Little Girl is a short in Evan Billion. It is the first one.

Evan Billion
Season N/A, Episode Short #1
Written by Ultimatehero
Directed by Ultimatehero
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The Broken Mirror


Evan and a little girl were at a cafeteria. Evan finished his burger and wiped his mouth with a napkin, then threw it away. The little girl was eating some pizza.

(Evan): Alright, bye, little girl.

(Little Girl): What's your name?

(Evan): It's Evan. And like I said, bye.

(Little Girl): What's your last name?

(Evan): Levin.

(Little Girl): Evan.....Levin?

The little girl started laughing.

(Evan): My name is not funny.

Evan turned around to leave. Before he did, the little girl had a laugh attack and dropped her pizza. It fell into Evan's pocket. Evan left. The girl stopped laughing and looked forward.

(Little Girl): Okay, it's not funny anymore. Hey, where's my pizza?

The little girl looked all over for her pizza. She couldn't find it until she saw it in Evan's pocket.

(Little Girl): There it is!

The girl ran towards Evan.

At Evan's camper.....

Evan was sitting at a table. The girl ran outside the camper. Evan saw her and opened the window.

(Evan): Why are you following me?

Evan opened the door and ran up to the mountains behind his camper. A mountain goat ran into Evan and rammed him into the ocean to the left of the mountains. The little girl jumped into the water.

(Little Girl): Blub-blub blub blub.

Evan started swimming to an underwater cave. He ran to a vehicle called the Platy-sub that looked like the hiney of a platypus. Evan climbed in, then started swimming away in it. He swimmed to the surface and started running.

(Evan): She can't get to me here.

The little girl floated up into the surface in a bulldozer with a skull on the front. It was covered with metal fins.

(Little Girl): Come back!

The little girl drove after Evan swiftly.

(Evan): A bulldozer? Seriously?

When the little girl caught up to Evan, he pressed the eject button. It launched the seat into the sky, but not Evan.

(Evan): Dumb Platy-sub.

Evan jumped out and started running. The little girl crushed the Platy-sub, but the bulldozer got crushed too. The little girl jumped out and started chasing Evan more.

(Little Girl): Evan, come back!

Evan ran through a clothespin line. He ran into a red dress, which made him look like the red ghost. The little girl ran into a yellow towel with black dots, which made her look like Pac-Man. The screen showed a game of Pac-Man, with pizza for the power-ups. Then, the little girl ate a piece of pizza and ate Evan. It switched back to normal.

(Evan): Stop chasing me!

(Little Girl): But you need to come back!

Evan ran into a castle. The little girl followed her. Some knights and horse caught both of them by their spears and brought them into a dungeon. Evan ran until he got to a wall. The little girl caught up to him.

(Evan): WHAT DO YOU WANT?????

(Little Girl): I really want to be a princess. And to marry a prince.

Evan transformed into Hammer and made the little girl royal. Then, he turned into Glider. He cloned himself, then had the clone turn into Green Thumb and shapeshift into a prince. Evan jumped into the air and glided up.

(Royal Little Girl): Hey wait, can I get my pizza?


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