Princess Looma Red Wind is the princess of the desert planet Khoros and daughter of Warlord Gar. She becomes romantically attracted to Simon Masterson and is one of his closest allies.


Looma is considerably tall by Human standards. She is also noticeably more voluptuous and feminine in body shape compared to most Tetramands while still muscular. She commonly wears traditional Tetramand armor, complete with a battle helmet.


Powers and Abilities

Like all Tetramands, Looma possesses immense durability, leaping ability, and physical strength far beyond that of humans. Due to her smaller frame, she is noticeably more agile than most Tetramands. Looma has shown to be able to fight off a large number of other Tetramands single-handedly. She has considerable combat prowess, having defeated all the alien forms Ben used in hand-to-hand combat to fight her, except for Four Arms. Her fighting style is a mixture of wrestling moves, power blows and brawling.


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