Loud Music to My Ears is a song in the Evan Billion episode, Dog Days.


Evan as Sound Sample flies into a sound wave that Ho'par just created.

Evan: You are loud, dog, but I am louder

The wave starts pushing Evan back.

Evan: You're going to need some aspirin powder

Evan flies through the second wave.

Evan: Stop acting like a goof

Evan: I'm bringing down the roof

Evan: I'll mash you up just like you're clam chowder!

Evan flies through the third wave.

Ho'par: My voice is too much for you

Ho'par uses a sound wave to push Evan back behind the third wave.

Ho'par: You're helpless, don't know what to do

Ho'par: You wouldn't know loud if it hit you on the head

Ho'par: You think you can get to me, but try this instead!

Ho'par pushes Evan into the second wave, but Evan flies past the fourth wave.

Ho'par: Be ready to be black and blue!

Evan and Ho'par become more high-pitched. Evan flies through the fifth wave.

Evan: My rhymes are hot! Your heart is cold! The winning spot, I will hold!

Ho'par pushes Evan into the fourth wave.

Ho'par: The number of decibels are greatly increasing! A hard-boiled beatdown is what you're receiving!

Ho'par pushes Evan into the second wave. They become even more high-pitched.

Evan: I am loud! You are quiet! All my sound will start a riot!

Ho'par: All night long, you're just a fool! All day long, you are not cool!

Evan becomes extremely high-pitched. He flies through the sixth wave. There is one more to go. Evan clones, and both clones play sound from their ears while blasting soundwaves.

Evans: Two Evans! That's quite the threat! We're coming at you like a net! Faster than sound, we're like a jet! We just beat you without a sweat!

The Evans fly through the last wave and blast Ho'par, knocking him down. The Evans merged and reverted.


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