The Merchant
General Information
Species Unknown
Home World Unknown
Residence Unknown
Age Unknown
Powers and Abilities
Abilities The ability to grant any wish
Equipment Possibly Magical Cane
Alias "The Merchant" - BBO/BBDB Staff
"The Man" - In text
Voice Actor Peter Fonda
First Appearance Revelations: Part Two

Lucifer is a man in Bryce Bowman: Origins. His species and home planet are currently unknown.


Lucifer is described as an older man with partially balded white hair, who wears a black robe and carries a cane- adorned with a skull on the handle whose eyes are "brilliant red gems".


Lucifer was only in one scene, so it's hard to really tell what he is like. He seemed calm, cunning, and devious. Although, he didn't seem sinister or like he wanted to harm Bryce, but he didn't have Bryce's best interests in mind.


Lucifer first appeared in Revelations: Part Two where he made a deal with Bryce that he would keep Bryce's loved ones healthy so long as he could use Bryce as a bounty hunter of sorts.




  • In Revelations: Part Two, after Bryce says "I made a deal with a devil once, and I'm not planning on making that mistake again", the Merchant smirks.
    • This meaning that he finds it kind of ironic that Bryce is making another deal with a devil.
  • This guy is 100% the devil.
    • But not Mephisto, don't get them confused.
    • Bryce didn't get that until he shot fire out of his mouth.
  • Just to be clear, being the devil does not automatically make this guy evil. He may be crafty, cunning, and/or sly, but he isn't necessarily evil.
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