The following is a list of characters who appear in These Befallen.

Character summary

Character(s) Imagined Voice Actor Season(s)
Ben Tennyson Drake Bell Main
Tara Strong Guest
Right row guide: Green = Hero; Red = Villain; Blue = Ally/Neutral; Light Red = Minor Villain/Villain('s/s') Ally
  • =Based on the episode(s) of this season available thus far.

Main characters

Benjamin Alfred Tennyson

Main article: Ben Tennyson

Benjamin Alfred Tennyson (imaginarily portrayed by Drake Bell) is the protagonist of These Befallen. Ben leads a normal life, fresh out of high school, alongside his girlfriend and up-and-coming pro tennis player Julia Yamamoto. He is held up by a wealth of fellow Tennysons in Green Bay but is also more recently supported by the family of Gwen Tennyson, who are taking time off from life in Birmingham to keep close to the rest of the family.

According to Coke, 10 year old Ben appears in a minute-long flashback voiced by Tara Strong (also canon 10/11 year old Ben's voice actor).

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