This is the list of aliens belongs to Len in the series Len 10. All aliens are parodied from Ben 10 aliens.

Original aliens

  • Meatblast (Heatblast): He can control meat!
  • Mildmutt (Wildmutt): Unlike Wildmutt, this guy is small, cute and fluffy.
  • Diamondbread (Dimaondhead): He is indestructible, and he can shoot frozen hard bread.
  • XN28 (XLR8): He can talk fast, do stuff fast, think too fast, but he can't run fast.
  • Grey Splatter (Grey Matter): He is a grey splatter who is very smart.
  • Onearm (Fourarms): Super strong, but only one hand.
  • Stinkguy (Stinkfly): He is a weird dude with insect features, and he stinks.
  • Lipjaws (Ripjaws): He is like Ripjaws with giant lips.
  • Cupgrade (Upgrade): He can only upgrade furniture and silverware, and plates and cups.
  • Toastfreak (Ghostfreak): Toasty powers!

Additional Ben 10

  • Cannoncube (Cannonbolt): Can roll into a cube but is slow anyway.
  • Wildsign (Wildvine): He is made of many signs instead of vines.
  • Lengolf/Blitzgolfer (Benwolf): A wolf that has golf clubs as hands. He is an expert golf player.
  • Lentummy (Benmummy): A fat sumo wrestler alien. He can shoot fat and has sumo powers.
  • Lentracktor (Benvicktor)
  • Upchuck Norris (Upchuck): Has all the Chuck Norris joke powers.
  • Nose Guy (Eye Guy): He can shoot snot from every nose, and combine the noses!
  • Neon (Eon)
  • Buzzshocker (Buzzshock): Can give you a shock like a electric pranker.
  • Way Pig (Way Big): A gigantic pig!
  • Articguano (Articguana)
  • Sitter (Spitter): Chairs!
  • Knitto (Ditto): He can knit anything
  • Nosepick (Toespick): Mentioned. Glen said he even grosses him out.
  • Smellhead (Shellhead):Mentioned.
  • Cakepit (Snakepit):Mentioned.
  • Fatomix ( Atomix): Mentioned. Glen really wanted Fatomix though.
  • Sandpox (Sandbox): Mentioned.

Alien Force

  • Swamptire (Swampfire): He can regenerate, control plants, and shoot tires.
  • Gecko Gecko (Echoecho)
  • Humungoufour (Humungousaur):
  • Debtpay (Jetray): He is a buisnessman that can drive you crazy!
  • Big Cheese (Big Chill): CHEESEBREATH
  • Aromastone (Chromastone): He is a rock that smells good.
  • Mainstorm (Brainstorm): Mainstorm is so hipster he was Brainstorm before he was cool
  • Spiderdonkey (Spidermonkey): Half Spider, half donkey
  • Poop (Goop): Instead of goo, poo.
  • Alien F (): Can bend reality with his 23 personalities!

Ultimate Alien additionals

  • Fastquack (Fasttrack): Super speedy duck!
  • Math (Rath): Mathematical nerd.
  • Clockjerk (Clockwork): Can only show the time.
  • Toadstar (Lodestar):
  • Wheatle (Eatle): A shark made out of wheat.
  • Nanospeck (Nanomech): Like Nanomech, but much smaller.
  • ClamAlien (ChamAlien): A giant clam.
  • Otter Hazard (Water Hazard)
  • Terraspit (Terraspin): A turtle with expert spitting powers.
  • FRG (NRG): A fridge guy.
  • Armopillow (Armodrillo): Armodrillo with pillow armor!
  • Lampfibian (AmpFibian): A jellyfish alien that makes normal light.
  • Hopscotch (Shocksquatch): He can jump!
  • Jury Duty (Jury RIgg): A lawyer alien with powers of solving casing.

Ultimate Aliens

  • Ultimate Swamptire (Ult. Swampfire): Now shoots blue tires, and has tire bombs.
  • Ultimate Gecko Gecko (Ult. Echo Echo)
  • Ultimate Humungoufour (Ult. Humungousaur)
  • Ultimate Dig Drill (Ult. Big Chill)
  • Ultimate Spiderdonkey (Ult. Spidermonkey): Now he looks more like a mule than a donkey, and has super strenght
  • Ultimate Cannoncube (Ult. Cannonbolt): Now has spikes on his cube mode.
  • Ultimate Mildmutt (Ult. Wildmutt)
  • Ultimate Len (Ult. Len)

Weirdiverse Aliens

  • Maestrodactyl (Astrodactyl): An astrodactyl like alien that can fly and control classical music.
  • Wall Weevil (Ball Weevil): A weevil thing that can create plasma walls.
  • Soxx (Bloxx): A weird alien made out of socks that can shapeshift.
  • Woolfrag (Bullfrag): A sheep with awesum glasses.
  • Rashhopper (Crashhopper): A grasshopper like alien that can give people rash.
  • Seedback (Feedback): He shoots seeds!
  • Larvattack (Gravattack): He controls butterflies, catterpillars and larva.
  • Putrot  (Gutrot):
  • Lickin Hawk (Kickin Hawk): Tongue Karate!
  • Trollstache (Molestache): TROLOLOLO
  • Pesky Rust (Pesky Dust): Controls rust and stuff.
  • The Best (The Worst): The best alien.
  • Nosepick (Toepick): If he shows his nose, everyone is running in terror.
  • Talkatrout (Walkatrout): A TALKING FISH
  • Dampire (Whampire): 

Fused aliens

Aliens who were fused in Dr. Animeo and the Mutant hay.

Stinkarm (Stinkarms):

Diamondsplatter (Diamondmatter):

Meatjaws (Heatjaws):


  • MLN (LMN) Probably won't appear, but might have a page. He shoots disgusting melon juice.
  • Toiletpaperdude (Paperboy): Probably won't appear, but might have a page.
  • Meatstone (Heatstone): Probably won't appear, but might have a page. A fusion between Meatblast, and Armoastone
  • Harlechin (Harlequin): Won't appear. Has a giant chin as a weapon.


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