process.



  • Lucius has gone through several character variations over the years, with most of them using some form of gun-shaped Omnitrix. The concept of a gun-like Omnitrix was eventually first put into use with the CataloGun in Project Deca before Tech Cross began development.