Ditto - Eyeguy - Wildvine - Ultimate Cannonbolt - Brainstorm (O-W) - Dittie

Guest starring

Glowing Red from Sonorosian Adventures

Georock from Tennyson Force

Doomer from Noah 10

Clawnormous from Evan Billion

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Live Long or Omni-Hard is th 16th episode of Omni-World.


The gang was watching a news broadcast, showing an Albedo Chromastone robbing the bank.

(Ditto): Wow, is it me or do we really need a new security around here?

(Brainstorm): You idiot, there is no security for the whole planet!

(Eyeguy): But who protects the planet then?

(Brainstorm): Nobody!

(Ditto): We can't have that!

(Eyeguy): I know what we could do!

(Ditto): And that is?

(Eyeguy): We could make a superhero team!

(Ditto): Yush!

We then see the gang in a warehouse.

(Eyeguy): Why are we in a warehouse?

(Ditto): Warehouses have special discounts. Secret caves cost alot these days.

(Eyeguy): Oh. So, are you guys ready?

Wildvine, Ulimate Cannonbolt, Dittie, Brainstorm where standing a bit farther from Ditto and Eyeguy.

(Wildvine): Sure!

(Ultimate Cannonbolt): Bring it on!

(Dittie): Alright!

(Brainstorm): Whatever.

(Ditto): Ladies and...

(Dittie): Lady.

(Ditto): Lady and gentlemen...

(Eyeguy): We present to you...

(Both): OMNI-HARD!

Eyeguy pulled a rope, which makes the curtain behind them go up, revealing Glowing Red, Georock and Doomer.

(Brainstorm): What is the meaning of this?

(Ditto): Because Omni-World is stamped with Albedo Clones, we made a super hero team to protect the planet!

(Eyeguy): We got Glowing Red's strength and heat, Georock's rock power to trap bad guys, and Doomer's flight!

(Wildvine): Why only three?

(Ditto): Oh. (Whistles on two fingers)

Clawnormous' head suddenly came from the roof!

(Ditto): ... For the big jobs.

(Eyeguy): Maybe we got to test them!

(Ditto): Ofcourse!

We then see Rath and Echo Echo clones crashing the place.

(Rath): I'm back for more!

(Ditto): Give it up, Ghostfreak!

(Rath): Never! I'll never forgive you for cancelling my first major appearance!

(Ditto): Face it, Ghostfreak, you will be Ssserpent level on this show forever!


(Ditto): Omni-Hard, attack!

Glowing Red started kicking the Echo Echos into smoke, and Georock was crushing them under rocks. Doomer was shooting at them, and finally destroyed them all.

(Rath): NOOOO!

Clawnormous stepped on him.

(Rath): Darnit.

(Ditto): Alright guys! Great jobs!

(Glowing Red): Yo Ditto! We three have come to an agreement.

(Ditto): Oh! And that is?

(Georock): We are going to let you guys go.

(Eyeguy): WHAT!?

(Doomer): We have decided we are better off without you guys.

(Ditto): Do you agree with this, Clawnormous?

(Clawnormous): Woof.

The three climbed on top of Clawnormous, and he walked away.

(Ditto): ...

(Eyeguy): ....

(Ditto): ... Did we just got dumped by our own superhero team?

(Eyeguy): ... Yes. We did.

(Ditto): ... Ouwch.


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