The Sociopath Seven, A powerful legion of mastermind evil scientists.

List of Imad 10 Villains:

Most of the Imad 10 villains that have already appeared become stronger and stronger as the serie progresses, even becoming reality warpers. However, the most notable villains , who unfortunately haven't made an official appearance but are not reality warpers are the Sociopath Seven .

1- Xadim : Once a hero, Imad's alternate self became a ruthless dictator after his girlfriend was murdered (He just wanted to prevent this kind of crime from happening again) . He later became a mad villain thirsting for revenge but Imad defeated him. He was later teamed up with him to defeat Varos, and found the path of righteousness thanks to his alternate self. He rebecame a hero and lived a happy life.

2 -Varos :

3- Chaos

4- Bloo-D :

5- Necros :

6- Dark Imad / Dami

7- Daniel out of insanity, rebecame sane and turned into a plumber Hero.

8- Fuze

9- Sociopath Seven

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