"Being a hero is all about saving others widoth fear of being saved yourself"

-Lucas Stuart

Lucas Stuart
General Information
Species Human / Citrakayah
Home World Earth
Residence Diamond City
Age 18
Affiliations Plumbers
Occupation(s) Sports team major
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Super speed
Equipment Nothing
Relatives Unknown
Alias Blue Arrow, Agent Speedy

Lucas Stuart is one of the main characters in Derek-10. He first appeared in Lunar base. He is a Human / Citrakayah hybrid from the planet Earth, in the universe Earth-3627.


Lucas Stuart is 18 years old, he has blond spiky hair, he's a Caucasian and has blue eyes.

He wears a blue sports team t-shirt, a blue shirt and white and black sport shoes.


His personality is best described as heroic, wanting to help everyone around him, he also claims that Derek is his sidekick, however it should bet noted that he can show some dark emotions.

Powers and Abilities

Being a half-Citrakayah gives him the powers of super-speed, along with strength, it should be noted he's not as fast in human form, however he can freely switch from being a human and a Citrakayah.


He's not as fast as an pure Citrakayah, he has a weakness against water, he doesn't like dogs or similar creatures.


In Derek-10 Lucas is a well know secret superhero of diamond city, one day trough he needed to save someone, he changed in front of at least 4 people, Adam was one of them, Adam then bough Lucas to Luna-10, and erased the other's memories of the event, as a way to keep Lucas safe.




  • He will probably be in every episode from the second onward.


He's more heroic than Derek.

He wants to steal Derek's spotlight.


(none so far)

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