Lloyd Kastle
General Information
Species Human
Home World Human
Residence TBA
Age 25
Affiliations TBA
Occupations Hero
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Green Fire Manipulation
Pyrokinetic Flight
Healing Fire
Expert Hand-To-Hand Combat
Relatives Kyle Kastle (Father)
Gina Kastle (Mother)
First Appearance TBA

Lloyd Kastle is the secondary protagonist of River of Memories. He is a Human from the planet Earth. He's a twenty-five years old man who was born with the power to control green flames, but he's also a pacifist, hating violence but fighting when's necessary.


Lloyd is a young adult with natural skin color, unruly leather black hair and sea green eyes. He wears a dark green shirt with red sleeves, dark blue pants and black and blue shoes. He also wears green gloves that are used to control his pyrokinesis.


Lloyd most known characteristic is his pacifism. He hates fights and violence, disliking hurting others and tries to solve problems without hurting anyone, but there are times where he knows he has to fight when there's no option left. Ever since almost killing his father with his fire and hurting some kids when he was a kid, Lloyd start hating the idea of hurting others and he becomes scared when he hurts someone by accident, even though he knows it wasn't his fault.

Despite being a pacifist and nice person, he sometimes can be a jerk and rude with others, but will apologize afterwards. He won't apologize to people he think deserves his rudeness, also he appears to have be a little vulgar, swearing when he gets angry and making bad comments about someone.


While he says that he was born with green flames, that's somewhat true. His parents were scientists, with one of their main experiments being trying to give a person superpowers. One day, his mother died during an experiment, making his father become obsessed with continuing the experiment, even neglecting his own kid, Lloyd. To make himself feel happy and better, Lloyd usually played with friends he made at school and invited them to his home to play video games, which he considers himself a specialist. Wanting to perfect his experiment, Kyle used Lloyd for his experiment, injecting him with a green liquid, giving him the power to control green fire. After acquiring this powers, Lloyd became scared and couldn't control them, almost burning his father alive. This moment traumatized Lloyd to the point where he became scared of his powers. Over the years, he starts training to use his flames to heal others, becoming somewhat of a medic, where he uses his flames to heal others. His father built a pair of gloves and give them to Lloyd so he can control his flames.

Powers and Abilities

Even though he's against fighting, Lloyd appears to known a little about martial arts. He tries not to hurt others while fighting.

Since the experiment, he was able to manipulate green flames, where he can shoots a stream of fire or fireballs.

He can shoot fire from his feet to be able to fly.

His main method of using his flames are to heal others, where he passes them over injures and they are healed.


Lloyd can become scared when he accidentally hurts someone, reminding him of the time he almost burned his father and hurt some kids.

Because his main power is fire, water can neutralize them.

If his gloves are removed when he uses his powers, he won't be able to control them.

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  • His hair style was inspired by Squall Leonhart, the main protagonist of Final Fantasy VIII.
  • Lloyd has the habit of biting his nails when he gets nervous.
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