Looney John is the Dimension 30 version of John Smith on Earth-68. He is based off the Tasmanian Devil from Looney Toons.


Looney John is best said to be, "a deranged version of John Smith." His hair is short and spiked up, and wears baggy and torn clothes. He has razor sharp teeth, and is barefoot. He stands on all fours like a gorilla. He gives off a mad smile. He has a tattoo on his right arm, six eyes in the shape of a V.

Powers and Abilities

Looney John has enhanced smell, using it more than his other senses. When using the Omnitrix, all his form use spinning to attack, and the same as when he's in human form.


Looney John is shown as crazy and beast like, working solely on an instinct to destroy. He is loyal to Maltruant, sharing the same Eye pattern tattoo in the shape of a V on his right arm.


His first appearance shows him going through a dimensional portal created by Servantis, as he ravages him and Swift just because. After he sees Maltruant, he repairs him, and reveals that he had met Maltruant in his past, and Maltruant's future. Looney John shows his tattoo, showing his loyalty to Maltruant and his cult. Looney John obeys Maltruant, and is eventually sent back to his home dimension.



Dimension 763 (Omnimania)

Looney John appears as a neutral character, living in the desert. He is sought out to join the Omni Crew, which becomes a full out battle between several interested parties. Looney John then meets Nails, another feral-like person, and they are instantly attracted to each other. They flee the scene together.



  • This is the John Smith version of Mad Ben.
  • His idea stemmed from the term mad also meaning "crazy."
  • His Dimension, Dimension 30, is based off Looney Tunes, where everyone there is based off a Looney Tune.
  • Him being based off the Tasmanian Devil is based on being crazy, and that being Bugs Bunny would be too obvious.
  • His backstory with Maltruant is revealed in Jane Smith 10.
  • Looney John will not get his own series, instead appearing in different series.
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