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Love Stuck is the seventeenth episode of the first season of Back in Action: Alien Universe.


Part I

[We open in the Null Void where skinny blue aliens in plaid overalls are milking non-sapient, six-legged livestock which resemble cows on a large rock in the middle of nowhere, when suddenly a UFO slowly flies overhead, the first sign of civilization near them in a long time. Every one of the farmers gets up and waves his arms feverishly in an attempt to grab the attention of the UFO's pilot. The farmers stop their waving when the ship seemingly disappears. Moments later, after the farmers have resumed their positions in milking their livestock, the ship becomes visible just before it blasts off into the distance. The adult blue aliens as well as the children are saddened by the occurrence as they return to their stock. On the other side of the Null Void, we find Ben and Albedo preparing to face off on a large, smooth rock.]

Ben: Albedo, tell me what you were doing here with those portals open.
Albedo: That is none of your business.
Ben: With you working for that mummy guy, I think it is.
Albedo: "That mummy guy"? Surely, you're aware that they are members of the Thep Khufan race. After all, (raising his index finger to point at the Assault Omnitrix on Ben's wrist) you have a Thep Khufan in your Omnitrix.
Ben: I know, but I like "mummy guy" a bit more.
Albedo: Whatever makes you look more imbecilic.
Ben: Is that an insult?
Albedo: Depends; is the moon round?
Ben: Grr...Transforms into Four Arms and rushes after Albedo who stands still in preparation for his attack. As Four Arms winds his two right arms up for the straight blow into Albedo's body, Albedo flashes red and transforms into Negative Kickin Hawk. Four Arms tries to slide to stop, but having already picked up too much speed, he ends up sliding over to Negative Kickin Hawk and getting kicked in the jaw. He slides backwards and nearly recaptures his balance before Negative Kickin Hawk rushes back after him and twirls mid-air with his feet smacking Four Arms' face about. After simply taking in a few attacks, Four Arms, in spite of his inability to get a lock on Negative Kickin Hawk with his kicks blinding him, grabs onto Negative Kickin Hawk's two feet with his upper left and right arms.
Four Arms: Guess you've had a lot of practice with that guy. But you wanna know something? Negative Kickin Hawk swallows audibly, then clucks. Yeah, I've had a lot more. He uppercuts Negative Kickin Hawk miles into the sky with his lower left arm. While waiting for Negative Kickin Hawk to return from the heavens, he pulls a large chunk of the ground out with ease and throws it at the falling chicken. Negative Kickin Hawk then changes his course; he begins to dive face-first into Four Arms. Dude, what are you--

A large shadow slowly encompasses the whole of the rock on which the two battle. Four Arms' attention changes from the diving Negative Kickin Hawk to the slow-flying UFO in the sky. Four Arms watches as the triangular black ship becomes slower and slower until it stops completely on top of the rock. Negative Kickin Hawk's own attention is stolen from him as he turns his head to view the still ship in the sky. After a brief moment of being entranced by the ship, he looks back down at Four Arms who becomes bigger and bigger as he gets closer and closer to him. He continues the dive, as Four Arms now tries to defend himself from the attack by covering his face with all four of his arms. A beam strikes down over Four Arms, and he disappears. With Negative Kickin Hawk still falling, he now tries to protect himself from diving face-first into a rock from miles in the sky. He floats still for a second then is also swiftly beamed away from his location. For a moment, we look down at the surface of the rock the two aliens were battling on. Stone statues of Four Arms, defending himself with his four arms over his face, and Negative Kickin Hawk, attempting to take in as little damage as possible by covering his face with his wings, drop onto the rock.

[Our view then changes to Bellwood, in front of Ben's house, in the middle of the night. We find Julie, Gwen, Chelsey, Karin, and Cooper battling Elena in her Nanite Queen form. Julie rapidly transforms into forms of cannons; Gwen blasts Elena with an assortment of powerful rays; Chelsey uses her Anodite form to attempt to break the nanochips making up Elena's body; Karin, in her human form with Plumber suit on, uses her blaster due to how dangerous close contact with the nanochips could be; and Cooper, also in his Plumber suit, tries to command the nanochips to stop letting Elena control them. All of their efforts are fruitless, though. With every last blast, Elena's nanochips are rebuilt and reproduced to take the place of missing ones.]

Chelsey: Why are you even here, Elena?
Elena: To prove a point.
Cooper: And what point is that?
Elena: That the Plumbers have been taking on weak students who have no hope in being the best of the best in the future.
Karin: Everyone has their own talents which are suited to certain missions, Elena.
Elena: Yes, and before I left the Plumbers, I was destined to be one of the top Plumbers because I was talented in every field.
Karin: And that's your own fault that you can't take that title anymore.
Elena: It doesn't matter anymore; I have found my true calling, Frikton.

Several nanochips are generated in front of Elena to create a solid yet transparent and glowing blue spherical shield around her. Elena laughs haughtily.

Chelsey: So you've sacrificed your humanity so you can prove a point?
Elena: I sacrificed my humanity so that the Earth could be free. I was going to give the nanochips to the world.
Chelsey: Then you were going to govern the use of all nanochips. With you being the Queen, you can control it all, make it all work to your bidding.
Elena: So what? The world would have been perfect.
Chelsey: For you, maybe, but you would've gotten bored with it all, and if you were ever to decay, so would the whole human race, depending on how much control you had over us.
Elena: That's not true, because even if the nanochips decay, they would reproduce and reproduce until my body is whole again.
Chelsey: And what about getting bored of it all?
Elena: I would never get bored of it. I'd force the nanochips to make me know that none of it is boring.
Chelsey: So you'd force the nanochips to make you into what you aren't. You don't even realize how far from any other person you are now. You're not human anymore; you're all nanochip.
Elena: SHUT UP!

The shield deteriorates. Elena's body ceases to maintain itself. She becomes a ball of visible nanochips rather than artificial skin.

Gwen: She's falling apart!
Chelsey: Guess maybe she's still got a bit of human in her...
Gwen: Chelsey, aren't you completely Anodite, though?
Chelsey: No, my great-grandfather was completely human.
Gwen: So everyone generation after that, the human DNA became less obvious?
Chelsey: Yeah, but I grew up on Earth, for the most part.

The nanochips begin to buzz like bees. Slowly, the buzzing turns into Elena's screaming voice.

Elena (with a hint of buzzing in her voice): SHUT UP! I CAN'T CONCENTRATE LIKE THIS! The nanochips stabilize and take on Elena's Nanite Queen form once more. You people are so annoying. She thrusts her arm out and points it in the direction of her opposers. I just want you to sto--She abruptly stops mid-sentence.
Chelsey: "Sto"? Elena remains placid. Elena? She slowly walks over to Elena's body and pokes it. Elena?
Julie: I'd get away from that if I were you.
Cooper: We wouldn't need these warnings if Ben were here.
Gwen: Yeah, where is Ben?

Everyone, except the motionless Elena, turns their heads to Julie, who exits her fight-ready stance.

Julie: He's in the Null Void fighting with Albedo.
Gwen: How long ago did he go to the Null Void?
Julie: I'd say about--Like Elena, she is frozen mid-sentence.
Chelsey: Julie too?
Cooper: What's going on?
Karin: Let's see...Enters her Kineceleran form and rushes after Elena. In the middle of the what should have been a brief trek, having moved only a few inches away from her spot alongside the rest of the team, she is frozen.
Gwen: I'm not liking where this is going...
Chelsey: Maybe if we stay completely motionl--

Chelsey is frozen. Subsequently, Gwen and Cooper move closer to each other in an attempt to keep from getting frozen themselves, but before even moving their feet, they too are frozen. The ship from the Null Void appears in the skies, its shadow enveloping all of Bellwood. A blue beam strikes down next to Elena and her opposing team. After the beam disappears, the large bird known as the Omnivoracious takes its place. It steps up to each frozen person and analyzes it closely. After accounting for the final two frozen people—Gwen and Cooper, he stands up straight to reveal a Plumber's badge situated on the large bird's chest. As the badge begins to glow, he speaks in an indecipherable alien language, composed mostly of chicken-like clucks and squawks, into it. A deep, scratchy male voice responds in English to the Omnivoracious.

Voice: Good, my pet. Rinse and repeat.

The Omnivoracious squawks. It pushes down on its badge, and each and every frozen person turns to stone in the reverse order of when they were frozen. It squawks once more, even louder, after the statues have taken all of their places. It is beamed back into space as the wobbly statues of Elena and Karin topple over.


Part II

[We open in the middle of a dark, starless galaxy on a floating blue island. The plants--even the trees' bark--and sand are blue, while the rocks are all pitch black. A bright white flash appears adjacent to some bushes, revealing Four Arms and Negative Kickin Hawk fighting each other, with Negative Kickin Hawk laying on Four Arms. As Negative Kickin Hawk becomes temporarily distracted by the change of scenery, Four Arms knocks Negative Kickin Hawk off of him and stands up to look around. With his two upper arms raised in front of him to shield himself from any surprise attacks, he walks around. Negative Kickin Hawk subsequently rises to his feet, and just before tackling Four Arms, he too realizes the suspicious area. Suddenly, grass springs out of the ground and becomes as tall as Four Arms.]

Four Arms (spitting out grass that had sprung up into his mouth): What is this place?!
Negative Kickin Hawk (squawking before speaking): I have no idea. It's a blue planet in the middle of nowhere in a galaxy I've never seen before. I don't even see any stars, or a sun.
Four Arms: Hmm...I'm going to guess whatever that ship flying over our heads before we got here has something to do with this.
Negative Kickin Hawk: I (abruptly squawks) agree.
Four Arms: If we're going to get through this place, we're going to need something more suitable.

As Negative Kickin Hawk attempts to slice through some of the grass using his talons, Four Arms transforms into something. Not being able to make out the transformation through the tall grass, he continues to cut through the grass until he begins to see fire burning through the grass.

Negative Kickin Hawk (yelling): You decided to use the Pyronite?

The grass becomes shorter, but not due to the flames. Negative Kickin Hawk looks ahead to find Swampfire standing in the middle of where much grass had previously taken over.

Swampfire: Nope; but I think it might be a good idea to use Terraspin. Maybe I could blow through this place a bit faster using him. Heh, "blow," it's a dual pun. Negative Kickin Hawk transforms into Negative Terraspin. Why aren't you laughing?
Negative Terraspin: It's not that funny.
Swampfire: Your loss; cover my back.
Negative Terraspin: Wait...why do this when we can simply escape? We have access to the Anodites after all.
Swampfire:'re right. Mind giving me back Streak while you're at it?
Negative Terraspin: Not going to happen.
Swampfire: Why not? If I can still open portals to your boss's ship with Anos, why even take Streak out of the picture?
Negative Terraspin: Because I still need Anos on some occasions.
Swampfire: Why don't you steal another one of Azmuth's Omnitrixes or something? Or build your own? That way, you don't have to deal with my playlist.
Negative Terraspin: I'd rather not do anything that can slow down my plans.
Swampfire: Grr, just open the portal.

Negative Terraspin flashes red.

Negative Terraspin: Ano—What's wrong with my voice? He looks down at his body. Why am I still this creature?
Swampfire: You're not transforming right, are you? Swampfire pops his Omnitrix dial up then smacks down on it. Following a green flash, he becomes Ultimate Swampfire.
Ultimate Swampfire: Omnitrix, I don't think you're understanding me.
Omnitrix: Cannot send bug report; out of range of Galvan Prime signal area.
Negative Terraspin: That's impossible; the signal area for Galvan Prime is limitless. It even manages to extend to the Null Void and that dreaded magic dimension Ledgerdomain.
Ultimate Swampfire: Alright, then, I'll just use the override. Omnitrix, override mode.
Omnitrix: Override Mode engaged.
Ultimate Swampfire: Anos!
Omnitrix: Unrecognized command.
Ultimate Swampfire: What?
Negative Terraspin: Let me try; Omnitrix, access--
Omnitrix: Unrecognized source of override.
Negative Terraspin: Alright, then, you ask it. Say "Access Anodite sample."
Ultimate Swampfire: Err, Omnitrix, access Anodite sample.
Omnitrix: Access denied.
Ultimate Swampfire: Why?
Omnitrix: "Anodite sample" sample not found.
Ultimate Swampfire: What about on Primus? There's gotta be a backup there.
Omnitrix: Cannot access Primus; out of range of Primus signal area.
Negative Terraspin: Hmm, it appears all connections to outside of this galaxy are prohibited. and that someone's removed the Anodite DNA sample from your Omnitrix Ultimate Swampfire: You don't say?
Negative Terraspin: Pipe down. Now, if we fly out of here, maybe your Omnitrix can pick up on Primus.
Ultimate Swampfire: Or better yet; I have a teleporter command that goes straight into Azmuth's headquarters. Teleport code: 00010-13; source: Omnitrix.
Omnitrix: Third-party use of primary teleporter functions in progress.
Ultimate Swampfire: What does that even mean?!
Negative Terraspin: It means someone's trying to access your Omnitrix. Oh, no they won't.

Ultimate Swampfire taps the Omnitrix symbol, reverting him to human. The hourglass on the Assault Omnitrix on his wrist becomes purple.

Ben: Err, uh-oh.
Negative Terraspin: What do you mean "uh-oh"? What does the purple coloration represent?
Ben: Every time it's meant somebody was trying to teleport to me or me to them.
Negative Terraspin: Hmm, then I've got to stick close to you. Transforms into Negative Spidermonkey and sticks to Ben's back using his webbed-up hands.
Ben: Dude! My shirt!
Negative Spidermonkey: Ooh-ooh, stop whining; you can clean it later.

The two flash out of the area.

[We find ourselves in the middle of a large field on the somewhat barren planet. Negative Spidermonkey and Ben appear in the field after a blue flash. Subsequently, walking from one side of the planet where tall grass is popping out of the ground, are Julie, Karin, and Chelsey, all in their standard human forms. From the other side of the planet, where there is merely short grass albeit rows of trees, are Cooper, Gwen, and Elena in her human form. Negative Spidermonkey dismounts Ben as everyone huddles at the center of the island, the vast open plains.]

Cooper (reuniting with Karin with a hug): Karin, you're alright!
Karin: What, you thought I couldn't handle myself?
Cooper: Well, Gwen wasn't able to track you, Chelsey, or Julia.
Karin: "Julia"?
Cooper: Yeah, Ben's girlfriend.
Karin (chuckling): You mean "Julie"?
Cooper: Err, yeah, that's what I said.
Karin: Suuure.

Julie rushes over to Ben and wraps herself around him. It takes Ben a moment to do the same for her.

Julie: Ben, you're here, too?
Gwen: Can everyone stop paying attention to their boyfriends and girlfriends for a second? We don't even know why we're here, or if we're even dealing with our real boyfriends.
Elena: She's right.
Negative Spidermonkey: Elena.
Elena: Albedo, is that you?
Gwen: You two know each other?

Negative Spidermonkey reverts to his Albedo Ben human form.

Albedo: Of course, we work together.
Gwen (her hands and eyes beginning to glow): So you two are the ones working for that alien mummy, the Thep Khufan Commander? I should've taken you two down when we were on that guy's ship.
Elena: You should've, but you won't dare do it now.
Gwen: Yeah? Why not?
Elena: Because most of your Anodite powers have been cut off.
Gwen: And how do you know that?
Elena: I just do; there's not a trace of mana in this entire galaxy.
Chelsey (walking over to Elena and Gwen): She's right; we might be the only ones who can use our powers, but even without a true source of mana, we can't use them too much.
Elena: You've got a bunch of wild life here. Why don't you suck the mana out of them?
Chelsey: Plants are living things, too, Elena; we'll use what we have and not steal an ounce of our power from them.

The silhouette of a gorilla-like alien appears before every one of them, but distanced far enough that no attack can hit him or even get to him without him dodging.

Ben: Who's there?
Chelsey (still facing Elena): What are you talking about, Ben? We're the only ones here.
Ben: No, over there. He points over to the side of the field where the gorilla is visible. There's an alien over there.
Chelsey: Oh, that's not good.
Ben: He probably brought us here; this is definitely good. We can get to his ship and fly back to Bellwood.
Chelsey: No, that part is good; I meant, it's not good that I can't track him. I only sense us on this whole planet. I don't even see any other plants beyond this point, yet I can see them with my eyes.
Elena: See, Tennyson, I told you.
Gwen: Alright, so you got one thing right.
Chelsey: You two, stop. I have to concentrate; I have to see that whomever that is isn't some kind of trick or something. It's not impossible for someone to be playing a trick on us.
Elena: Or maybe this galaxy is just mana-defiant; you said it yourself, you two have limited control over magic.
Ben: Hmm...let me try something...Transforms into Swampfire. He creates a large fire in front of the team, completely covering the gorilla. When he sucks the fire back into him, the silhouette is gone.
Swampfire: Mind tricks; that definitely isn't good.
Voice Behind the Group (nearby, deep, scratchy): Hello.

The entire group turns around to find the gorilla-like creature standing only a few feet away from them, yet still appearing as a silhouette.

Chelsey: Even with how close he is, I still can't track him. How far is too far with my powers in this place.
Gorilla: I'd say about four or five feet. When I set up the energy field, I didn't really do much testing.
Swampfire: Who are you? Why did you bring us here?
Gorilla: Oh, Tennyson, you don't remember me? It's been less than year.
Swampfire: Are you that Ultimate Spidermonkey that Azmuth let free?
Gorilla: What a disappointment. The dark shadow over him suddenly disappears. What appears to be a fat Arachnichimp walking on what seem to be the arachnid legs of an evolved Arachnichimp becomes visible.
Swampfire (eyes widening): Mizaru!


Part III

[We open on the blue planet in the otherwise lifeless galaxy. The partially evolved Mizaru stands before Chelsey, Gwen, Elena, Albedo, Swampfire, Cooper, Karin, and Julie.]

Chelsey: What is this place?
Mizaru: I like to call it the opposite of Ledgerdomain; it is a place free of mana, as well as of its dominance. It's rather cold for the plants, but you humans can cope with it, right?
Julie: It's actually kinda warm.
Mizaru: Yes, because I decided to rent this whole side of the galaxy out and change the temperature a bit—just for the occasion, of course. By the way, welcome to Peste Mana—thats Latin for "if you think you're going to leave this place with your magic, you better think again."
Swampfire: That's a little wordy, don't you think? By the way, how did you escape the root shark that ate you back on your home world?
Mizaru: That, my good "friend", is a tale I'm reluctant to tell, ergo I won't be telling it. Swampfire (running after Mizaru, sarcastically): Aww, but I was so prepared for some storytelling. Upon reaching Mizaru, he smacks Mizaru back and forth with flaming fists. Tell me if you're enjoying this.
Mizaru: I--(is smacked)--am not--(is smacked again)--going to tell--(is smacked once more) MY STORY! He makes his tail visible, which opens up and fires webbing at both of Swampfire's hands, turning them into white, egg-shaped stumps. You are quite the annoying fellow, Tennyson. Now, let me tell the eight of you what needs to be told to you.
Swampfire: I don't think it's going to work that way, Mizzy! The webbing around his hands begin to turn black from the center as they are incrementally burnt off. When the webbing is completely gone, Swampfire attempts to blast at Mizaru, but he is forcefully reverted to human.
Ben: Hey, Omnitrix, what gives!
Omnitrix: Power source exhausted; wireless backups inaccessible. The Assault Omnitrix hourglass turns red. Cycling to recharge mode.
Mizaru: Oh, this makes things a whole bunch easier. I won't have to use my newfound abilities to prevent you from transforming. Now, I know the eight of you either don't have fond memories of me or do not even know who I am. For those of you who don't know who I am, for shame, for you have been paying absolutely no attention. I am Mizaru, former King of the Arachnichimp—before this Tennyson idiot decided to dethrone me. I've brought you all here to stop everything.
Julie: What do you mean by that?
Mizaru: I mean, prevent everything that's to come that will come if you don't all settle your differences or get to know each other better.
Cooper: What could possibly happen that we can't overcome in the future?
Mizaru: How about an untimely demise? To die at such young ages would be devastating, not only to your family, but to the sake of the mission. What none of you know now, and what I should definitely not be informing you of, is that one of you eight will not make it out of the battle to come. Everyone simultaneously gasps. I assume you all see the seriousness of it all.
Gwen: But you've told us about it now; doesn't that mean it will no longer happen?
Mizaru: In theory, but it can still happen regardless. Certain things are in motion and will forever be in motion and nothing can prevent it, not even revealing the events to a past self. Who knows, after this, all of our memories could be wiped—even mine. Gwen: So what's the point of even doing this?
Mizaru: Because there's still hope.
Ben: Hope? Why would you want to help us for this anyway?
Mizaru: I've changed, alright? While I was in that root shark, I had my own time to think. I know I've done wrong in the past but--
Ben: That is a complete load, 'Zaru.
Gwen: Ben's right; it's more likely that Argit would regret all the things he's done in his past before you would.
Mizaru: Argit...I've had more than one run-in with that rat.
Ben: Get in line.
Cooper: So, might I ask, what exactly are you? In terms of race, of course?
Mizaru: I am a member of the Arachnichimp species. After an altercation with a root shark, I was—AAAAAAAAAGH.

Mizaru is pulled into the bushes behind him by something.

Julie: Quick, grab him!

Ben smacks down on the Omnitrix, only to be reminded of its state in recharge mode.

Ben: Gwen, Chelsey!
Gwen and Chelsey (in unison): On it! They both shoot hands made of mana in the direction of the bushes Mizaru was pulled into, but the hands practically melt into the ground as they go a certain distance.
Gwen: We don't have much control of our powers here!

4 root shark-like aliens shoot out of the ground, wildly swinging their wormlike bodies around in the air above the group.

Ben (pulling the charging Omnitrix before his face): Oh, man...


Part IV

[We open with several root sharks being dealt blows from green balls of energy formed by none other than Julie in her Mechamorph suit. After blasting one in the head, its head explodes and flies miles into the air. The root shark falls onto the ground and opens its large circular mouth wide in front of Julie to reveal that it is neither hurt, nor is it really a root shark.]

Ben: Hey, that's no root shark. Putting his hands around the sides of his mouth to boost the volume of his scream. JULIE, THAT'S A DRAVEK! Stay away from its mouth!
Albedo: I'm surprised you have any knowledge of that race, Tennyson.
Ben: Hey, I know stuff.
Albedo: However, properly forming a sentence utilizing the term "stuff" doesn't seem to be something you know.
Ben: Grr...

We pan over to Cooper who is watching Elena's back. Unbeknownst to her, a large cockroach-like alien walks up Elena's back.

Cooper: Elena, there's something on your b--The alien camouflages itself with Elena's back, and Cooper is thrown into the air by the same Dravek that Julie had removed the root shark helmet off of. The Dravek, with Cooper in his mouth, flies into the air and continues to wiggle its body wildly while spitting Cooper into the air, catching it with its tongue, and repeating the cycle. Someone get me down from here!
Ben: I'm on it, Cooper! Smacks down on the Omnitrix, only to have the Omnitrix respond with a timed-out beep. Uh, Julie, you're on this!
Julie: Of course I am. She rushes after her Dravek, who continues to play with Cooper's body, and blasts it. The Dravek stops throwing Cooper and finally keeps him stationary in its mouth. It drops itself onto the ground and wiggles into a section of the jungle. Julie follows close behind as the long body exits its tunnel into the ground.

Meanwhile, Karin, in her Kineceleran form, attempts to rush after it as well, only to be stopped by one of the other three Draveks disguised as a root shark that drops itself before Karin. She runs straight into the alien, bouncing off of it.

Karin: I don't have time for this, Dravek.

Karin pulls out a four-inch thick steel device with several universal peace symbols on it. She rushes over to the Draveks' root shark helmet and attempts to place the device on its head, but it responds by shaking the helmet off to the side—also knocking the device out of Karin's hand—and grabbing Karin in its mouth. The device lands in Chelsey's hands. She places it on her back and rushes after Karin's Dravek, who proceeds to run into another section of the jungle.

Ben: Alright, the rest of us have to stick together. The Draveks are taking us out two at a--(one of the two remaining disguised Draveks tunnels back into the ground) time...Gwen, can you track that Dravek?
Gwen: Nope. I can track us, though.
Albedo: Gwendolyn, is it? If you are an Anodite, would you mind tethering our bodies together so we are not separated. As cruel a punishment as it is to be tied to Tennyson, I'd like to know that I'm not about to be taken to some kind of Dravek ritual to be devoured.
Gwen: Yeah, I guess. Just, warn me before either of you transform.

Gwen creates a glowing pink and white mana ring around her body. Being the closest to her, she tethers Elena to her first. The Dravek that had previously tunneled its way into the ground flies back out, grabbing Gwen and Elena together in its mouth at once, and returning to the underground.

Albedo: Elena! While running over to the hole that the Dravek had dug, Albedo transforms into Negative Forge. He prepares to jump in, but then Ben hangs tightly onto him.
Negative Forge: Tennyson, what are you doing?
Ben: Albedo, we're the last two here and there's still one of those things left. It's obviously going to take us. Lifts his Omnitrix in front of Negative Forge's face. With the Omnitrix timed out, I can't go hero.
Negative Forge: That's your problem; my lo—err, teammate, is down there. We have to watch each other's back, or the Commander will have my head.
Ben: C'mon, Albedo; you're the smart one here. If you're not the one to kill me later, do you really want the Draveks to be the ones to do it?
Negative Forge: Hmm...but Elena--
Ben: No buts. We have to stick together. Gwen's still down there, and Elena still has her powers. They're both fine so long as they aren't knocked out or anything.
Negative Forge: Ugh...Turns around and faces the last Dravek towering in the sky, wiggling its body. He runs after the Dravek and pierces its skin with his drills. The Dravek falls over on its side, gushing a gooey green liquid out of its side. There, now we don't have to deal with this one.
Ben: Whoa...that's a little much, don't you think?
Negative Forge: No. Now we can go after Elena.
Ben: Hmm...alright, you're Forge.
Negative Forge: Yes, now let's go down there. Walks a few steps closer to the holes the Dravek holding Elena and Gwen made, but Ben comes in his way yet again.
Ben: I'm not done; you're Forge. With him, we can follow the Dravek overground.
Negative Forge: What? How?
Ben: Simple. Forge can feel the vibrations. Go ahead, try.

Negative Forge stands absolutely still, feeling the vibrations around him.

Negative Forge: Albeit surprisingly, you're...right!
Ben: Aren't I always? With his eyes closed and index finger up as he announces his plan. Now, we just follow the direction of that worm and we'll find where it's taking Gwen and Elena. He opens his eyes to find Negative Forge already having distanced himself from Ben as he runs into another section of the jungle, following the underground vibrations of the Dravek. Alright, you do that! I'll follow! Starts running after Negative Forge.

[Our view changes to Chelsey, with Karin's circular device sitting on her back as she chases after Karin's Dravek. The Dravek abruptly stops wiggling through the jungle. Chelsey finally catches up to it, jumping on top of its body and running forward to the head, where she finds a large hole in the ground where human skeletons lay. Chelsey is astonished, standing back a few inches. She bumps into a figure standing behind her. She flips around with her hands glowing to find Dr. Psychobos. As she swings her left hand to deal a blow to Psychobos' stomach, he shoots out electrified webbing from his mutated left claw.]

[Meanwhile, Cooper's Dravek is stopped as it's on its path deep into its own jungle. Cooper jumps out of the mouth and finds himself over the edge of a deep hole similar to the one who Chelsey had found. Julie catches up to Cooper at the same time and holds him back. She pulls him aside just prior to the Dravek pushing him in. This leads to the Dravek dropping itself into the deep hole.]

Cooper: Thanks.
Julie: No problem, Cooper.
Cooper: Oh, you know my name?
Julie: Of course, you're one of Ben's friends.
Cooper: Oh, not your friend yet?
Julie: Not really, especially since you didn't even know my name until a few minutes ago.
Cooper (scratching the back of his head): Oh, you, err, heard that?
Julie: Yeah...It's no problem, though. So...
Cooper:'re made out of the technorganic Mechamorphs?
Julie: I guess so.
Cooper: Well, I have the ability to control your construction.
Julie: So...?
Cooper: I can make you more powerful, if you let me.
Julie: Will it hurt?
Cooper: I don't know. I've never worked with a Mechamorph hybrid before. If you feel any pain, I'll stop and work backwards until the discomfort's gone, alright?
Julie: Alright...
Cooper: I'll just need to assemble some new gloves. The ones I'm wearing are a little worn out. He removes his gloves and tosses them into the Dravek's hole. He then approaches one of the blue-barked trees and touches it. I wonder if these trees are--The tree's bark suddenly turns red. Whoa!
Julie: How'd you do that?
Cooper: I don't know...I just touched it and it changed. Wait, maybe it's technology.
Julie: Try changing its color again.

Cooper attempts to control the tree's color, to the point where he is straining his brain with veins on his forehead becoming clearly visible. Something steps out of the shadows and blasts him with a red laser, knocking him back into Julie who had been standing behind him. As Cooper is laying on Julie on the ground, Julie shapeshifts into a liquid form and slips away from him. She stands up and faces the shadow. Out from it comes Attea of the Incursions.

Julie: You...Ben told me about you.
Attea: Yeah, he should have. The future General's might needs to be spread across the whole galaxy.
Julie: What are you doing here? Why are we here?
Attea: That's none of your business, little girl. She blasts Julie in the stomach, leading to her body being reduced to a puddle on the ground with Mechamorph patterns. You're next, pretty boy.
Cooper: Whoa, whoa, we can settle this in a calm and easy--Attea blasts Cooper. He rolls away from the location she'd blasted. He pulls out his Plumber badge and places it on his chest. A navy blue version of the standard Plumber suit encompasses his body, with a new type of helmet appearing over his face with a transparent hourglass shape in the center for the suit's wearer to see out of. In place of the red badge on the chest is the standard Plumber's badge. I'm a Plumber; stand down or you will be sent to jail.
Attea: I'm royalty! No one's taking me to jail! She blasts at Cooper several times, but he dodges each and every blast. Attea finally gets tired of her fruitless attempts at shooting him, tossing aside her gun into the bushes and running after Cooper. When she gets close enough to him, Cooper uses his powers to shoot a small rectangular device out of his belt and into his hand. Using his powers once more, the device unfolds to create a 2-inch thick steel staff which he uses to smack Attea into the Dravek's hole with. He collapses the staff into its previous portable shape and pockets it once more. He then rushes after Julie and starts his attempts to reshape her body.

[Our attention is brought to Negative Forge, still running to the tall grass in the jungle, chasing the underground vibrations of Elena and Gwen's Dravek. Ben runs at Negative Forge's side. Suddenly, though, Negative Forge stops in place.]

Ben (still running ahead): What?
Negative Forge: Stop running! The Dravek stopped!
Ben: Oh...He stops running and rushes back over to Negative Forge. So what's going to happen now?
Negative Forge: Obviously, we dig down. And by "we", I mean "I", because you are completely useless in this matter.
Ben: Hey, who's the one who knew that Forge could even track that thing?
Negative Forge: Somehow, that ended up being you. But it was me who tracked it, so you're still useless. He starts up his drills and lowers them to the ground. He pushes an inch below the surface before his drills stop unwillingly. What in the--?

The ground starts to shake violently. The trees and bushes in the air begin to sway back and forth as well.

Negative Forge (turning around to Ben): What?

The Dravek that had been holding Elena and Gwen shoots out of the ground with Negative Forge's hands in its mouth.

Ben: Great! Albedo, get back down here! Negative Forge's drills enough pain into the Dravek's mouth so that it opens wide. He then leaps off of the Dravek's body and lands right next to Ben. Alright, all we should have to do--
Negative Forge's: I think you mean "all *I* should have to do".
Ben: Whatever. All ya got to do is drill through its body—as gory as that is—and it should fall over and spit Elena and Gwen out.
Negative Forge's: Oh, c'mon, I could've thought of that.
Ben: But you didn't.
Negative Forge: I'm a Galvan; of course, I did.
Ben: Sure...Just stick to the plan, Albedo.
Negative Forge: Stick to my plan, alright. He runs towards the Dravek's lower body and leaps into the air with his drill facing downward in preparation of the attack. In no more than a second, the Dravek lowers its entire body back into the hole in the ground. Negative Forge goes flying through the air, landing with his drill holding tightly onto the edge of the surface above the deep hole while the rest of his body dangles over the hole. Help me, Tennyson!
Ben: On it! He runs around the hole and over to Negative Forge's hand. Uhh, isn't it going to hurt my hand to pull you up by your drill?
Negative Forge: I don't know! Just pull it!
Ben: Could you at least give me your not-drill hand?
Negative Forge: Ugh! With a great amount of energy, he lifts his other hand up over the ledge. Hmm, you know, I could actually save myself if I used a different transformation...
Omntirix: Active mode engaged alongside recharge mode. Adapting DNA sample to the environment.
Negative Forge: No!
Ben: What? He puts his two hands around Negative Forge's non-drill hand and begins to tug. Is scan mode bad?
Negative Forge: Well, yeah! I can't transform when you're in scan mode, as it's taken me so much time to realize. But other than that—LOOK BEHIND YOU!
Ben (turns around to find Sunder standing in fully glory, who puts on a devilish smile) Oh, c'mon!
Sunder: Here, let me help you with that.
Ben: Why do I get the feeling you're going to do the opposite?

Sunder pushes Ben into the large canyon of a hole, leading to Negative Forge being taken with him. He puts his hand on the size of his ear so as to hear closely their screams. When he manages to hear the sound of the Omnitrix exiting scan mode and entering active mode, his mouth uncurls and becomes entirely straight.

Sunder: Hmm...I'm not letting you get away from this that easily. He pulls the same circular device that Chelsey had previously salvaged from Karin after a Dravek had taken her. He pushes down on the center hourglass symbol, and every hourglass turns red. It begins to beep. As the beeping becomes more and more frequent, the grin returns to his face. He tosses the device into the canyon. It becomes increasingly less visible the deeper it gets. Oops. He removes a hoverboard from his back and jumps onto it. See you later, Tennyson. As he flies away on the hoverboard, an extremely loud boom is issued from deep within the canyon. Smoke and debris explodes out of the canyon, filling the star-free, pitch-black sky miles into the air. After observing the explosion, Sunder pulls out a walkie-talkie and speaks into it. Move to phase 2, master. He turns around and sees something flying at him from the smoke of the explosion. While it's flying at him, though briefly, his face flashes blue and a long purple beak is visible.


Part V

[We step back a few minutes to observe the explosion from Ben and Negative Forge's perspective. The beeping bomb that Sunder tossed down lands on Negative Forge's chest where the Omnitrix would otherwise be for Ben's counterpart. It continues to beep more and more often as Negative Forge and Ben fall down the hole.]

Negative Forge: Uh-oh.
Ben: Albedo! Looks to his Omnitrix. The hourglass flashes green. Hope this means you're ready. He toggles the hourglass up. A hologram appears over the Omnitrix of a slender being with spikes along sections of his body. Oh, thank you. This better w--Ben looks over to Negative Forge who explodes right at his side. As smoke begins to fill the air, Ben smacks down on the Omnitrix.

[From the skies, we find ourselves at Sunder's perspective once more. Something is flying out of the explosion right at us. When it comes close enough, we witness nothing more than a fireball being shot right at us. The fireball smacks down on the back of the hoverboard which begins to fly out of control towards the ground. It finally crashes in the middle of the jungle no more than 10 feet away from the hole Swampfire, Albedo, and Elena and Gwen's Dravek had been in. Sunder gets up, scratching the back of his head. He turns around to the hole where he sees a vine attaching itself to the grass outside of the hole. A second later, this vine becomes a hand made of some form of blue grass, much like the blue grass present on the planet. Shooting out of the hole is a humanoid figure which lands with its feet planted on the ground a moment later. Sunder looks ahead to find none other than Swampfire, but now in a light blue color that replaces his green vines and "skin". Albedo is attached to Swampfire's back by vines wrapping around Albedo's stomach from Swampfire's hips.]

Swampfire: I was going for Wildvine, but this oughta (looks down to the rest of his body)--Omnitrix, why am I blue?!
Omnitrix: Florauna and Methanosian samples adapted to the native samples on this planet.
Swampfire: In English?
Omnitrix: Florauna and Methanosian samples adapted to the--
Swampfire: Alright, forget it. Looks up to find Sunder inches away from him, kicking him back a few inches. Sunder, c'mon! This has to be fair game!
Sunder: So long as you're on this planet, you're fair game.
Swampfire: Dude, I'm not food!
Sunder: Not yet, you aren't. Once I get paid, you'll be the equivalent of it.
Swampfire: You're making money for food from capturing me? Why? Why are you doing this at all?
Sunder: I need money, and I'm the best bounty hunter out there, now that that Khyber guy has long since been out of my way.
Swampfire: Khyber wasn't your only competition, Sunder. What about Sixsix, Sevenseven, and Eighteight?
Sunder (smacking Swampfire in the face with his fist): That Sotoraggian family? They're nothing. Last I heard of them, they're just making deals, not even bothering to be actually bounty hunters. But me? Punches Swampfire in the stomach. I'll never go out of the bounty hunting business. It's a dying industry, and someone's got to be out there to help at all times.
Swampfire: Well, then, I hope it's not you who's out there. He opens his mouth wide and blows a constant wave of fire in Sunder's face for almost fifteen seconds straight. He finally stops to wipe his mouth, which leads to a drop of fire dropping on the floor. Swampfire looks at Sunder and realizes that he's not really whom he says he is. He punches Sunder in the face once more, which leads to an ID mask falling on the ground. The realization comes that Sunder is not Sunder, but really an Omnivoracious. You're one of those aliens, those things that eat Galvans! Omnivoracious (squawking at first): Precisely.

The Omnivoracious opens his mouth wide and screams in Swampfire's face, then runs off into the jungle.

Swampfire: I don't think you're getting away that easily! Swampfire prepares to blast the Omnivoracious from behind, but he is blasted at his side. Swampfire turns to his right to see another blue Methanosian stepping out of the jungle. It blasts him at his side once more. Hey, cut that out!
Native Methanosian (same voice as Swampfire's): Not going to happen.

Several more Methanosians step out of the right side of the jungle and begin to shoot a constant flame at the right side of Swampfire's body.

Swampfire: C'mon, stop, please! I'm one of you guys!
Native Methanosians (all in unison): No, you're not!

The flames of the Methanosians become stronger. At the same time, blue Florauna emerge from the left side of the jungle.

Swampfire: Please, no more! I'll leave or do whatever you guys want, just please!

Pieces of Swampfire's body begin to rip off, all being tossed behind him into the Dravek's canyon. The Florauna begin to unleash their own breed of wrath, tossing their black seed bombs rapidly and in excess towards Swampfire. Swampfire, despite the onslaught of attacks on him, hears Albedo utter his name under his breath.

Albedo: Tennyson...
Swampfire (avidly endeavoring to hold back the attacks): Yeah, Albedo?
Albedo: If you're going to just hold back, then maybe you need to know why I need you to actually give this your all.
Swampfire: Yeah, because my cousin's down in that Dravek's mouth, and your teammate is, too. Don't worry, I'll get us out of this!
Albedo: No, no, not just that. I want my teammate to be more than that.
Swampfire: What do you (the fireballs from the Methanosians increase in size)--gah—What do you mean?
Albedo: I have rather human emotions for this teammate, this Elena Validus. I...I want her to be mine, to be my partner and mate one day. I love her.
Swampfire: What?!

Swampfire, distracted by the thoughts running through his head of Albedo and Elena Validus, is finally caught off guard by the original native Methanosian, who rushes into the flames and smacks Swampfire down. Before being knocked unconscious, the native raises his hand, denoting they should stop firing. They yield to his signal as the native utters one thing to Swampfire.

Native Methanosian: If your lesson must be taught to you the hard way, then so be it. He rips Albedo's body off of the back of Swampfire's and tosses Albedo aside. He then uses his flames to reduce Swampfire's body to nothing but a tiny piece of blue Methanosian skin stuck to the back of the Omnitrix's badge. We're done here, Wild Fires.

[As the Wild Fires--the Florauna and Methanosians--step back into the dark unknown that is the rest of the jungle, we are brought to a later version of the once thought to be desolate blue planet. Julie, Cooper, Karin, Gwen, Elena, and Chelsey all rush out of the bushes in the jungle. Cooper smacks down on the Omnitrix, causing it to revert the remainder of Swampfire to the full human Ben.]

Ben: Thanks, Cooper, I couldn't control the Omnitrix at all for some reason.
Cooper: Doesn't matter n--

Julie rushes in the way of Cooper and interrupts him.

Julie: Oh, Ben, I'm glad you're all right. When Cooper said he knew it was you that caused this big explosion, I thought you were hurt...(dropping her head) or worse...

Ben holds Julie's right hand.

Ben: That's never going to happen Julie. I'll always be by your side, so long as you're always by mine.

Julie smiles and finally decides to look up at Ben's face.

Julie: Well, then I have an announcement to make, in front of all of you.
Ben: Huh? What is it?
Julie: Well, Ben, we've been together a long time know, you've been a good boyfriend to me...
Ben: Yeah...and?
Julie: But they're more fish out in the sea. By that I mean, better looking fish in the sea. She rushes over to Albedo and gives him a big hug. Or just better looking versions of you.
Ben: Julie, you can't be serious!
Julie: I am, though. I'm dumping you for Albedo.
Albedo: I'll take her off your hands, Tennyson. Always thought she was cute anyhow. Beats Elena any day.
Elena: Wait, what?
Ben: Julie, why are you doing this exactly?
Julie: Well, you're never around, and when you are, you're paying more attention to the bad guy than to me. Not to mention, whenever we go on a date, it's interrupted by one of those bad guys. But I'm able to put all of that aside.
Ben: So why are you leaving me?
Julie: Because you don't give me the one thing that a girl needs to have from her boyfriend, the one thing she can't live with him without.
Ben: And that is...?
Julie: It's--

The reality as Ben saw it ceased to be. Everything around him broke into nothing but darkness. It was rebuilt around him again, except now his entire body, including his mouth but excluding his eyes, was bound to a tree on the blue planet. To his left, he could see the people lined up from closest to farthest, all tied up even by their eyes: Julie, Gwen, Chelsey, Karin, Cooper, Albedo, and Elena. He thinks "Oh, that was all just a dream, everything's alright; Julie's still my girlfriend." He sighs out of relief and looks forward, only to find the end to the goodness that came from having woken up from his dream at all. Mizaru, an Omnivoracious, and two Methanosians—one male and one female—were standing before Ben. Ben attempts to scream through his vines at them, but his attempts are entirely fruitless.

Mizaru: You seem a bit tied up there, Tennyson, don't you? Let me help you...His eyes flash pink, and the vines across Ben's mouth tear themselves off and fall onto the ground. Speak.
Ben (flabbergasted): H-how'd you do that?
Mizaru: You seem overwhelmed, as if the performance involved the use of some sort of mystical ability. Oh wait...(putting on a devilish grin that curls at each end) it did.
Ben: That was magic, wasn't it?
Mizaru: Correct. Now, see? If you put your mind to something, you'll catch on just as everyone else does. It's too bad your friends will never have the chance to catch on again. It's too late for them.
Ben: No; what are you going to do? Kill them? For no reason?
Mizaru: No! I have a perfectly good reason. I'm going to make you realize that life isn't easy, that your girlfriend is one of your biggest proponents. You treat her like nothing, or like a pet that you rarely feed in hopes that it will be fully nourished anyway.
Ben: That's not true.
Mizaru: Face it, even in that dream of yours Ms. Yamamoto believed that.
Ben: That's a lie, Mizaru.
Mizaru: Then I'll give her a chance to speak before the next act begins.His eyes flash pink once more as the vines around Julie's mouth are made to simply disappear. Speak, human, and answer the following question: Is what I just said true or false?

Julie stutters, but after much thought, she finally utters her one-word answer.

Julie: True.
Mizaru: I thought so. His eyes flash again and the vines bind ties themselves around Julie's mouth once more. See, now, Tennyson? You've been with that girl for two years, a true feat considering all the wrong that courses through that pitiful set of personality traits you have. Now, (his hand begins to glow. He faces his hand to Elena, the first person on the chain of tied up acquaintances of Ben) what is the key element in pleasing your girlfriend?
Ben: Why are you doing this? Can't you just tell me the answer?
Mizaru: No, because you'll never learn to do it if you're just told. You never do, for your arrogance is always placed over your intelligence. Oh, and I do believe that counts as a wrong answer. He blasts Elena, turning her to nothing but dust in the wind. 1 down, six to go.
Ben: What are you doing?! You can't just kill people like that!
Mizaru: Yes, I can. And, wrong answer. Blasts the next person in the line, Albedo, and points his finger to Cooper. If you've forgotten the question, I'll repeat it; "What is the key element in pleasing your girlfriend?"
Ben: Alright, I know this. I, err, I have to be around her more! I have to pay more attention to her in battle!
Mizaru: That's two answers, but I'll only take off one point. By the way, (blasts Cooper and directs his hand to Karin) wrong! 3 down, 4 to go. Things are tipping over my way now.
Ben: Please, stop! Umm, c'mon, brain! Err, I'll find a way to make sure the villains don't know where me and Julie are going on our dates?
Mizaru: Firstly, that's "Julie and me"—learn to use grammar, kid—and, wrong! Blasts Karin into oblivion as well. His hand is now pointed to Chelsey. Oh, look, your first or second cousin, Chelsey Tennyson. You're running out of teammates, Tennyson; simply answer my question. It's so darn simple.
Ben: Please, Mizaru, stop! I don't know! Should I give her a hug every time I see her?
Mizaru: It's simpler than that. Blasts Chelsey and proceeds to direct it at Gwen. C'mon, you're getting warmer.
Ben:, Mizaru. Me and Gwen--
Mizaru: Gwen and I.
Ben: Ugh; Gwen and I have done everything together. She's my favorite cousin, and I just couldn't go on knowing she's not there. She's like my best friend; please don't do this.
Mizaru: Then give me the right answer, Tennyson.
Ben: I don't know! Should I trust her more to be in a battle with us?!
Mizaru (blasting Gwen and moving onto aiming at Julie): Oh, so close!
Ben: GWEN! NO! Ben's body becomes bigger and muscular. He grows orange fur and his clothes are ripped off. His stomach and parts of his chest become white. The Omnitrix shifts from his wrist to his chest.
Rath: RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATH! Lemme tell you something former King of the Arachnichimps Mizaru, you're not only going down, but you're about to be so far under, you're going to wish you were six feet tall!
Omnivoracious: What a way to destroy a popular phrase, Appoplexian.
Rath: Alright, bird thing alien Omnivoracious, before your big bad monkey master gets the beatdown, I'm going to give you a taste of the Rath attack appetizer! He jumps over the Omnivoracious' head and puts his two fists together. As he falls, he smacks the Omnivoracious down on its head, dropping over on its side. Rath moves over to Mizaru. Alright, Mizaru, time for the--The Methanosians step out of place and stand to Rath's side. Alright, you two can get the beatdown...too! Rath smacks down on the ground and the Methanosians are thrown into the sky. When the female starts to fall, Rath launches himself into the air and catches her then tosses her in the direction of the falling male Methanosian, launching them miles upon miles across the blue planet. Alright, Mizaru, no more distinctions.
Mizaru: You mean "distractions"?
Rath: DON'T CORRECT RATH! He beats Mizaru down onto his back and stands over him with his claw extended. In a deep, menacing tone. YOU NEARLY DESTROYED THE GIRLFRIEND WHO RATH LOVES! TELL RATH WHY HE SHOULDN'T TEAR YOU TO MONKEY BITS. The Omnitrix symbol pops up and enters scan mode. Huh? Omnitrix? A yellow intangible ray is shot at Mizaru to begin the scanning. Stop. Omnitrix?! The Omnitrix badge falls back up into Rath's chest. What did you just do?!
Omnitrix: Locked DNA sample re-unlocked in playlist 4.
Rath: Playlist 4? Smacks the Omnitrix on his chest and transforms into Anos, who floats over Mizaru's stomach much like Alien X would.
Anos (voice echoing): Whoa, I'm back in action as Anos!

Anos bends over Mizaru's body and throws his first punch at Mizaru's face. Just inches away from him, though, Anos stops. The vines around Julie's body fall, and she jumps down to witness Ben.

Julie: Ben, what are you doing? Stop him, please!
Anos: No...this isn't Mizaru. He gets up and stands behind Mizaru. This is Verdona, my grandmother.

Mizaru transforms into Verdona, whose body is much thinner than Mizaru's. She floats before Anos.

Verdona: What a good, powerful grandson. You may not have a natural spark, but your powers of deduction with that transformation of yours are just phenomenal. You're shaping up well, Ben. Maybe some day you'll be able to use magic in your human form, huh?
Anos: Grandma, why did you do this?
Verdona: You already know, or are you not using your powers on me?
Anos: I think I can trust my grandmother without the use of telepathy. Tell me now, why did you do this?
Verdona: Ben, your grandfather and I haven't really seen each other much in the last few decades. We've grown distant, and that's because Max doesn't remember the first thing about why I love him.
Anos: Umm, you really don't have to go on, Grandm--
Verdona: No, Ben; it's because he loves me. That is all it took. He loved me, not the things we shared—which were few I should note—but because we loved each other. You have to realize that right now you haven't even married a girl, yet you cannot hold onto one without becoming distant. I put together two Methanosians and an Omnivoracious and sent them to disguise themselves as your enemies. Just look at all the lives you nearly lost today, of your ex-girlfriend Karin Frikton; of one you were previously infatuated with, Elena Validus; and your current girlfriend, who loves you very much but is beginning to see that there are things missing in your relationship, the one who's been standing behind you or by your side throughout everything for the last *two years*. That's a long time, Ben, but you have to show her the last couple of years weren't waste on someone who cares not for her, but for the thrill of simply having a girlfriend to boast about. Go to her, go to Julie.

Anos turns around and hovers over to Julie. He lowers himself to the ground and reverts to human, holding Julie's hands.

Ben: that all true, Julie?
Julie: Maybe just a little.
Verdona: C'mon, girl, show him your true feelings.
Julie: Alright, it's all true...but, Ben, you're never around for me and just me, or even to show me that you want me...
Ben: Julie, you know that I don't feel that way. You know I...I love you.
Julie (uncontrollably smiling at Ben's last statement): I know, but I just wanted to hear you say it, for once in your life.
Ben: So you set all this up?
Julie: No, not intentionally. Your grandma came to me one night and just asked me about how I felt about you.
Ben: How long ago was this?
Julie: Well...a few days ago...
Ben: Why didn't you just tell me?
Julie: Well, you never really learn from people telling you. It's always gotta be some kind of danger in it. I like it, but sometimes you...well...
Verdona: Tell him, Julie! Be the strong human woman you are!
Julie: Sometimes you just need to learn a lesson, Ben.
Ben: Learn the lesson to just love you?
Julie: Yes.
Ben: Okay. I'll love you and never let you go.
Julie: You promise?
Ben: I promise.

Ben pushes Julie's head up slowly and eases in to kiss her. As the two do, Verdona holds her hands up to admire the cute scene between her grandson and what could be her future granddaughter-in-law. Julie's left leg fies up as the kiss goes on. The male and female Methanosian arrive at the scene by means of regrowing themselves out of the ground. They try to speak, but Verdona raises her index fingers over their mouths.

Verdona: I think you two need some privacy time. I'll leave a portal for you to leave back to Bellwood, where time is set back a few minutes with your friends battling. Verdona, the two Methanosians, and the Omnivoracious disappear, and one portal to Bellwood appears as well as one to the Null Void.

[We zoom in on the portal, but very soon, we back up to find ourselves in a new scene, within the Tertiary Wing, where the portal is on a screen behind the Commander. The Commander, in the form of a hologram seated on his chair due to his "digital condition", welcomes one of his lower Thep Khufan guards into the room.]

Thep Khufan Commander: Have you found Scarogus yet?
Thep Khufan Guard: No, sir. He removed his tracking badge when he left the ship.
Thep Khufan Commander: That's supposed to be with him at all times. He better not be planning any rebellion.
Thep Khufan Guard: Might I ask, why would he be planning such a thing? Your high and mightiness, what have you done to Scarogus?
Thep Khufan Commander: That is none of your concern.
Thep Khufan Guard: Apologies for stepping out of turn, master. Please do forgive me.
Thep Khufan Commander: Accepted. You are dismissed, Tennyson. As the guard behind him bows, he turns to his large holographic screen and observes the battle waging between Julie, Cooper, Karin, Gwen, Chelsey and Elena. Why are you there, Elena? Oh, why even bother with this? I can destroy with the last incriminating bit of evidence I have.

A button on his chair is pressed without being touched due to his master control over the Tertiary Wing. Half of the holographic screen is now taken up by the pending call to Elena. She picks up, as the war on the left side of the screen pursues.

Elena: Hello, Commander, I wasn't expecting your call.
Thep Khufan Commander: My word...
Elena: Commander?
Thep Khufan Commander (intently observing the screen): This is unbelievable. Elena.
Elena: Yes?
Thep Khufan Commander (shaking his head, facing the microphone for the call located on the chair): Elena, where are you right now?
Elena: I'm on Incarceron. Is this a trick question?
Thep Khufan Commander: No. I once thought it was impossible, but Elena...
Elena: Yes, Commander? I'm listening.
Thep Khufan Commander: There appears to be another nanochip shapeshifter.




Aliens Used

(by Ben)

  • Four Arms
  • Swampfire (x2)
  • Ultimate Swampfire
  • Rath
  • Anos

(by Albedo)

  • Negative Kickin Hawk
  • Negative Terraspin
  • Negative Spidermonkey
  • Negative Forge

Disguises Used

(by Unknown Elena Masquerader)

  • Nanite Queen

(by Verdona)

  • Mizaru

(by Methanosians)

  • Attea
  • Dr. Psychobos

(by Omnivoracious)

  • Sunder


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  • Love Stuck is the third example of a holiday episode in the series. (The first of them all, X-Mas.).
  • Julie being in the episode was confirmed through the introduction of art of Julie Yamamoto in her Mechamorph armor with the tagline "Credit to ChesireP (Love Stuck-)".
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