London (Earth-251)
Continent Europe
Location Earth
Interest MI6 Base (Earth-251)
Notable inhabitants The Queen of England

Lauren Genare

Population British
Affiliation United States of America
Movie Energy Revolt

London is a major city in the United Kingdom. It is also the main location in the BTFF Cinematic Universe film, Energy Revolt


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London, England
1990's UNKNOWN

During this time, Kravechenko Mashtoff was sent to England, becoming a simple mercenary for a crime lord. During a drug trade, the Queen sent a special force of elite protectors to kill him. Being rather psychological, he shot the crime lord and fled the country. 

1980's UNKNOWN

During this time, the Genare's moved to London and learned to speak English. 

8/27/1998 5:29 A.M. GMT

When Lauren Genare returned from her trip to Canada, she talked with her mother one last time before she moved on.  Afterwards, she become the hero Energy Revolt until she went to Brookyln. By this time a month later, Mashtoff, now Richard Bisectia or Bisectia had joined CHAOS and was one of its main leaders. He had a base in London at this time. 

Bisectia's Headquarters,London
5/18/2005 6:27 GMT.

Lauren after being kidnapped went to Bisectia's base and was attached to a machine. It was here she lost her memory, went insane, killed Gregovitch and a black ops team that came to save her and stop CHAOS. Bisectia escaped.

5/3/2006 2: 49 P.M. GMT

John Slytric and Kyle Blino saw Lauren fighting crime in London, and soon she was recruited by them to MI6

3/3/2013 1:25 P.M. GMT.

Shane Leon and Lauren discussed her past in London before she rejoined MI6, and stopped a bomb. 

April, 2013 Time Unknown

Lauren continued her campaign againest CHAOS by attacking another CHAOS outpost, and discovering their plan to attack the royal family. 

Buckingham Palace (Queen's Home)
4/12/13 Unknown Time

Here, CHAOS killed the royal family, defeated Terrence Smoke, and killed Bisectia. The next day, she was fired from MI6 and then later, left England. The country is still in panic. 



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