This is the list for Zynon Cripton's inventions.


Zynon's most important creation. It works like the Omnitrix. It can turn the user into 200 forms (100 of them are ultimate versions of other aliens), with a starter 20 aliens. It can make the normal aliens evolved (ultimates). It has data on every alien in it when the hologram is seen. It has species only from the Alpha Solaranlage solar system. It looks like the recalibrated Omnitrix.

The aliens in it are (not all of them): Acidrain, Forestfire, Magnetosphere, Brainfreeze, Bonecrusher, Megabite, Absorbat, Dragonfly, H2GO, Drillbit, Soundwave, Dark Hole, Spikeback, Tongue Twister, Whirlwind, Arachnophobia, Eruption, Weatherize, Flashback, Crushtacean, Irony, NML, Chainsaw, Gasplanet, Atomix, Blackout, Greasemonkey, Yinyang, Brakedown, Physix, Toxic, Lightyear, Electronewt, Tentacle Arms, Scarecrow, Meltdown, Gasketball, Thunderstorm, Psychlone, Gigabite.


A gigantic robot alien with a AI that went crazy. The robot is almost indestructible, has lasers, torpedos and many other weapons. He was defeated by Irony in "Oh the Irony".


A size- changing device. It looks like a giant laser. It can change the size of everything to any size. In the episode "Honey I shrunk the aliens", it had a glitch, which made everything shrunk explode after 4 hours or anything that was bigger become completly intangible. It appeared in "Honey, I shrunk the aliens".

Dues Potenze



A machine that can clone anything. It looks like a translucent green tube with a keyboard and a scanner attached to it. The machine has a scanner in front, which scans the object, and then recreates it inside the tube. It can't handle creating two copies at once, shown in "Double Vorkus Trouble", where the machine scanned Vorkus while creating the antimatter projector, which broke the tube and created Sukrov. It appeared in Double Vorkus Trouble and in Cloned.



A literally all-terrain vehicle, shaped like a futuristic jeep. It can transform into 10 Technology: Jeep, Jet plane, Spaceship, Boat, Submarine, Drilling machine, Flying saucer, Treaded Vehicle, Android and Teleportation machine. It appeared in most episodes.

Nave Espacial

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