This is an original movie by Dioga beta created for Fall Fanon Con 2014. It is the first movie in the Samurai Tales movie series.

Dioga beta Movie Series
Season Movie, Episode 2
Air date Sept. 28, 2014
Written by Dioga beta
Directed by Dioga beta
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Goop Wars
Argit 10
Samurai Tales
Season Movie, Episode 1
Air date Sept. 28, 2014
Written by Dioga beta
Directed by Dioga beta
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The Looney Bell Tolls for Thee


It is the time of Ben 10,000, 20 years in the future, in the city of Bellwood. It is a rainy night, as Gwen and Kevin are surrounded by Techadon robots, humanoid shaped war machines, in the middle of the street. They’re armored with horns on the helmet. Their left hands are skinny, blaster arms, pointed at Gwen and Kevin. They are merged with Galvanic Mechamorph, being black with yellow circuitry.

Gwen: This day’s gone from bad to worse.

Kevin: And of course, Ben isn’t here, as usual. (Kevin touches the ground, absorbing the concrete.) Probably fighting the big boss or something. Let’s take them, babe.

The Galvanic Techadon fire their blasters, firing lasers at the group. Kevin stomps the ground, earth walls forming around him and Gwen, being incinerated by the lasers. Gwen flies into the air, the charms on her right arm glowing purple. She fires mana lightning bolts, hitting and sending Galvanic Techadon flying. Kevin thrusts his fist forward, earth spikes shooting out of the ground. Several Galvanic Techadon are impaled, as they back away. Their liquid Mechamorph body reforms, the hole gone.

Kevin: Aw, great. Mechamorphs. Babe, give me some lightning!

Gwen: A little busy here!

Gwen spins, a vortex of wind whips around, air blades slicing through Galvanic Techadon. Their bodies are severed into several pieces, as they reconnect. Gwen claps her hands together, a bolt of lightning being fired, hitting a Galvanic Techadon, causing it to explode. 

Gwen: Hun, think fast!

Gwen turns towards Kevin, clapping her hands together, firing lightning at him. Kevin turns sideways, in a braced stance, jutting two fingers out. He absorbs the lightning through his fingers, as the lightning travels through his body. He motions his arms to guide its path, as he fires it at the Galvanic Techadon. He destroys several of them, as he falls to his knees, panting.

Kevin: This is getting bad. We’re not going to last much longer. Oof!

Kevin is blasted by a laser, part of his concrete armor breaking. Kevin grabs his shoulder, as he tries to stand. He is blasted several more times, as he hits the ground. A Galvanic Techadon stands over him, pointing the laser blaster at his face. 

Galvanic Techadon: Exterminate.

The Galvanic Techadon fires a laser blast, hitting Kevin’s exposed skin. His body flashes, his bones showing. When the light fades, he falls, dead.

Gwen: (Distraught) NO!

Gwen’s body glows, as she turns into her anodite form, body transformed into mana, her short hair sticking up. Her mana expands, its power tearing through the environment. The Galvanic Techadon are vaporized into atoms, yellow and black particles splattered all over the area. Gwen’s body erupts afterwards, her being gone when the light fades. The molecules on the ground reform together, as the Galvanic Techadon reform.

Galvanic Techadon: (Chanting) Exterminate. Exterminate.

End Scene

Heatblast is at the Mt. Rushmore base, his flames blazing through Galvanic Techadon. They fire their lasers, as Heatblast flies into the air, as an inferno of fire incinerates the remaining Galvanic Techadon. 

Heatblast: Who thought it was a good idea to merge Galvanic Mechamorphs with Techadon robots?

Voice: One who doesn’t value other lifeforms. 

Heatblast turns, firing a beam of fire to counter a red laser blast. He turns, seeing Malware, a Galvanic Mechamorph with red circuitry, with a pointed head and sharp claws on his hands. Instead of the usual circular eye, he has an eyestalk sticking out in the spot.

Heatblast: Malware?! But, you’re dead!

Malware: Correction. I am a genetic copy of former Galvanic Mechamorph Malware. Recreated from his remains, I have been upgraded and improved. I am Galvanic Mechamorph Soldier 1, codenamed Dalek Malware. My mission, to exterminate all threats.

Dalek Malware morphs his hand into a laser blaster, firing a laser at Heatblast. Heatblast dodges, as Heatblast flies forward, shifting to Rath. Rath charges in, swinging his fists, punching and distorting Dalek Malware’s liquid body. He reforms, as Dalek Malware catches Rath’s fist, his body expanding over Rath.


Rath lifts his arm, Dalek Malware going overhead, being slammed and splattered into the ground. Dalek Malware reforms, firing a laser at Rath. Rath takes the laser, as he jump kicks Dalek Malware, knocking him back. Rath pounces again, as he shifts to Big Chill, phasing through Dalek Malware, freezing him. 

Big Chill: Who would even consider recreating one of the most dangerous villains in the universe?

Dalek Malware breaks out of the ice, firing a laser at Big Chill. Big Chill phases through it, as he uses his ice breath, Dalek Malware dodging. Big Chill turns into Wildmutt, pouncing at Dalek Malware. Wildmutt lands, scratching at Dalek Malware, him reforming. Dalek Malware’s eyestalk glows, as he fires a laser from it. Wildmutt shifts to Grey Matter, shrinking to dodge the attack. Grey Matter disappears behind a console, Dalek Malware’s eyestalk stretching around to look for him.

Grey Matter: Hm. Only a few beings know about Malware. Fewer have the ability to incorporate knowledge to merge Galvanic Mechamorphs with Techadon. And one of those is the creators of the Techadon, the Weapon Masters. But this is too advanced a plan for them, too calculated. This is about something else.

An explosion occurs, Grey Matter blown out of the hole. Grey Matter shifts to Feedback, firing an electric blast. Dalek Malware takes it, breaking it. Dalek Malware fires a laser, Feedback absorbing it. The two then collide, Feedback’s hand colliding with Dalek Malware’s laser blaster. The two spark with energy, as Dalek Malware’s right hand turns into a suction cup, attaching to the Omnitrix symbol. The Omnitrix is corrupted, as he reverts. Ben 10,000 hits the ground, as a shadowed figure comes. 

Ben: No. The Sisters. But, I defeated you all! You no longer exist!

Female Voice: Well, you missed one. (A claw coming out of her fist extends, impaling Ben. He gasps, as he falls over, bleeding out.) And it is always the quiet ones you have to watch for.

Dalek Malware: (Bowing) What are your orders, master?

Female Voice: His family lives in Bellwood. Burn it.

All the news channels are covering a house fire in Bellwood.

Reporter 1: We are live at a fire at the house of hero Ben 10,000.

Reporter 2: It is uncertain what caused the fire at this point, 

Reporter 3: Ben’s wife and his 8 year old daughter live here.

Reporter 4: Whether Ben’s family was inside the house when the fire occurred, we don’t know.

Reporter 5: This is most likely the events of 

All the news stations cut out, as a cat lady appears on the screens, dressed like a nun.

Glacia: Hello, citizens of Earth. I am Glacia of the Appoplexians. Several years ago, my family was eliminated by the one you call Ben 10,000. And today, I have taken revenge, and killed him and his family. I now claim this planet as mine, belonging to the Appolexian Empire.

End Scene

A reporter is speaking on screen, with the city of a destroyed and abandoned Bellwood in the background.

Reporter: Hello, I’m Lisa Ray, and I am live in what was once known as the city of Bellwood. Today is the 10th anniversary of the death of Ben Tennyson and his family. Historically, this is the day of the most deaths in human history, with riots, protests and revolts against the Appoplexian regime, with many battles occurring here in the city. However, this day is quiet, with no signs of life on the streets.

A lone figure is walking through a graveyard, wearing a black hoodie and jeans. The figure’s hood covers its face, as it walks past the tombstones. The figure arrives at a tombstone, the names broken off. However, an etching of the Omnitrix symbol is at the bottom, as three graves are dug. The figure kneels by the tombstone, closing her eyes. A click occurs, the figure not moving. A Galvanic Techadon was right behind it, its blaster pointed at the back of its head.

Galvanic Techadon: Identify yourself, and prepare to be exterminated.

The figure spins, drawing an energy knife, which extends as it slices the blaster off. The Galvanic Techadon backs up, as the figure’s hood flies off. It’s a girl with short, red hair, with a bland and emotionless expression. She jumps, landing on Galvanic Techadon’s shoulder, stabbing its head with the energy knife. She jumps off, the Galvanic Techadon falling. The girl walks off, as more Galvanic Techadon appear.

Galvanic Techadon: (As a group) Exterminate. Exterminate.

The girl spins the knife, the hilt extending, the blade forming, it turning into an energy sword. The Galvanic Techadon fire lasers, the girl spinning at a rapid speed, deflecting each shot. She stands tall, raising two fingers, holding them up in front of her face. She spits fireballs, hitting and exploding a Galvanic Techadon. The girl then dashes in, as she slashes through a Galvanic Techadon, it unable to reform. The Techadon continue to fire lasers, as she deflects them with ease. More Techadon appear, the girl surrounded.

Suddenly, a lightning bolt is fired, frying several Techadon robots. A boy with a mohawk, wearing battle armor floats down, spinning as several lightning bolts fly out of his hand. The Techadon are destroyed, as the boy gives a scream of excitement.

Boy: Whoo-hoo! Now that was a rush! Did you see that? Pretty impressive, huh? (The boy looks around, seeing the girl was gone.)

The girl was walking off, leaving the cemetery. The boy runs after him, the girl seemingly not noticing him.

Boy: Hey, hold up there! What are you doing here?! Hey, I’m talking to you!

The boy taps the girl on the shoulder, and she squeaks in surprise and fear. She swings the energy knife at him, the boy leaning back and dodging, his back bending back to his hands touching the ground. He kicks over, standing up.

Girl: (Monotone sounding) What do you want? (She stares intently at the boy.)

Boy: I was just wondering who you were. Nobody comes to this town without a reason.

Girl: Visiting family. 

The girl turns, walking away.

Boy: Oh, come back! I’m not done yet! 

The boy throws a rock at the girl, her freaking out again.

Girl: Leave me alone!

Boy: Why don’t you respond?!

Girl: I can’t hear!

Boy: Can’t hear? Oh, okay. 

The boy goes silent, his hair sparking with static electricity.

Boy: (In the girl’s head) I’m sorry about that. Hope this isn’t any worse.

The girl looks around, confused.

Girl: What was that?! What’s going on?

Boy: It’s sound. I possess telepathy, allowing me to speak with someone through thought. With permission, can this be the way to communicate with you?

Girl: No! I do not want to communicate anymore!

Boy: Come on! You’re a strong women! Able to fight the Techadon without any help! We could use someone like you. With you in the rebellion, we stand a chance! 

Girl: I want no part in the rebellion!

Boy: Don’t you want to end this age of oppression? The torture? People are dying everyday, and we need to fight back!

Girl: Fight without me.

The girl walks off, as the Boy sighs. His fingers spark, as he shoots a small dose of electricity, shocking the girl. The girl falls over, out cold.

End Scene

The girl wakes up, tied to a chair.

Girl: What? Let me go!

Two people are behind the girl, out of her view. The first is a man with orangish skin, with a scaled head from the forehead up, a red crystal in the center of it. He is wearing black armor. The other is a girl, with red skin, and yellow horns going across her forehead. A long red tail is sticking out of her black armor. The boy from earlier enters the room.

Boy: How is she?

Brain Man: She just woke. You say she’s deaf?

Boy: That’s what she said.

The brain man and red girl walk into the girl’s range of sight.

Brain Man: Hello, child. I am Proctor Servantis. This is Swift (Pointing to the red girl), and this is Bolt. (Pointing to the boy.) We are, the Rooters

Girl: Rooter? You say that as if I care.

Bolt: Just listen to him. Proctor is our leader, and his insight into the regime is amazing.

Girl: Oh, I’m going to kill you. Attacking from behind is a death sentence.

Proctor: The Rooters is a group that has been fighting the Appoplexian Incursions for years. The media refuses to believe our existence, thinking us as “rebels,” instead of an elite organization. We have been building in power for years, and are now finally strong enough to take them on. With your help of course. Bolt has said that you are powerful.

Girl: Doesn’t matter. I’m still not helping.

Proctor: Are you not interested in fighting for our rights? To free the planet from enslavement?!

Girl: I don’t care what happens to you. I will live. Now let me go.

Bolt: Come on, please. If you do this, then we can end the incursion. You won’t have to live your life in hiding anymore.

Girl: I’m not hiding from them. 

Proctor: Hm. Perhaps she needs a little, persuasion. 

Bolt: Leader, no. You don’t have to do that.

Proctor: She is an outsider. I scan the minds of all potential allies or threats.

Proctor bends down, as the scales on Proctor’s head opens, his brain revealed. He releases mental waves, entering the girl’s mind. The girl screams, as she flails back and forth, resisting. Images go back, showing the girl’s journey cross country, avoiding all contact with living beings. A wall forms, with Whampire’s picture etched in it. Proctor shoots back, startled and scared.

Proctor: Her will is strong. I don’t know if she is a threat or not. But if she can resist my mental powers,

Swift: Nothing Glacia can throw can stop her. 

Proctor: Bolt, free her. (Bolt moves forward, going to untie the knot.) What is your name, girl?

Girl: Samurai.

Proctor: Well, Samurai. Here’s how it’s going to be. You will join us, we will topple the regime. Afterwards, you are free to go. 

Bolt frees Samurai, who stands up, Bolt standing as well. Samurai punches him, his face spinning, squished like jelly. Bolt turns back, face reforming.

Samurai: You can’t keep me here.

Proctor: Actually, I can. But that would require too much effort, both to keep you here and for you to escape. Besides, we could all do with a warm bed and a hot meal, can’t we? (Samurai goes silent, walking away.) Bolt, stay with her. You brought her here, she’s your responsibility.

Bolt: Of course.

Bolt gives chase, catching up with Samurai.

Bolt: (Through thought) Now, come on. It may look dank and depressing now, but pretty soon, this place will be a little piece of sunshine to you!

Samurai: I don’t like sunshine. And I told you to stay out of my head.

Bolt: Well, you’re looking away from me, trying to give me the cold shoulder. So you can’t read lips if you do that, right? (Bolt reaches over, touching her shoulder. It cools rapidly, as Bolt’s hand starts to turn blue.) Yikes! You really do have cold shoulders! 

Samurai turns to Bolt, smirking at the occurrence.

Bolt: You smile at physical pain? Yeesh, that makes my job more difficult. Come on, I’ll show you the barracks.

Bolt leads Samurai into a large barracks area, walking past several human alien hybrids, wearing their black armor. Several of them have red skin with enlarged muscles and an extra set of arms, while others have thick dinosaur plating. Others have yellow fur with a lightning pattern, as some have slime bodies.

Samurai: What are these guys?

Bolt: Hybrids. Master Proctor is a genius, and found a way to genetically create alien hybrids. This turned the average soldiers who volunteered into super soldiers, with enhanced powers. The red ones with extra arms are part Tetramand, the dinosaur ones part Vaxasaurian. The big looking guys are Gimlinopithecus, and the slime guys are Polymorphs, I think.

Samurai: And what hybrid are you?

Bolt: I’m part Amperi. Masters of the electromagnetic spectrum. I shoot lightning, I can fly a bit, I’ve become extremely flexible. But I can use it to read electrical pulses, and read minds.

Samurai: And you and Proctor use this to break the minds of your enemies.

Bolt: No, no! Just to get info. Master Proctor is a great man, he wouldn’t attempt to destroy or control a mind. It just seemed that way since you resisted.

Samurai: No one gets in my head.

Bolt: I can tell. You have several walls put up to prevent me from digging deeper.

Voice: Me Root.

Bolt taps Samurai’s shoulder, her turning around. She jumps to see a Florauna behind her. His coloring is brownish, as his flytrap flap around his head has some spikes. He stands on his four root legs, smiling.

Bolt: Samurai, allow me to introduce you to my good friend, Root. (Speaking aloud) Root, say hello.

Root: Me Root.

Bolt: He says hi.

Samurai: (Looking at Bolt) How do you know?

Bolt: By reading his mind as he speaks, I can figure out what he is trying to communicate. See you later, Root! (Bolt and Samurai keep walking.)

Root: (Waving) Me Root!

They walk through the people, arriving at a bunk, which was unmade.

Bolt: Sorry about the mess. But here’s your bunk. Dinner will be ready shortly.

Samurai lies down on the bed, facedown. She doesn’t stir for a moment, then snores lightly. Bolt smiles, as he has a seat on the floor, leaning against the bed.

End Scene

The next day, a battalion of forces are hiding out in a warehouse. Everyone is wearing their black armor, except for Samurai, who is still in her hoodie and jeans. People are whispering and talking about her, but her back is turned to them, unable to hear a thing.

Bolt: Hey, silence up! I can easily tell her about your color distortion. (The soldier he was talking to shuts up, as does everyone else. Bolt turns away, slightly irritated.)

Then, a tall, handsome soldier comes in, his skin glowing like copper. A ticking sound comes from him. Samurai buries her face away, it blushing slightly.

Bolt: Better keep your head up. He’s about to speak.

Samurai looks up at Bolt, giving him a death stare. Bolt gives a small chuckle, as the two turn their attention to the copper man.

Captain: Listen up, everyone! For those who don’t know me, I am Captain Jack. I am to be leading you in this expedition today, and everyone’s number one order, do not die without a cause. Die because of a stupid mistake, that’s your own problem. But die fighting honorably and bravely, you shall be remembered for the rest of your days. Now, for the details.

Root: Me Root.

Everyone turns, seeing Root right next to Jack.

Jack: Uh, yes. Thank you Root. Do you mind joining with the others while I explain?

Root: Me Root.

Root walks into the crowd, the soldiers giving him distasteful looks. He looks slightly upset, when Bolt raises his hand.

Bolt: Come on over, buddy!

Root smiles, as he walks over, going next to Bolt. He then sees Samurai, his smile getting bigger. He extends his arm to reach out in front of her, a flower blooming on his arm. Samurai looks blankly at the flower.

Bolt: Take it. You’ll hurt his feelings otherwise. And you do not want to see a distraught Root.

Samurai sighs, picking the flower. Root is ecstatic, as he retracts his arm.

Jack: Now, as some of you know, every year, they bring a large force of Galvanic Techadon to this city in order to handle protesters and those mourning Ben 10,000. We are going to use this incident to strike their army, and show that we are at full capacity. Now, lightning is our best weapon against them, so the Gimlinopithecus soldiers will be the main Techadon killers. You shall be led by Bolt.

Bolt walks up to the front of the room, taking his place proudly. 

Jack: The rest of you with heavy durability will form as shields and distractions. While most of your blasters and weapons will do some damage, your strength will do more. Your job is to allow the rest of us to move forward. Any questions?

Samurai’s hand goes up, surprising everyone.

Samurai: What about the rear? Your plan has no defense from an ambush from behind. 

Several people snicker at Samurai’s voice, but Jack gives a stern look, silencing them.

Jack: This is an advancement tactic. We won’t stay in one place for too long. But having a small force primarily for defense is a good idea. Can I entrust you with a team to fulfill that mission?

Samurai: No. I work alone.

Jack: I’m sorry, but we have the buddy system. You have to have stay with someone.

Root: Me Root.

Jack: It looks like Root volunteers to assist you. That is settled now.

Samurai gives a scowl, turning to Root with it. Root is slightly scared, but smiles through it.

The battle begins, the soldiers charging a barren city at the Techadon soldiers. They shoot lasers and lighting at the Techadon, those hit by lightning falling over. The Techadon fire back, as Vaxasaurian hybrids form a shield, them flashing from the attack. They hit the ground, stunned but still alive.

Bolt: Advance, lightning army!

Bolt floats off the ground as he flies at Techadon, releasing streams of lightning. The Gimlinopithecus follow close behind, zapping several Techadon before being killed by their lasers. Captain Jack is barking orders, firing a green time ray from his hands every so often.

Samurai and Root are walking slowly, several meters back from the battle. Root seems uneasy, as Samurai remains expressionless.

Root: (Confused) Me Root.

Samurai: I know you’re Root. And I chose this job to stay out of fighting. Always trick people into giving you the job you want. No fighting means I’ll live, and I can leave this army sooner.

Root: Me Root?

Samurai: (Sighs) Why am I talking to you? You don’t know what I’m saying, and I don’t know what you’re saying.

Root: (With urgency) Me Root!

Samurai had turned away from Root, having not seen the seriousness of his face. Root runs forward, as he’s hit by a laser, splattering his body. Pieces of him cloak Samurai, as she turns, seeing only his lower body left. Galvanic Techadon has its blaster pointed at Samurai, as more appear.

Samurai: Fool of a tree.

Samurai raises two fingers, closing her eyes. Her muscles expand slightly, as her nails grow slightly. A Techadon fires a laser at her, Samurai dodging and charging one. It swings its arm, Samurai catching it.

Samurai: Let me tell you something, Galvanic Techadon. (She squeezes her hand, crushing the Techadon’s arm. She then punches its face, sending it flying off. The Techadon drops, as Samurai turns to the others.) You are on my nerves.

The Techadon open fire, as Samurai runs in, punching through several Techadon. The Techadon reform from the low level blows, as Samurai lifts one with one arm, slamming it into a Techadon, the two exploding. A Techadon is behind Samurai, firing its laser, it hitting her back. She screams, as her body flashes, revealing her skeleton. The flash fades, as Samurai turns, growling at the Techadon. She raises two fingers, which spark with green electricity. She juts her fingers forward, shooting electricity, short-circuiting the Techadon, it falling over. 

The particles of Root gather together, reforming on his lower body. Root stands tall, roaring.

Root: ME ROOT!

Root stretches his arm, his fingers piercing through a Techadon. He throws the Techadon, it colliding with another Techadon. The Techadon fires lasers at Root, his root legs digging deep into the ground, breaking out, wielding several large pieces of concrete. He smashes the Techadon with the concrete blocks. Root retracts the legs, as Root charges, throwing seed bombs, them exploding and destroying Techadon.

Samurai fires electricity, as she is surrounded by Techadon. Lightning rains down from the sky, as Bolt flies down, blasting the Techadon away. He lands, Samurai giving him a death stare.

Samurai: I said I work alone!

Bolt: And I say “no man left behind.”

Samurai: I’m a woman. So you can exclude me.

The Techadon fire, as Samurai and Bolt dodge, the two kneeling right next to each other, shooting lightning and electricity in opposite directions. The two spin, firing as they go. The Techadon are all defeated, Root still pounding on the remains of one.

Root: ME ROOT!

Bolt: Wow. He really likes you. He’s still going because they tried to hurt you.

Samurai: Why are you here?

Bolt: We finished up and took out the main army. I didn’t see you guys, so I thought I’d check up on you.

Samurai: Well, I am fine.

End Scene

The soldiers are back at the barracks, as Samurai lays down on her bed. She then gasps in pain, as she shoots up, reaching for her back.

Bolt: You alright?

Samurai looks around, seeing Bolt a distance away, walking towards her.

Samurai: Fine. I got hit in the back, and it is irritating me a bit.

Bolt makes it over, offering Samurai his hand.

Bolt: Come on. There’s a room that we can go to, check that out.

Samurai takes Bolt’s hand, as he leads her through the group of soldiers. The soldiers give distasteful looks, and they murmur among themselves, Samurai spotting this for the first time. Samurai pulls her hand back, as she follows Bolt, head held up high.

They arrive at the room, which was small, with only a bed in it.

Samurai: Is this?

Bolt: A prison cell. It’s unoccupied at the moment, and no one will bother us. Now, let me see your back. I need to evaluate the damage.

Samurai sits on the bed, facing away from Bolt. She unzips her hoodie, removing it, revealing an old, worn out green shirt, a ten barely visible on the back. She holds the hoodie in front of her chest.

Samurai: Don’t try anything funny.

Bolt: Wouldn’t dream of it.

Bolt lifts Samurai’s shirt up, Samurai hissing as it goes up. A large laser blast burn mark had formed to encompass the middle of her back, in the middle of previous black burn scars in the shape of wings.

Bolt: You got hit by a Techadon laser and lived?! Are you even human?!

Samurai: I’ve got thick skin. Is it bad?

Bolt: Well, if we get some healing ointment on it, it won’t scar too bad, like (Bolt stops his thought, Samurai not surprised.)

Root: Me Root.

Bolt turns, seeing Root walk in.

Bolt: Root’s here. (Speaking) Hey Root. What’s up?

Root: Me Root.

Bolt: Ooh, good idea. Let’s try it.

Root comes over, Samurai looking over her shoulder to see what was going on. Bolt tears off Root’s hand, as something oozes out of it. Bolt rubs his hand in the ooze, as he rubs it in on her back. She shudders with chills, then sighs with relaxation. 

Samurai: What is that?

Bolt: Aloe Vera. Root apparently naturally can produce it in his body. You’re lucky to have a friend like Root.

Samurai: I don’t have friends.

Bolt: Well, you have two friends now, and they’re in this room. You better thank Root.

Samurai: Why?

Bolt: It’s polite. And he’d appreciate it.

Samurai: Fine. (Out loud) Thank you, Root.

Root: (Happily) Me Root. (Root then leaves the room.)

Samurai: You’re like a sheepdog. Trying to herd everyone and keep them all happy.

Bolt: And you’re like a dachshund. Extremely stubborn and refuse to bend to other’s will.

Samurai chuckles at that, catching Bolt off guard. He continues to rub the aloe vera in.

Bolt: That made you laugh?

Samurai: I was just thinking about my old dachshund. The little rascal wouldn’t do anything, not even for treats.

Bolt: What happened to it?

Samurai: He died in the house fire that killed my mom.

The scene flashes to a young girl’s room, a fire enveloping it. Dalek Malware has a little girl with red hair cornered, as she runs, slipping between his legs as he fires a laser blast. Dalek Malware forms two whip hands, which he swings, being enveloped in fire. The whips strike the girl in the back, forming the wing pattern scar.

Bolt breaks the contact, falling to the floor, panting. Samurai lowers her shirt, looking at Bolt, upset.

Samurai: I’m sorry. (Samurai storms out, hiding her face from Bolt.)

End Scene

The entire army has gathered, a large projector disk in the middle of the room. Proctor Servantis and Captain Jack are at the front.

Proctor: Alright. Swift, my second in command, has gone ahead to clear our path to march on Glacia, who is at her base at Mt. Rushmore. We shall be moving through the Null Void, as to move undetected.

Bolt: Null Void?

Samurai: An alternate dimension that serves as a prison.

Bolt: How do you know that?

Samurai goes silent, focused back on Proctor. 

Proctor: It will be a bit of a march to our destination, so everyone be prepared for a long walk.

The projector opens, sucking everyone inside. They arrive in the Null Void, the sky a dark red. Several asteroid like objects float through the air, as Jack signals to get everyone to march. The army marches, as they hop from one asteroid to another, the lowered gravity allowing them to make the leap. Samurai looks nervous at the jump.

Bolt: Something wrong?

Samurai: My feet belong on the ground.

Bolt: Well, the best way to get over it is to dive in head first.

Bolt pushes Samurai, as she goes off the edge, the lowered gravity causing her to float to the next asteroid. She screams as she goes, and lands flat on her stomach, clinging to the ground. Bolt comes over, laughing.

Bolt: Sorry about that. Come on. Let’s keep up.

Bolt keeps walking, as Samurai stands, giving him the death stare. She then notices that everyone else had moved on, her alone. She stands, and heads in an opposite direction.

The army is progressing through a canyon, Proctor and Jack overlooking them. Bolt flies up, landing with them.

Proctor: Everything going smoothly.

Bolt: Yeah. Our numbers are good and everyone is accounted for.

Proctor: Are they? I would be ashamed if all the training I gave you prevented you from finding out who’s missing?

Bolt looks confused, as he closes his eyes, focusing. He opens his eyes, realizing.

Bolt: Samurai.

Proctor: It seems she was correct. We couldn’t keep her. Well, deserters were once sent to the Null Void. It’s only fitting that this is her punishment.

Bolt: We aren’t going to go after her?

Proctor: If she won’t work as a unit with the others, then we are better off without her.

Proctor walks on, as Bolt stays in place, looking upset. Jack looks at him, smiling.

Jack: Go find her.

Bolt: But, 

Jack: You won’t function at top level if you’re worried about her. Go, and that’s an order.

Bolt: (Smiling) Yes, sir! 

Bolt flies off, as Jack walks to join Proctor.

Proctor: You ordered him to defy my orders.

Jack: We are very different, Proctor. You see people as soldiers or robots, obedient without emotion. I see people as part human, and that emotions are always present. And those emotions generally rule their actions, voluntarily or involuntarily.

Proctor: If this mission fails due to her, it’s your head.

Jack: Don’t I know it.

Samurai is walking across the asteroid, appearing at the end, having to jump. Samurai takes a deep breath, as she makes the leap, landing down on her feet on the asteroid. She gives a sigh of relief, as she keeps walking. This asteroid was smaller, and makes it to the end quickly. She goes for the next jump, when she is caught in midair, dragged away. Samurai’s body disappears, having a blue outline as she phases through tentacles. She hits the asteroid, and looks up, seeing a Null Guardian. The Null Guardian has a head similar to Wildmutt, its skin grey. It has bat wings and several tentacles.

Samurai: Bring it on.

The Null Guardian flies at Samurai, who breaths a freeze vapor, freezing the Null Guardian. More Null Guardians swarm like sharks, as Samurai takes off running, them giving chase. She makes a jump, floating towards another asteroid. A Null Guardian appears out of nowhere, tackling her and knocking her back. The Null Guardians swarm her, biting and trying to eat her. Time stops seemingly, as a sonic explosion occurs, originating from Samurai. The Null Guardians are blown away, then fly away. Samurai floats aimlessly, when Bolt flies over, picking her up and putting her down on an asteroid.

Bolt: I was right. The fire, Malware, the 10 on your shirt. You are the daughter of Ben 10,000.

Samurai: Yeah. And?

Bolt: Why haven’t you come out before this?! You have the power of Ben’s aliens to access without transforming. You are easily more powerful than anyone on the planet!

Samurai: My father wanted me to have a normal life, away from his crime fighting ways. I tried to do that as much as I could, keeping my nose out of trouble.

Bolt: That’s stupid! Why wouldn’t your father want you to follow him?

Samurai: Because I’m deaf! I will never be my father, and I am no one now! I was declared dead from the fire! Coming out would make me a target, to throw me in this life where no one understands me!

Bolt: You think you’re alone? You think you’re the only one to experience loss?!

Bolt sends Samurai images, with soldiers marching into battle against the Techadon. Two of them are Bolt’s mom and dad, which resemble him slightly. They are hit by lasers, dead on the spot. The scene shifts to show Bolt as a young boy, watching his older brother enlist in the army. The next scene shows Bolt and his sister burying their brother. Bolt and his sister are older now, as they enlist in the army together. The two are fighting together on the field, when his sister is struck by a laser, falling dead.

Bolt: My family enlisted in the army because they wanted to make a difference! To help end the oppression and save the world! They all died honorably, fighting for what is right! You’ve closed yourself off to the world to not feel pain. The pain you think you feel is nothing compared to mine!

Bolt turns, firing a lightning bolt in frustration, destroying a nearby asteroid. He pants heavily, looking back at Samurai.

Bolt: You want to leave? Go ahead. Die in a cold ditch, alone for all I care. When I die, it will be for the cause.

Bolt jumps and flies off, leaving Samurai alone. Tears are forming in her eyes, as she sits down, curled up.

End Scene

Proctor Servantis has gathered the army together, Jack standing beside him. Bolt flies in, obviously angry.

Jack: Where’s Samurai?

Bolt: She’s not coming.

Proctor: I was trying to have you avoid such a scenario. And now, you are in even less shape to fight than before.

Bolt: No. I’m fine. I can fight.

Proctor: We shall see. (He steps forward, speaking to the army.) My army! Today, is the day of our final struggle! Once the Null Void portal opens, we will storm Mt. Rushmore, and we shall kill Glacia! (The army cheers, Proctor silencing them.) While the bulk of our army, led by Captain Jack, leads the assault, I will take a small force in to sneak into Mt. Rushmore, to kill her. Bolt. Are you in?

Bolt: I’m in.

Samurai: Wait! 

Samurai pushes through the crowd of soldiers, arriving at the front. She is panting, but stands tall.

Samurai: Need one more?

Bolt: I didn’t think you’d come.

Samurai: Someone has to keep you alive.

Proctor: Good to see you with us. Yes, you can join us, and Swift. Captain, open the portal.

Jack: Yes sir.

Jack activates the Null Void Projector, the army being teleported back to Earth. They are brought to the barren wasteland that is the stretch of land before Mt. Rushmore. An army of Galvanic Techadon stands in their way.

Jack: Release the lightning!

The Gimlinopithecus soldiers shoot lightning from their hands, frying the front lines of Techadon. The Techadon open fire, as the Vaxasaurians form shields, the army advancing. The Tetramand soldiers jump over the field, crashing down in the middle of the Techadon army, as they punch their way through the army.

Proctor, Bolt and Samurai swiftly glide through the battlefield, Samurai slicing through any Techadon in her way with her energy knife. Swift joins them, as she opens her arms out, wings extending from underneath her arms. She takes to the air, lifting Proctor and carrying him towards Mt. Rushmore.

Bolt: Sorry about this. But prepare to fly.

Samurai looks terrified, as Bolt grabs her, lifting her as he flies after Swift. Samurai screams, but stops, absorbing the view of the battle below.

Samurai: How many of them will live to see tomorrow?

Bolt: The ones who don’t will die making a difference.

Bolt and Samurai land next to Proctor and Swift, Proctor’s skull opening, revealing his brain. Lightning shoots out, which opens a secret door, revealing a staircase. Swift goes down first, the others following. Techadon guards open fire at them, as Swift speeds through like a blur, running up the wall, jumping and appearing behind the Techadon. They turn to fire at her, as they are taken out by Proctor’s lightning, followed by Samurai’s knife strikes. They continue running through the halls, Samurai looking around.

Bolt: Something wrong?

Samurai: Isn’t this too easy? This is the base of the dictator of the world. Surely there’d be better security.

The four break a vent, falling into the main computer room, where Glacia and Dalek Malware are. Dalek Malware points his blaster at them.

Glacia: So, you finally made it here, Proctor Servantis. The man who’s wanted my position of dictator of the world for years. You should be thanking me. Without Ben 10,000 dead, you’d still be in jail.

Bolt: What?

Proctor: Yes, I did want that position. And I was ready to kill you to obtain it. However, logic dictates that it is better to join forces.

Bolt: Hold on, what is going on?! Master Proctor?

Swift: Wake up, boy. Proctor Servantis was imprisoned in the Null Void for years, freed after a jailbreak occurred after Ben’s death.

Bolt: No. I trusted you. I worshipped you! I let you experiment on me to better serve you and help avenge my family!

Proctor: You never had any family. I manipulated your memories to give you a daredevil and self-sacrificing persona, as well as make you eager to please. You are really an orphan off the streets, who longed for a family. You were nothing before I molded you into what you are.

Bolt bends over, hyperventilating, grabbing his head.

Bolt: No. It can’t be true.

Proctor: (Turning to Glacia.) Now, have your army stand down, and I will have mine do the same.

Glacia: And how will you do that?

Proctor: I can control their minds. Perhaps a demonstration is needed.

Proctor releases brain waves, as Bolt’s expression becomes blank, as if in a trance. He stands up, emotionless.

Samurai: Bolt? What did you do?

Proctor: This proof enough?

Glacia: I suppose. Malware, tell the forces to stand down.

Dalek Malware’s eye flashes, as Proctor releases mind waves. The battle outside is silenced, as if there was nothing out there.

Proctor: And now, I would like to offer you a gift, to show my good intentions. The girl there, is the daughter of Ben 10,000.

Glacia’s face goes into disbelief and panic, putting Samurai on edge.

Glacia: Ben’s daughter?! Guards!

Samurai sees her words, and reaches for her knife. Two Techadons grab her arms, unable to move. She flails her legs as she’s lifted off the ground.

Samurai: How?

Proctor: I can control and read minds. When I genetically enhanced my soldiers, I made it so they were vulnerable to my powers. Bolt didn’t even realize I was reading his mind. (He turns to Glacia.) I presume this is satisfactory.

Glacia: My trust is not that easy to obtain. Kill her.

Proctor: Of course. Bolt, kill her.

Bolt moves mechanically, like a robot, and stands in front of Samurai, whose face has gone into pure terror.

Samurai: Bolt, it’s me! Samurai! You said we were friends! Stop! Please! (She thinks hard.) I don’t want to die. Please, I know you can hear me!

Proctor: He cannot hear you. I control his consciousness.

Samurai’s faces sparks, as if she has an idea.

Samurai: But not his sub-conscious. (Samurai closes her eyes, focusing.)

Proctor: Enough delay. Fire.

Bolt raises his arm, it sparking with lightning. Samurai then exhales, releasing a cloud of green dust, which hits Bolt straight in the face.

End Scene

Samurai is floating in space, the area empty around her. Bolt is locked in a sphere in the fetal position, while a robot version of him seems to be in command. A cloud ahead shows what Bolt is seeing through his eyes, as he stares at a helpless Samurai being held down. Samurai floats over to the sphere, the robot taking no notice.

Samurai: Bolt, I know you can hear me. I don’t know how much of what Proctor said was the truth or not, but you have to remember who you are. The history may be false, but your character is based on the emotions around it.

Samurai waves her hand, green dust forming and entering the sphere, Bolt inhaling it. Several other clouds form, showing images of his past. Him playing with his sister, learning of his parents death, cracking jokes in the barracks to lighten the mood, fighting side by side with Samurai against the Techadon. A scene shows a young Bolt, who had made four snowmen, each labeled mom, dad, brother and sister. Bolt’s body starts to spark in the sphere.

Samurai: You are you, no matter what Proctor says. And you’re the only one who can control your mind. Break free!

Bolt’s body releases a pulse of lightning, shattering the sphere. Robot Bolt turns, confused. Bolt stands tall, angry.

Bolt: Sorry, but you’ve been overruled.

Back in the real world, Proctor groans as he grabs his head, as if he was hit by something.

Swift: What is it?

Proctor: She broke the connection!

Bolt turns, firing lightning at Proctor. Proctor counters with a bolt of lightning from his brain, the two canceling out. Bolt was panting, when he collapses, out cold.

Glacia: Impotent! Malware, kill the girl! I want her dead at my feet!

Dalek Malware: Yes, master.

Malware walks forward, pushing Proctor out of the way. He raises his blaster, getting ready to fire. Samurai’s muscles expand, when the entire room turns green. Everyone besides Samurai was motionless, trapped in time. Samurai looks around, as Jack walks around the Techadon, looking at Samurai face to face.

Samurai: Captain?

Jack: Listen up. In a few moments, this time freeze will fade, and I’ll attack these guys. I need you to go over to Bolt and cover over him. You’ll then escape, then prepare a counter attack, to be initiated later.

Samurai: Why would I do that? They want me dead! I should run and never look back.

Jack: The only reason you’ve survived this long is because Glacia didn’t know you were alive. Now she does, and will stop at nothing to make sure you’re dead.

Samurai: I wish everyone would just leave me alone! You, Glacia, Bolt.

Jack: Don’t blame Bolt. He wouldn’t have been anywhere near Bellwood if I hadn’t hinted that people go there in support of the rebellion at this time of year. 

Samurai: You?

Jack: I’ve been keeping an eye on you for quite sometime, and I am sorry for having to drag you into this. However, once I suspected Proctor’s true motives, I needed outside help, minds that couldn’t be controlled by him. I know we’ve been saying it all along, but we need you. If you can’t stop them, no one can. And that’s because you, are Samantha Tennyson.

Jack walks behind Samurai, disappearing. Time reverts to normal, as Malware fires a laser. Samurai muscles her arm out of the Techadon’s grip, dropping to the ground. A green time ray flies through and counters the laser, surprising everyone. Jack comes in, firing time rays at the Techadon, destroying them. Samurai runs over to Bolt, and huddles over him. A root arm extends from the shadows, the fingers expanding to grab the two of them, then pulls them away into the darkness.

Glacia: No! Don’t let them escape!

Swift zooms forward, as Jack moves at a blinding speed in front of her, blasting her with a time ray. She is knocked back, as Techadons march forward. He attacks them all, zooming from one spot to another, preventing anything from moving forward. He fires a time ray at Proctor, who raises an force field around himself.

Proctor: How did you escape my mind control?! I created you to be vulnerable to it!

Jack: Yeah, that guy you did the experiment on was very open to suggestion. I met a guy who was able to duplicate the procedure, and I replaced him in your army. And for all these years, you never suspected.

Glacia: I grow tired of this. Malware.

Malware thrusts his hand into the ground, his body jetting out of the ground like crystals, which hit and trap Jack. Malware fires a laser from his eye stalk, as Jack closes his eyes, accepting it. He’s hit, as he flashes, revealing his skeleton structure, along with the clock gears in his chest. The flash ends, as he slumps over, dead. The ticking that came from his body has stopped.

Glacia: Throw out the trash.

Bolt wakes up, Samurai and Root looking over him. They are hidden off in a forest.

Bolt: Ugh. What happened?

Samurai: Proctor took control of you. But I broke it. Root rescued us as Captain Jack sacrificed his life to let us escape.

Bolt: Jack’s dead? (Bolt sits up, grabbing his head.) Who am I?

Samurai: I, don’t know. But you can use this to become someone new. I reinvented myself, and you can too.

Root: Me Root.

Bolt: Heh. Don’t I know it.

Samurai: We can run. We can run and start a new life. Leave this all behind.

Bolt: (Surprised) Are you serious? Jack died to make sure we lived! We have to continue the fight, and stop Glacia and Proctor.

Samurai: There’s nothing we can do to stop them.

Bolt: Not alone, but you, are you! You have the powers of the Omnitrix! You can access Grey Matter or something, make a plan to wipe them out once and for all! 

Root: Me Root!

Bolt: Thank you, Root.

Samurai: Why?

Bolt: This isn’t about us anymore. I don’t know who I am anymore, but I still have a soldier’s duty. We have to stop them to save the planet, the people who suffered without any hope of survival. We are their hope, and I will die to give it to them! Please. Just, help do this, and you can go. I won’t try and stop you.

Root: Me Root.

Samurai: (Sighs) Fine.

Samurai closes her eyes, an image of Grey Matter appearing in her head. A screen of data appears, it producing computer code at a rapid pace, it scrolling down the screen. It fades, as Samurai opens her eyes.

Samurai: Alright. Here’s the plan.

End Scene

Samurai: (Over voice) This mission has three parts, which each need to work perfectly and in unison. Fortunately, there are three of us. The first part is preventing Proctor Servantis from interfering. His army would get in the way, and his mind control powers are dangerous. That being said, Floraunas are immune to mind control.

Proctor and Swift are outside Mt. Rushmore, with a combined army of alien hybrids and Galvanic Techadons.

Proctor: Soon, we will begin our march to eradicate the last remaining resistance.

Root arms stretch, grabbing a Vaxasaurian, throwing him at a Techadon. Proctor turns, seeing Root, who extends his root legs into the ground, lifting several boulders. He throws them, injuring several soldiers.

Proctor: So, they send the talking tree to fight me.

Root: (Roaring) ME ROOT!

The ground shakes, as several large spiked roots break out of the ground, tearing through the soldiers. They open fire at Root, who regenerates from their attacks. He roars again, as he slams the roots at the army.

Samurai: (Over voice) The second phase of the mission revolves around the Techadon. Despite their power and durability, they have to be created by someone. There is a factory in the lower levels of the base that is the main building site. We need to destroy the factory and prevent more from being created. It’ll take a major power surge to do that.

On the factory floor, a Weapon Master of Techadon was watching the conveyor belt producing Galvanic Techadon. The Weapon Master has green skin, wearing a white full body suit.

Weapon Master 42: All systems functional. Estimated number of production in the hour, 3,000,000.

Bolt: You might want to recalculate that.

Lightning shoots through the factory, destroying the conveyor belts of making Techadons. Weapon Master 42 turns, remaining calm as Bolt flies in. 

Weapon Master 42: Initiate guard drones.

The Techadon robots fire at Bolt with their lasers, Bolt dodging and zapping Techadons, destroying large groups with each attack. Bolt spins, releasing lightning that starts tearing down the factory.

Weapon Master 42: Initiate 

Weapon Master 42 is hit by lightning, as he flies off the ground, and hits the ground, charred black.

Bolt: Should’ve ducked.

Bolt continues to fire lightning, the factory lighting up in flames.

Samurai: (Over voice) Both those features are important, but in order to stop the remaining Techadon, we have to destroy Malware. Glacia had Malware call off the Techadon, which means with him gone, there’d be no way to control them. This’ll require me to sneak back in and destroy him. And I’ll kill Glacia as well, to prevent her from causing further harm.

Glacia and Dalek Malware are in the command room, watching Root’s onslaught on monitors. Malware then turns his head, detecting something.

Malware: There is an intruder. They shall enter this room in five seconds.

Glacia: What?! Why is it so easy for these guys to break into my base?!

The door is knocked off its hinges, flying across the room. Glacia and Malware turn, seeing Samurai.

Samurai: It’s because your security stinks.

Glacia: You!

Samurai: My name is Samantha Tennyson. You killed my family. Prepare to die.

Glacia: I’ve heard enough. Finish her!

Malware raises his blaster arm, firing a laser. Samurai takes off running around the room, eventually running up the wall to the ceiling, her feet stuck to it. She then breathes a fireball, which slams into the ground. Malware comes out unharmed, as Samurai falls, dive bombing at Malware. Samurai turns intangible, as she phases through and freezes Malware. Glacia runs towards an exit, as Samurai flies out, freezing her.

Samurai: Chill out. Stick around for a while. I’ll get to you next.

Malware breaks free, as he charges at Samurai, forming an energy blade. Samurai catches it, and punches Malware several times, him flying back. Samurai charges in for a finishing punch, when Malware catches it with his hand. Samurai tries to get free, when she swings her other fist, Malware allowing it to be sucked into his stomach. Malware’s body then begins to stretch over Samurai.

Malware: Even if you don’t have an Omnitrix, I can still absorb you.

Samurai: Don’t count on it. 

Samurai glows with a green outline, as she splits into two. Each of them has an arm free, as Samurai 1 phases her hand free, freezing Malware partially. Samurai 2 releases electricity, stunning Malware and causing him to let her go. Malware backs up, facing Samurai 2.

Malware: So, this is how you survived me killing you all those years ago.

Samurai: Yes. Ditto’s self duplication. It was the first alien power I ever used. My father never even knew I could do this. And now, (She raises her arms, crossing them as her right arm is vertical, and the left arm is horizontal.) You are dead.

Samurai starts charging a cosmic ray, Malware backing up. He starts to run, when he sees Samurai 1 charging a cosmic ray as well. The two clones fire, Dalek Malware caught in the interception of the two attacks. He screams, as he is vaporized, with no trace of him left.

Root throws a Tetramand, who crushes a Techadon. A Polymorph hybrid slips around him, but Root knocks him away with his root leg. Swift is flying in the air, firing neuroshocks at Root, but does no harm. Root throws a rock at her, hitting her and knocking her away. Suddenly, all the Techadon robots power down, and they drop to the ground, melting away.

Proctor: No! I will not be bested by a tree!

Proctor’s scales opens, revealing his brain. He releases brain waves, everyone around him affected, grabbing their heads. Root stands tall, as he pulls a seed bomb off his back. He throws it, it hitting Proctor square on the brain, it exploding and releasing a gas. Proctor coughs and gags, as well as grabs his head, the scales re-closed. The mind controlled soldiers fall over, unconscious.

Proctor: No. What?

Root: Me Root.

Proctor: A combination of a nerve gas to effect the reactions in my brain and causing physical trauma. Well done, tree.

Root: Me Root.

Proctor: Swift, get us out of here. I have lost.

Swift extends her wings, as she grabs Proctor, flying away. Root still growls, then remembers something, looking back at the base.

Root: Me Root.

Bolt fires lightning unopposed, all the Techadon having melted. The factory blows up, as he runs out, heading for the stairs.

Bolt: Have to get up to assist Samurai. Or at least, be ready to get her out of here.

The Samurai clones had been launched to the opposite sides of the room from the explosion, Samurai 1 standing up. She grabs her head, sore.

Samurai 1: Ow. Still not comfortable. (Samurai 2 stands, and sees the ice for Glacia was broken.) No. Find her!

Glacia was almost to the door, when Samurai 2 drops down in front of her, kicking her back. Glacia takes it with ease, and pounces, thrusting her fist claw at Samurai 2. Samurai 2 catches it, and jumps, lifting her into the air. She then throws her down, as Samurai 1 spin kicks her, sending her crashing into a wall. The Samurai clones join together.

Samurai 1: Nice work.

Samurai 2: You too.

The two high five, as they glow with a green outline, merging together. Samurai walks over to Glacia, who was coughing, obviously injured.

Glacia: And so it continues. The cycle of revenge. Go on, kill me.

Samurai: Revenge?

Glacia: I was once part of a group called the Sisters, a group of Female Appoplexian warriors. We made the mistake of crossing paths with Ben 10,000. While I wasn’t with them at the time, your father killed all of them. And so, I took revenge by killing him. And now, you’ll continue it by killing me.

Samurai pulls out her energy knife, and swings it down. Glacia closes her eyes, as the knife strikes right beside her head. Glacia looks at it, as Samurai pulls it back, putting it away.

Samurai: My father, was a hero. He wasn’t perfect, and work got in his way of spending time with me, but I refuse to believe he intentionally killed them. And, I am not a killer either.

Samurai walks away, Glacia furious, her eyes red. She stands, and limps towards Samurai at a fast pace. Samurai’s back is turned, and doesn’t hear her. Glacia thrusts her fist forward, her claw growing and extending towards Samurai.

Samurai notices a blue light shining from behind her, and turns, gasping with horror. Glacia’s claw had pierced Bolt’s chest, him holding the claw with his hand to prevent it from growing or retracting. Glacia tries to pull it away, as Bolt’s body sparks with lightning. Glacia is electrocuted, and her body is charred black. She falls over, the claw naturally retracting. Bolt falls over, as Samurai catches her. He is gasping for breath.

Samurai: Idiot! Why did you do that?! It was over, we won. It didn't matter if I died or not! I’m not needed anymore!

Samurai is crying now, as Bolt lifts his arm, wiping a tear from Samurai’s eye.

Bolt: True. You may not be needed anymore. But, I wanted you to live. I wanted to see you walk away unharmed, I wanted to see you give me your sweet death stare, I wanted to see you when you smiled. I want, to be with you. You would never be alone again. Because I would’ve followed you to space and beyond.

Samurai: How can you be with me if you’re dead?!

Root: Me Root.

Root walks into the room, leaning over Bolt.

Samurai: Root? What are you?

Root extends his vine fingers into the hole, them sticking into the circular walls formed. Bolt yelps from the jab, as the tendrils start forming and knotting up in the hole. Soon, the hole is replaced by a patch of plant life, in the middle of his chest. Bolt sits up, seemingly sick. He then releases a large burp, groaning afterwards.

Bolt: Oh. It felt like I ate bark!

Samurai is laughing hysterically, as Bolt looks uneasy.

Bolt: What?!

Samurai: (Still laughing) Your breath smells like daisies!

Bolt: Really? (He breathes into his hand, sniffing it.) Well, what do you know?

Samurai: How do you feel?

Bolt: Great. I have this strong desire to go sun bathing now.

Samurai: I love sun bathing. 

Bolt: I thought you said you hated the sun.

Samurai: No, the sun hates me.

Root: Me Root!

Bolt: (Chuckles) Looks like we have an activity we can all do. Come on. (He stands up.) Let’s go. I know you don’t like flying, but I can’t carry you and Root.

Samurai: Oh, right.

The three climb out onto the top of Mt. Rushmore, as they each take one of Root’s hands. They then take to the air, Root happy as they go. Watching from a tree in the distance is Jack, who’s body is ticking away.

Jack: Well, I fulfilled my promise, Ben. I made sure the world was safe for your daughter. Sorry I had to use her to obtain this, but she is now free to make her own choices. Rest in peace, friend.

Main Characters

Main Villains

Aliens Used

Alien Powers Used

  • Heatblast (x2) (Fire Manipulation)
  • Spidermonkey (x2) (Enhanced Reflexes, Enhanced Agility)
  • Whampire (x3) (Mind Control Resistance, flight, Sonic Explosion)
  • Big Chill (x3) (Ice Manipulation, Intangibility, flight)
  • Rath (x2) (Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Durability)
  • Buzzshock (x2) (Electricity Manipulation)
  • Pesky Dust (Sleep Dust projection, Dream Manipulation)
  • Grey Matter (Enhanced Intelligence)
  • Ditto (Self Duplication)
  • Way Big (Cosmic Ray)


  • This was the winning entry for the Fall Fanon 2014 Writing Contest.
  • This movie has many references to other shows, specifically Doctor Who and Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy.
    • It has many more small ones, like Naruto and Avatar the Last Airbender.
  • Proctor creating a mind controled army is similar to the book Divergent, where the same idea is used to create an elite police force.


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