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Loose-Eye Lucy
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Residence America
Dimension Delta Dimension
Affiliations Smugglebeard's Crew
Occupations Criminal
Abilities and Equipment
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Cannon Proficiency
Equipment Big Cannon
Friends Captain Smugglebeard
Pegleg Pete
First Appearance Pirates!

Loose-Eye Lucy is a self-proclaimed pirate and a villain from the Delta Dimension in Earth-1010. She is a Human from the planet Earth. She first appeared in the episode Pirates! in Ben 10: Delta Days.


Loose-Eye Lucy is the tallest of the three founding members of Smugglebeard's Crew. She is wide-built with arms like tree trunks. She has orange hair, and wears an eyes patch over her right eye to cover a grievous wound.


Power and Abilities


Although her favourite thing in the world is her cannon, she cannot aim it very well. She is right handed and therefore would benefit most from aiming with her right eye, however she's blind on that side. Luckily for her, you don't need to aim well with a cannon.


At an unknown point in the past, Lucy became good friends with Pete and Smugglebeard and with them formed Smugglebeard's Crew.

Ben 10: Delta Days

Lucy first appeared in Pirates! in which she used her cannon to help announce the crew's arrival at the Hostile Coasts theme park. She also use her cannon to threaten staff. She was defeated by Omni-Enhanced Overflow, before retreating and carrying Pete with her.


Ben 10: Delta Days

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