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Look For Your Mana
Look For Your Mana


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2-3 planned

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THIS SERIES IS CANCELLED! Please wait for a new series.[]


Look to the Mana is a series about a Anodite named Xander who meets a strange man who is in the FKC, and, once he pursuades Xander into the FKC, he steals Xanders powers. Xander then uses those powers for good. It is written by CHEEZEBURGER MAN! There will probably be a sequel. There will be 2-3 seasons.


  • Xander- A very unique Anodite. He suffered from albinism, which made him a white anodite, with short white hair. Also, he will change colors depending on his mood (e.g. if he is lovestruck, he will turn pink). This will mostly happen with his eyes now. Since people hate Esoterica, he is like a anti-hero.
  • Cole- An Opticoid who stole the Ultimatrix.


  • Sug- The Osmosian who steals Xanders powers and almost kills Xander.
  • Ben Tennyson- He went insane and stole the Omni-Armor, a suit of armor that that lets you transform into different aliens.
  • Black Cape Dude- Unknown
  • Chrono- Black Cape Dude's Son.

Fan List[]

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Aliens on Ultimatrix[]

  1. All Canon Aliens except Alien X
  2. Jadan (credits go to Jack)
  3. Diagon
  4. Overkill
  5. Spidermace
  6. Deimos
  7. BoomFlame


Season 1[]

  1. The Day That Almost Got Me Killed
  1. His Eyes Are Everywhere (aired April 1st)
  2. DON'T Ever Trust An Alien With A Black Cape.
  3. Look For Your Heroes (Back to Back Crossover Special)
  4. Hean 10, Look For Your Mana (Back to Back Crossover Special - now canceled as of 8/16/13)
  5. Get 'em Cole! Get 'em!
  6. Party Crashers
  7. Glimpse of the War
  8. How to Die in Less Than 3 Minutes!
  9. How to NOT Die in Less Than 3 Minutes!
  10. Should Alien Armor and Humans Mix?
  11. Space

Season 2[]

  1. Another Glimpse of the War
  2. War (Part 1)
  3. War (Part 2)
  4. War (Part 3)
  5. War (Part 4)
  6. Chrono Is Pwned
  8. Null (Part 1)
  9. Null (Part 2)
  10. Null (Part 3)

Season 3[]

This will probably be a short season clearing up things. There will be about 5 to 9 questions each ep.

  1. Q and A (Part 1)
  2. Q and A (Part 2)
  3. Q and A (Part 3)
  4. Q and A (Part 4)
  5. Q and A (Part 5)

Other Franchise[]

Video Games[]

  • Look For Your Mana


None yet.