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General Information
Species Biosovortian
Home World Unknown
Body Magnetic Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Magnetokinesis
Electronic Disruption
Magnetic Force Fields
Magnetokinetic Flight
Magnetokinetic Shapeshifting
Magnetokinetic Regeneration
Magnetokinetic Scattering
Sharp Claws
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Dexterity
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Speed (via railroads)
Space Survivability
Alien Number 33
Voice Actor Dee Bradley Baker
First Appearance The Negative Effect

Lodestar is the Omnitrix's 1.5 DNA sample of a Biosovortian from an unknown planet in Ben 10: Omnitrix Unlimited. He is the Dimension 1 equivalent of Lodestar.


Ben as Lodestar


Before the Omnitrix's 1.5 recalibration in Ben 10: Across the 23rd Dimension, Lodestar had his Omniverse appearance.


Lodestar has his Alien Force/Ultimate Alien/Heroes United appearance.

Albedo as Negative Lodestar

Negative Lodestar has Lodestar's Alien Force/Ultimate Alien/Heroes United appearance, but the yellow parts are darker, the brown parts are greyish black and the white glow surrounding his head is red.

Powers and Abilities

  • Biosovortian Physiology: Being a Biosovortian, Lodestar possesses all the powers, abilities and weaknesses of that species.
    • Magnetokinesis: Lodestar possesses the ability to create/generate and manipulate magnetism for a variety of purposes.
    • Ferromagnetism: Lodestar possesses the ability to control the most well known aspect of magnetism, ferromagnetism, being able to magnetize ferromagnetic metals (iron, nickel and cobalt).
      • Magnetization/Demagnetization: Lodestar possesses the ability to magnetize/demagnetize ferromagnetic materials, making them act like magnets or be rendered unaffected by magnetism.
    • Electronic Disruption: Lodestar possesses the ability to disrupt electronic signals with his magnetic fields, causing electrical devices to work erratically or completely malfunction and fail.
    • Magno-Telekinesis: Lodestar possesses the ability to manipulate ferromagnetic materials, moving them around without establishing physical contact by generating magnetic fields from any part of his body, though he usually prefers to focus those fields by pointing his claws at his target.
    • Magnetic Force Fields: Lodestar possesses the ability to create a green magnetic force field to shield himself from a variety of attacks. Lodestar is able to extend this force field in order to include additional objects or people, or create several smaller ones around them, however this is a more taxing task.
    • Magnetokinetic Flight: Lodestar possesses the ability to levitate and fly by manipulating the magnetic field of whatever celestial object he's capable to survive on. Alternatively, Lodestar is able to fly by enacting magnetism on specific parts of his body, however this is a less refined and more limited application of this power.
    • Magnetoreception: Lodestar's eyes possess the ability to perceive magnetic fields around him and he can use them to navigate himself.
    • Magnetokinetic Shapeshifting: Lodestar possesses the ability to shapeshift his body in a variety of ways to suit his needs, such as to elongate his hands and enlarge his claws to ensnare objects or people, grow poles, spikes etc. However, he does not generate additional mass, rather he redistributes his existing mass to accomplish this, meaning there is a certain limit to his shapeshifting and he risks upsetting his structural integrity.
    • Magnetokinetic Regeneration: Lodestar possesses the ability to regenerate in case his structural integrity is compromised, by attracting his scattered fragments together.
    • Magnetokinetic Scattering: Lodestar possesses the ability to scatter his body into several fragments of varying shapes and sizes. Each fragment functions as its own magnet, however all pieces are somewhat attracted by the central magnetic field generated by Lodestar's shoulder spires, which still host his head between them. He is able to quickly evade attacks as well as focus his attention on multiple targets at once. One technique that has been developed is Magnetic Storm, where Lodestar surrounds a target and rapidly launches shrapnel-sized parts of himself.
    • Sharp Claws: Lodestar possesses sharp claws, being capable of piercing through concrete.
    • Enhanced Strength: Lodestar possesses strength superior to that of a human's, being capable of carrying heavy loads that he has magnetically attached to himself.
    • Enhanced Durability: Lodestar possesses durability superior to that of a human's, being capable of surviving a large explosion.
    • Enhanced Agility: Lodestar possesses agility superior to that of a human's, using his magnetic expertise to navigate quickly around the battlefield.
    • Enhanced Speed (via railroads): Lodestar possesses speed superior to that of a human's when utilizing rail roads, being able to accelerate and reach flight speeds far greater than when unassisted.
    • Space Survivability: Lodestar possesses the ability to survive in the vacuum of space for an indefinite period of time.


  • Vulnerable Head: Lodestar's head is only connected to the rest of his body via magnetism. If it is pulled by an outside force, the rest of the body will follow. In addition, enacting sufficient force will cause the head to exit Lodestar's magnetic field, leaving the body completely directionless, especially if the head has become immobilized in some way or form.
  • Demagnetization: Since Lodestar is essentially a living magnet, he is also susceptible to becoming demagnetized, in which case his body will begin to crumble. A grim fate may be avoided by switching to another form.
  • Non-Ferromagnetic Objects: Lodestar's powers are severely limited against non-ferromagnetic objects, as he is unable to directly manipulate them.


Ben 10: Omnitrix Unlimited



  • Lodestar first appeared in The Negative Effect,
    • Negative Lodestar defeated the Plumber guards.


Ben 10: Omnitrix Unlimited




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