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The characters and/or events depicted in this article are non-canon to the main series' continuity.
Lose Yourself
General Information
Release Date September 7, 2020
Series Ben 10: Missing Pieces
Season 1
Episode Number NC-1
Overall Episode Number NC-1
Written by UltiVerse
Story by UltiVerse
Teleplay by UltiVerse
Directed by UltiVerse
Episode Guide

Lose Yourself is the first non-canon episode of Ben 10: Missing Pieces.


Unknown Location
December 10, 2005, 1:34 PM PT

In an open space in the middle of the forest, Malware towers over Ben who lies mere inches away on the ground. Malware's right hand is wrapped around the torso of Ben's current favorite alien, Feedback, who is covered in thick red lines. The Rust Bucket 2 is parked nearby, and Gwen stands a few feet away from Ben.

[Malware]: If I am not mistaken, this seems to be your favorite alien, Ben Tennyson. Correct?

He looks at Feedback, taking pride in what he's about to do.

[Malware]: Not anymore.

Ben stares at Feedback in horror as he dissolves into red and grey dust in Malware's hand.

[Ben]: (loudly) NOOOO!

[Malware]: Though I am here for Azmuth, I wish to destroy him with his most precious creation, the Omnitrix.

Tears in his eyes, Ben stands up. He is caught off-guard as Malware reaches out and dangles him in the air by the wrist, claws firmly around the Omnitrix. Ben wiggles, trying to escape.

[Malware]: Without the Omnitrix, you're nothing.

He attempts to fiddle with the Omnitrix's dial, but it emits an intense green wave that separates Ben and Malware, throwing them far away from each other.

[Gwen]: Ben!

She rushes to his side to help him up. His T-shirt and pants are now stained with some dirt. Max exits the Rust Bucket 2 with Azmuth on his shoulder, approaching the kids.

[Max]: Ben, are you hurt?

Ben shows Azmuth the Omnitrix. Its emblem is red due to being in Recharge Mode.

[Ben]: Put this thing out of Recharge Mode. I need to fight Malware.

[Max and Azmuth]: Absolutely not.

Max puts his hand on Ben's shoulder.

[Max]: You've done enough fighting for today, Ben. Let your cousin handle him.

[Ben]: He killed Feedback!

[Azmuth]: That's precisely the point. I warned you not to abuse your Conductoid transformation, but you refused to listen. Return with me to your motor home. I must examine the Omnitrix at once.

[Max]: With all due respect, Azmuth, I'll do the grand-parenting from now on.

[Azmuth]: I don't mean to overstep, but the Omnitrix is my concern. The boy just happens to be attached to it.

Malware emerges from wherever he was thrown. Max instinctively moves in front of Ben to protect him.

[Malware]: If only you were as quick to fix me, Azmuth.

[Azmuth]: Stop this foolishness and I can still try.

[Malware]: You are much too late. You will die by my hand, spending your last moments with the knowledge that your negligence of me became your undoing.

Ben comes out from behind Max, running in Malware's direction.

[Max]: Ben!

Gwen aims her hand at Malware as it lights up with mana.

[Gwen]: Appendaga Regoria!

Malware grunts with effort as he tries to move, but is unable. Max pulls Ben back by the collar of his shirt.

[Gwen]: Get back to the RV! I don't know how long the spell will keep Malware like this!

Max grabs Ben by the hand and makes a break for the Rust Bucket 2. He is met with resistance as Ben plants his feet on the ground.

[Ben]: Let me go! I need to-

Max sighs and carries Ben over his shoulder.

[Ben]: Hey!

Gwen watches as Max enters the Rust Bucket 2 before turning her attention to Malware, whose paralysis wears off.

[Malware]: I haven't paid much attention to you throughout our encounters; an oversight I intend to correct.

He stretches both his arms out, wrapping around Gwen's body and drawing her towards him.

[Gwen]: Corona!

A mana disc appears above Malware, flattening him into a puddle. He unintentionally lets go of Gwen, who dusts herself off. Inside the Rust Bucket 2, Azmuth sits to Ben's left on the couch at the back, taking a look at the Omnitrix. Max searches for something in the cabinets above the stove.

[Azmuth]: Fortunately, the damage to the Omnitrix seems to be minimal.

[Ben]: I just lost one of my aliens! That's not what I would call minimal!

[Azmuth]: While it could have happened under better circumstances, that's a good thing. You were addicted to Feedback. You may not have realized it, but using him so frequently affected your personality.

[Ben]: No, it didn't!

Azmuth's right eye enlarges, which is the Galvan equivalent of raising one's eyebrow. Max walks away from the cabinets and sits to Ben's right, putting his arm around his shoulders.

[Max]: Azmuth is right, sport. You were too dependent on him.

[Ben]: I used Feedback a lot because he got the job done!

[Max]: Even when it would've made more sense to use someone like Heatblast or XLR8?

[Ben]: As long as I save the day, what difference does it make?!

[Azmuth]: Plenty. Conductoids such as Feedback enjoy absorbing energy. When done in moderation, it's practically harmless. If done too frequently, it becomes a necessity to them. Going days or even hours without absorbing energy makes these addicts primal.

[Max]: Does that remind you of anyone?

[Ben]: (pauses) Kevin... but I'm not like him! I controlled myself just fine!

[Max]: Kevin thought the same thing about himself, didn't he? He was already a few screws loose when you met him. He just got worse after he absorbed the Omnitrix.

[Azmuth]: That principle applies to Feedback as well. If you hadn't lost him, you would have ignored our advice and continued to use him, even in unnecessary situations. Before long, every minute spent in any of your other forms would have been excruciating. You would have become a shell of your former self, only looking forward to the moments you would have your fix as Feedback; a vicious cycle someone like you likely would not have been able to overcome.

Ben looks visibly shaken from Azmuth's words, hanging his head.

[Ben]: (softly) I really didn't mean for things to go this way. I just wanted to have fun.

[Azmuth]: What's fun is not always good.

[Max]: (clears throat) Azmuth, we'd better check on Gwen.

[Azmuth]: Surely you alone would suffice.

[Max]: Azmuth.

He exchanges a look with him. Azmuth relents, rolling his eyes.

[Azmuth]: Very well.

Max gets up from the couch and heads for the cabinets again, pulling out a small grey gun-like device; a Null Void Projector.

[Max]: In hindsight, I should've thought of this a long time ago.

He walks towards the couch again, bowing down for Azmuth to jump on his shoulder.

[Max]: Get some rest, Ben. You deserve it.

Max gives him a sympathetic smile and exits the Rust Bucket 2. Ben waits a few seconds, then buries his head in his hands, crying to himself. Outside, a weak Gwen lies on the ground on her back. Malware shifts his right hand into a Tachyon Cannon from a few feet away, aiming it at her.

[Malware]: It's a shame I'm wasting my efforts on someone as inconsequential to my mission as you.

He powers up the cannon and a red beam comes out of it. Max stops in his tracks, unable to get to Gwen in time.

[Max]: (loudly) GWEN!

[Gwen]: T-Thracius.

A crystallized mana dome forms around her. The beam hits it and bounces back, heading straight for Malware. Before he has the time to react, the beam hits him, making him explode into many tiny blobs. The mana dome disappears. Max comes to Gwen's aid, helping her off the ground.

[Gwen]: W-We need a more permanent solution.

[Max]: We've got one.

Malware reforms, laughing hysterically.

[Malware]: That didn't work last time. What made you think this time would be any different?

Max raises his hand and presses the trigger on the Null Void Projector. A circular red portal forms behind Malware, slowly sucking him in.

[Malware]: No!

He stomps his foot down, trying to resist the suction of the portal.

[Malware]: Do you take pride in seeing me suffer, Father? You failed to save me, so now you want to abandon me?!

[Azmuth]: I hope you find peace, Malware.

[Malware]: Lies!

He steps forward.

[Malware]: You see me as nothing more than a disappointment! I will take away everything you ever cared about!

[Gwen]: Saphirius Expectorium!

Gwen holds her hands out, creating a large gust of wind that pushes Malware off his feet and shoves him into the portal.

[Malware]: I hate you, Father!

The portal closes and the wind from the spell dissipates into the air.


Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Feedback is removed from the Omnitrix.
  • Malware is sent to the Null Void.



Removed Aliens

Spells Used

  • Appendaga Regoria
  • Corona
  • Thracius
  • Saphirius Expectorium


Voice Actor Role(s)
Tara Strong Ben Tennyson
Ashley Johnson Gwen Tennyson
Paul Eiding Max Tennyson
Jeff Bennett Azmuth
Corey Burton Malware


  • This episode is named after the song of the same name by Eminem.


  • This episode premiered exactly eight years after Ulti created his account.
  • With the release of The Monster, this episode is now non-canon.
  • When this episode was canon, it acted as Timeline 1 of Earth-50's equivalent of the flashback portion of the Omniverse episode Showdown: Part 1, as both episodes involve Feedback being removed from the Omnitrix by Malware.
    • However, Ben and Gwen are 10 and Max is 60 in this episode instead of 11 and 61 respectively in the canon timeline.
    • Furthermore, although Feedback was removed from the Omnitrix, in this timeline, Azmuth could easily replace the Conductoid DNA sample if he wanted to. In the canon timeline, Feedback being removed caused the Omnitrix to reject Conductoid DNA.
  • The events of this episode were supposed to lead to Ben removing the Omnitrix and retiring from the hero life.