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BBDB Lodestone.png
General Information
Species Biosovortian
Home World Unknown
Body Magnetic Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Magnetokinesis
Magnetic Dismantlement
Magnetic Force Fields
Magnetic Regeneration
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Dexterity
Enhanced Agility
Ferrokinesis (via magnetism)
Voice Actor Dee Bradley Baker

Lodestone is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Biosovortian from the planet Aimant set to appear in Bryce Bowman: Devil's Bounty.


Lodestone has a magnetically floating metal head surrounded by a glowing white aura and levitates in an arch between his shoulders. He has crab-like claws for hands (similar to Brainstorm's) and his body is mainly black with yellow feet, hands, shoulders, and chest.

He has bright blue eyes, and the Omnitrix rests on his chest.

Transformation Sequence

Black metal slides over Bryce's arm, originating from the Omnitrix. He raises his arm in front of his face, and his metal-covered hand morphs into a claw-like shape. Bryce smirks in the background as silver metal covers his face. His shoulders stretch and expand into a tall arch. He spins around, then Lodestone poses with one arm outstretched and the other by his side.



Powers and Abilities

Lodestone is able to project magnetic fields that are capable of overloading electrical circuits and attracting magnetic materials to himself. He can also emit magnetic pulses that allow him to magnetize any ferromagnetic metals (iron, nickel, cobalt, and gallium). This will cause objects magnetized by him to attract everything magnetic before flying towards and colliding with the target.

Lodestone can use his magnetic fields to block solar energy attacks.

Lodestone can use his magnetism to damage and destroy anything made of metal at will.

Lodestone can generate a blue magnetic force field that protects him from most ballistic attacks.

If Lodestone gets destroyed by something as dangerous as an explosion, he can regenerate by pulling his shattered pieces back together with his magnetism.

Lodestone has telekinetic control over metal, allowing him to levitate and move it around without physical contact. He can also use this "magno-telekinesis" to make himself levitate and fly.

Lodestone possesses enhanced durability.

Lodestone possesses enhanced strength.


Despite being disconnected from his body, Lodestone's head is magnetically bonded to it. Wherever his head goes, his body follows. As such, Lodestone's head can be knocked away from his body, leaving the latter blind, helpless, and unable to reconnect with the head.

Despite his enhanced durability, Lodestone can still feel discomfort while being fired upon.

Lodestone's powers are useless against non-metallic objects.





  • Lodestone's power are similar to those of the Marvel Comics characters Magneto and Polaris.
  • "Magnezone", Bryce's name for Nemevoc's version of Lodestone, is a reference to the Pokémon of the same name.
  • "Aimant" is the French word for magnet.
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