This is a list of pages Trix Academy students wield.


The Unitymatrix, usually called Unitrix, is the device owned by Jason Mitchell.


The Unitrix is square-shaped with a pulley on its back end, which is used to create Hybridss-aliens.


  • Pyronite
  • Tetramand
  • Geochelone Aerio


The Mechtrix is the device wielded by Syrus Winchester.


The Cybertrix is the device owned by Drake Winchester.


The Elementaltrix, shortened as Elementrix, is the trix that Maxwell Clark uses.


  • Necrofriggian

Main Trix Features

All the Trix built by Azmuth are programmed to have 3 standard aliens. After a certain amount of time, the wielder can unlock an alien.

Some of the other main features of the trixes are:

  • Aliens adapt to the clothings of the students (Although, the alien only wears a strip of color of their clothes in their arm)
  • Universal Translator

Other main features (e.g. Master Control, Communication System) were locked by Azmuth.

Differences from the Omnitrix

The batches of Trixes that were sent only had 3 aliens unlocked. The other aliens had to be unlocked in a certain amount of time.

Another difference is the recharge mode depends on how much strength the user still has. Other modes, like Self-Destruct mode and Scanner mode were also locked by Azmuth.

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