Diesel, the most commonly seen Locomotavian from Richard 10

Locomotivians are a species in the Richard 10 series. They are from the planet Locamotivia.


Locomotivians are dark grey beings with a footplate under their waist, and have 3 pairs of wheels under the footplate. They also can have lines on their body that match their eye color.


Locomotivians are normally peaceful, but become enraged if they do not let off steam, as it overheats them.


Enhanced Speed


Shapeshifting- They can morph their hands into helpful objects, such as a hook.

Smoke stack- They generate a smoke stack on their back to keep from overheating.

Technology Identification


Environmental changes (mud, water, ice, etc.)

Not generating smock stack

Known Locomotivians

  • Diesel (The Alpha-Omegatrix's DNA sample of a Locomotivian)
  • Ultimate Matt (1 part Locomotivian)


  • Their name and planet are plays on Locamotive, a common name for trains.
  • They were inspired by Thomas & Friends.
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