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Little Pop-Tart Guy, LPTG
General Information
Species Unknown
Home World Unknown
Body Small Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Color Changing, Duplication, Pop-Tart control
First Appearance None

Little Pop-Tart Guy is an alien. He was originally on the Kelloggs Pop-Tarts Wild Fruit Fusion Commercial. I made the alien version of it. He appears in Surge 10.


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Little Pop-Tart Guy is a overhyper, energetic, and always cracking jokes. His voice is high and he says his name moderately quick (Like Rath) because he likes fighting, even though he is not very good at hand-to-hand combat. He always refers to himself as the almighty awesomeness that is Little Pop-Tart


  • Color Changing
  • Duplicating (When one of his duplicates is hurt, he or any others are effected like Echo Echo)
  • Controlling Pop-Tarts and shooting them
  • Growing Mohawks
  • Regeneration
  • Control of Pop-Tart ingredients (Sprinkles (Or Jimmies), Frosting, Pastries, Pop-Tart Filling)


  • Agility-They have good agility because they are small
  • Speed-They have good speed because they are small and have alot of energy
  • Fitting-They can squeeze into small spaces


  • Not very good at hand to hand combat


Their species was never really the over-powerful ones and were often attacked and bombed. Most survived, but 1/4 of the population didn't survive. Their species still remains peaceful, but now have a defense unit to protect their planet.


Their planet was often attacked and bombed. It knocked out 1/4 of the population and 1/4 of the land space, leaving it a desert-like place, where few Little Pop-Tart guys live. now 1/4 of the world is a rainforest, another 1/4 is 1/4 is a desert and 1/2 of the world is a ocean. Most of this species live in small huts (The Rainforest), tents (The Desert), or a house raft/ship (The Ocean).


This species was just once a miniscule and small species that could duplicate until some members of the species created objects like sprinkles, frosting, etc. Soon they made something called a Pop-Tart. All of the species tried this so called 'Pop-Tart' and they soon became colorful and able to control pop-tarts and grow mohawks. Somehow, a pop-tart landed on Earth and a human stole the idea of Pop-Tarts. Still, the species remains peaceful and not violent, but more mischevious. As they grow older, they do not seem to age one bit and can have a child by extracting some of their dna and dropping it on the ground. The only thing that changes as they get older is their color start to become more solid and the have permanent hair, but it isn't a mohawk anymore, now it is however they style it. This species has a big population and the only way they can die of it age and extreme toture or an extreme bombing. Most older ones have more self-control.




  • I got the idea of him while watching the pop-tarts commercial