Lodehead is a combination of Diamondhead and Lodestar. He is a Fusamatrix alien.



Species: 1/2 Petropian 1/2 Biovisortain


He has Lodestar's feet and right arm with shoulder. His Diamondhead head floats in a Lodestar fasion. He has Diamondhead's chest and left arm.

Powers and Abilities

He has magnetism power and full control of the magnetic spectrum. His diamond hard skin is nearly impentrable. His left arm is able to shape into nearly anything. He shoot tiny diamond shards from this arm or plant it into the ground and make diamonds sprout up elsewhere. He recover lost limbs and completely rebuild himself if destroyed. He gets this ability from both his "parents." He is able to fly using magnetism and repeling himself from the ground. His diamond arm can reflect light and and energy beams.

Combo Move: Diamonds of Attaraction: All diamonds shot hit the foe by attracting them and then repel the foe, to send the diamonds outward. The diamonds then attract, then repel, the foe in a vicious cycle.


His diamond half is weak to sound and sound-based attacks. His magnetic half is useless when there are no magnets or metals to maniplate.

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