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This picture was made by Ahmad15.

General Information
Species ???
Home World Earth
Body Lockness/Dragon
Powers and Abilities
Abilities FireBall
Morph into Locknessmonster
Water Tornado
Ice Breath
First Appearance LockneCassie

This alien will be used by Cassie Benny in Cassie 12: Original Series.

Basic Information[]

This creature can form into the Loch Ness Monster when in water, where else, it can fight Godzilla on a tower in hand-to-hand combat and end up winning. It is very strong. Cassie first transforms into this alien in Locknicassie after the tail hit the watch which collected its DNA.

The spiked ball on its tail is able to be unhooked and used as a weapon towards enemies. However, this alien is comparably shorter than Way Big as it can stand the same height like the extinct historic long necks when standing on their back legs.

Researchers have theorized this creature is related to the long-necked giants which once roamed the Earth with different dinosaurs. However, this can be called a not true theory since it has wings and DNA in the Omnidewtrix's Codon Stream.


Its spiky ball has been revealed to be made out of Ployanide, which regrows the same object if it has been cut off or separated as mentioned in The Nerd comes!. Therefore, it must have been in the same area where the spike ball was in during its fatal adventure to some far off planet with a female supposedly.

Original Locknecassie[]

Originally, she would have looked like the Loch Ness Monster and a picture has been made of it by Perplex WITHOUT being asked by the creator (However, the creator (Speedygal) gave permission to him since he asked her).

Credit goes to Perplex as Flareon on