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Evan Billion: F.I.N.D. Adventure is the sequel of [[Evan Billion]]. These are it's episodes.
[[Evan Billion: F.I.N.D. Adventure]] is the sequel of [[Evan Billion]]. These are it's episodes.

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Evan Billion: F.I.N.D. Adventure is the sequel of Evan Billion. These are it's episodes.

Season 1

Season # Overall # Name Description Others
1 1 The Return of F.I.N.D. Kevin goes to Gwen and Ben, and the owners of Rocket and Sharpoint take them back, so Evan gets bored. The new team is Zkare, Indetal, Nanon, Radius, and Fuge. Zkare.PNG Indetal.PNG Nanon 3.png Radius.PNG Fuge.PNG
2 2 Jupiter and the Beanstalk F.I.N.D. moves to Jupiter, but vicious plants attack. One year ago, some Floraunas decided to play a prank on the Solar System. So they decided one thing for each planet. Some of their seeds fell on Jupiter, which grew into vicious plants.
3 3 Food Fight While coming back from Veguiteatia, Evan gains some new food aliens. But, he gets trapped as all of them, and has to comically defeat villains with them.


Orange (Alien).pngPie Guy.pngToastroast.pngREO.png

4 4 Elemental Victory An Unburman, a Prehistoan, a Hydronite, and a Geonite combine their powers to turn Jupiter unto their own elemental planet. Evan must use his new alien Atom to stop them.

Atom is made by ET.


5 5 The Story of Toys Evan and Nanon go to the real world to get some Evan Billion toys, but a kid tries to capture them.

The kid is named That Kidd.

6 6 Unperfect Time-ing A robber frames Zkare's dad, and Evan badly injures him and puts him in jail. But he escapes jail(you can't put a ghost in jail) and posesses Evan one year later, sending him back to the time Gus got arrested. This episode is based on a Danny Phantom episode.
7 7 Rayon viva L'esprit After defeating some tree monsters, Emergeter accidentally glitches Radius, turning him into a zombie/ghost-thing.
8 8 Be Careful After losing an advanced chess battle to a villain named Strategeff, Evan gets trapped in a world of chess and checkers.
9 9 The Very Boring Episode Evan walks all the way around Jupiter. Warning: Rated B for Boring. Only watch if you are boring. Awesome people are not allowed.
10 10 Training on the Train After losing Pyrology, Evan gets some pyrokinesis lessons on the Volcano Train. A recurring joke in this episode is that Evan keeps falling into the lava.
11 11 The Puzzle Evan, Gally, and Evan's friend explore an ancient pyramid with lots of puzzles and traps inside it.
12 12 The Nine Lives of Ninelives Evan gets a useful alien, Ninelives, that he can only use 9 times, but he gets stuck as him every time. The only way to get back to human is to die, and he loses one of his 9 lives. NinelivesEBFA.png
13 13 Racing Time Evan has an idea for a race, so Nanon splits the group up into two equal teams and becomes the host. Who will win?
14 14 He's Got the Power A Cerebrocrustacean has three Omnitrix wielders try to beat a four-armed elemental monster who kidnapped his Biosovortian friend. He needs one to try to defeat the alien. Who's got the power?

One of the Omnitrix wielders is a scientific teenager, one is an obvious man who has long names for his aliens, and the last one is a young kid who has baby aliens like Blanketblast and Milkseed.

Brainstorms.PNG The yellow one is the Cerebrocrustacean.

15 15 Calling All the Randoms A Cerebrocrustacean calls for Evan and Indetal and wants them to bring all the masters of random species to him for a party. But the Cerebrocrustacean actually wants to kill the random aliens. Brainstorms.PNG The blue one is the Cerebrocrustacean.
16 16 Pick Your Nose Evan gets Booger Battler.
17 17 Gwen's Epic Rope While chasing a villain, Evan accidentally makes an obstacle course. Gwen follows it with a mana rope.
18 18 Sick Vick Evan Evan gets a cold, and his aliens get affected.
19 19 EBFA in Double Over A classic spoof of itself.
20 20 So? Radius starts saying so, but he gets in trouble.
21 21 Sour Cream and Potion Indetal turns into a random wizard after he eats some chips.
22 22 By Himself The aliens leave for a mission for aliens only, so Evan is left by himself.
23 23 Can't Stop the Random A Super Evolved Lf tries to create an atomic bomb that will turn everyone and everything into platypi, pineapples, eyebrows, or spoons so that his powers will be increased. The team goes to Kj to stop them. But Omi made Super Evolved Lfs too powerful!
24 24 Back In Evan gets hit by a ray that makes him get sucked into everything he touches.
25 25 The Brain A brain causes trouble on Nonothingia and Encephalonus IV.
26 26 Rick-Off A guy named Ricky who has rip-offs of Evan's aliens comes to Jupiter to become a hero there. After Ricky finds that it's the home of Evan, he challenges him to a fight.
27 27 Horrorcoaster Evan helps some kids on a rollercoaster that is killing almost everyone who rides it.
28 28 The White Knights: Part 1 A force of robot-like villains called the White Knights come to Jupiter and take it over, and kidnap Nanon.
29 29 The White Knights: Part 2 Evan learns the history of the White Knights.
30 30 The White Knights: Part 3 The White Knights go to take over all the other planets in the Solar System, and their moons. Evan has to think of a plan before they take over the Sun to make the ultimate planet battle suit.

Season 2

Season # Overall # Name Description Others
1 31 Dream On: Part 1 A super-powered girl gets into Evan's dreams and tries to make the dreams real, so Evan will get trapped in them.
2 32 Dream On: Part 2 Evan discovers that the girl is the same girl from Love Struck, and she wants to trap them both in a dream so that they can be together forever. Evan has to stop her before he dreams a dream with only him and her.
3 33 The Fable of the Library After a long fight, Nanon sends the team to a library. But Evan gets bored, and uses Fabeel to spice things up.
4 34 The Return of Evlen Byelion Evlen returns and wants revenge.
5 35 Fact Finder Evan plays with facts.
6 36 Bettiontrix Zkare bets that Evan can't go a month without using the Billiontrix. If Evan wins, he'll get to do whatever he wants to do with the Billiontrix. If Zkare wins, then he'll get to choose which aliens Evan uses for a whole year, and Evan won't be able to touch, talk about, or even think about the Billiontrix.
7 37 Gamed A new villain that exaggerates games attacks Evan.
8 38 Awesome, Not Flawsome Evan discovers a new gaming website called Nitrome. He plays all the epic games, then uses NMA to go in. He starts from the beginning and starts going, but Big Daddy, an octopus from Mutiny, and a pink crab from Dangle team up to defeat Evan. Nitrome is a real website. Go there and play it's awesome games, NOW.
9 39 Double Trouble After coming out from Nitrome, he accidentally brings Austin and Justin from Nitrome Must Die out, and they fall to the bottom level. They think that the base is the Nitrome Tower and use Nanon's inventions for weapons. Evan and the team must stop them.
10 40 Joke Contest Evan as Useless and Radius enter a joke contest.
11 41 Drop Dead Ristego discovers a song that kills anyone who hears every note of it, and plans to kill F.I.N.D. This is the first appearance of B.E.A.T. Emotion dies.
12 42 Nanon's Powers Nanon helps some Polymorphs on a ship win against some Nanomechians on another ship, but he gets knocked down to earth and has to upgrade technology to get back to Jupiter. This is non-canon.
13 43 Team Spirit Evan signs the team up for a contest of teams for them to go and do stuff. But other powerful teams are in there.

This is the return of Ricky from Rick-Off, Scientific Sally, Jeff, and Memmademma from He's Got the Power. Evan gets a new alien, Georock.


14 44 A Good Deed Indeed Evan decides that the week is Good Deed Week, where everyone needs at least one good deed by the end of the week. But Indetal and Radius have trouble doing a good deed, and discover a good deed library. They check out good deeds, but when the deeds become WAY overdue, the librarian hunts them down.
15 45 Hypno Horror Strategeff hypnotizes Scientific Sally, Jeff, and Memmademma to destroy Evan. First appearance of Strategeff in season 2.
16 46 Evan Levin vs. the Magic Mirror Evan goes to Chino to find and destroy a magic mirror, but it turns out really hard.

Evan gets a new alien, The Percolating Coffee Guy.

New Alien Guy Person.png

17 47 Getting Competitive Evan and the team get competitive against each other.

Evan gets a new alien, Lego Lab.

Lego Lab.png

18 48 Evan Evan Evan accidentally makes clones of himself, and he did it with Copy-Copy so they are bad. They tear down machinery, and have to be stopped.

Evan gets a new alien, Stormfront.


19 49 The Beginning of the Color Radius discovers some Chromans, and follows them. He learns that a bunch of color aliens have formed a villain organization named The Power of Color, and they want to suck all the color of the universe and give it to themselves, so that they will be the most powerful beings.
20 50 Eva Billion The life of a girl named Eva who has the Belliontrix. This a gender swap episode.
21 51 The Lizard of the Billiontrix Inside the Billiontrix, NM-Lion, Jackbammer, and Splinterock embark in a Wizard of Oz adventure to go to Insectosaurus, and he can grant their wishes.
22 52 Impossible Worlds Evan uses his powers to go inside illusion paintings.

Evan gets a new alien, Cannonman.

Better Cannonman.png

23 53 Less Color Radius convinces Evan and Indetal to come and see the color aliens. But Indetal gets captured, Radius goes to a world where the color is being drained, and the color is getting sucked out of the Billiontrix.
24 54 Studipity The original version of Tipidu, Udipit, comes and attacks Evan and the gang. Evan finds out the only way to stop him is to turn Tipidu bad. But then, Tipidu attacks the base.
25 55 Scientification Evan makes science and physics with his aliens, but he gets trapped inside stone Tidalwave.
26 56 The Pickle Evan finds a pickle. He turns into Clawnormous and eats it.
27 57 Scammy Scamming of Scammed Scams Evan decides to scam people. But he forgets to scam some Megawhatts, so he and Indetal go to scam them.
28 58 Toy Meets World A Shuddasuss comes and brings Evan's toys, Indetal's toys, Zkare's toys, and Radius' toys to life, and they are bad. Evan uses Nanon's new invention to animate Rocket's old toys, Sharpoint's old toys, and some new toys he bought, because it looked fun. But when the bad toys kidnap Evan and the team, it's up to the good toys to save the day and bring toy to the world.
29 59 Color Me Back: Part 1 The leader of The Power of Color, General Translack, kidnaps different species and alters them so that they are color related.
30 60 Color Me Back: Part 2 Fuge and Evan as Green Thumb disguise theirselves as color aliens to infiltrate The Power of Color.
31 61 Paradoxical After almost stopping a bank rob in the past, a member of Clockwork's species teleports Evan and Indetal to the end of time, and shows them what will happen if certain paradoxes are made.

Evan gets a new alien, Paradoxiclean.


32 62 Grocer Getting Grosser Evan sends Nanon and Indetal to the grocery store because they are short on food. But their money was stolen, so Evan and the others have to go and retrieve it while Nanon and Indetal stall. But trust me, if you went with Nanon and Indetal, you would've gone crazy when stalling.
33 63 Sup Muck Boar Fizz A Normand comes through a portal and attacks Evan and the gang. Evan scans him and gets Upchuck Norris. UpchuckNorris.png
34 64 Pan Rum Licks Mole Fart Lie A member of Random Pixel Art Guy's species comes and attacks Evan and the gang. Evan scans him and gets Random Pixel Art Guy. RandomPixelArtGuy.png
35 65 Lie Seem A Tryple comes and attacks Evan and the gang. Evan scans him and gets Mydream. Mydream.png
36 66 Uh Shoe Pee Sand Fizz Level Shoe Skins An Ekbeater flies to Jupiter and attacks Evan and the gang. Evan scans him and gets Balloony. Balloony the Ekbeater.png
37 67 Ok I Really Need to Stop Making Titles That Rhyme with the Unlocked Alien A bunch of omnipotent guys come and trap Evan in his Upchuck Norris form. They say they want to kill him.
38 68 Ok That Last Episode Was Too Long So I'm Gonna Try to Make This One Shorter Ok Now It's Just Even Longer Oh Gosh A Glitch and a Doblob come and trap Evan in his Random Pixel Art Guy form. They say they want to kill him.
39 69 Ok I Really Need to Stop Starting Episode Titles with Ok You Know What I Also Need to Stop I Also Need to Stop Making Really Really Really Really Long Title Names Hey This Title is a Lot Longer Than the Previous Episode Goshdarnit A bunch of smart aliens come and trap Evan in his Mydream form. They say they want to kill him.
40 70 The Episode That Settles the War Between Lfs and Ekbeaters and to Make This Title Really Long: LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA A bunch of different types of Lfs come and trap Evan where he can only turn into Balloony and his evolutions. They say they want to kill him.
41 71 One More Spot to End the Color Arc By using the bracelets that Evan and Fuge brought back from infiltrating The Power of Color, Nanon tracks down some artifacts that will lead to the history of the organization. Then, he has to solve a big mystery.

Season 3

Season # Overall # Name Description Others
1 72 A New Beginning A Frostslipper named Eisal who has enslaved the planet Kov Blond and used every single one of the species for minions rises. He defeats all of B.E.A.T. by just using himself and a few Barber-ians, and surfaces as Ristego for a guide to defeat Evan and the gang.
2 73 Eisal's Story Indetal trains for a long time, and defeats Eisal. He ties him to a wall, and makes him tell him and the gang why he's attacking.
3 74 Zombie Takeover In Plants vs. Zombies, when the zombies get tired of losing, they come to the real world and create new zombies by fusing regular zombies with villainous species, like Barber-ians and Vulpimancers. Nanon brings the plants out of the game, but after seeing the zombies eat them easily, Evan upgrades the plants with his aliens. Plants vs. Zombies is a real DS game.
4 75 Weirdest Episode Ever The title means what it says. WEIRDEST EPISODE OF ANY SHOW
5 76 Going Internet-ional Evan and the gang are teleported into the internet, which is getting torn apart by B.E.A.T.

Evan gets a new alien, Fury.

Fury Alien.png

6 77 Evan Levin, Song Fighter Ristego delivers a jukebox to Evan that sings songs that come to life.
7 78 Endless Attack Someone sends a bunch of species to attack the base and tire Evan, then attack him and win.
8 79 To Kunreen Basho Evan hears that the ruler of Kunreen Basho (Kungrate Fudo's planet) is being attacked by evil Hi-yajos. He finds a book of all karate, kung fu, tae kwon do, and judo moves, and has to get it to King Teken Michi.
9 80 Cracheur, Parva Magna, and Ego A female Spheroid, a female Evolved Sizorian, and a female *********** ********** join the team.
10 81 Girl Power To confirm Cracheur, Parva Magna, and Ego's membership, he sends them on a mission to find out Eisal's next plan.
11 82 ??????? Confirmed.
12 83 Kidnergartners Fuge admits that he used to be a kidnergarten teacher, and his still young human students come and use the walls of the base as climbing walls.
13 84 Flea Wrath When Evan turns into Psychon, alien fleas that live on Thallijes come and steal the base.
14 85 Obsession Expression After a package of computer games arrives at the base, all the members fight to install each of them and play them.
15 86 Ristego and the Ray Ristego builds a devolve ray to devolve Evan into a monkey and get the Billiontrix.
16 87 Ristego and Another Ray Ristego builds a completion ray and plans to zap his way through the main F.I.N.D. team and get the Billiontrix.
17 88 The Othersider At the end of the last episode, Indetal is blasted by the completion ray and turns bad. Evan has to learn what is higher than whispers, regular talking, or shouts to defeat him.
18 89 New Knowledge Evan learns that the capital of the alphabet is E, and he learns the capital word of each letter.
19 90 Longest Episode Ever The title means what it says. LONGEST EPISODE OF ANY SHOW
20 91 Death to the Aliens Eisal and the Barber-ians enter the Billiontrix when Evan is sleeping and kill all the aliens so that when Evan turns into one, he will be dead.
21 92 The Malefic Stone An ancient fossil that creates an earthquake when a villain is defeated rises to the surface of Jupiter.
22 93 Swip Swap Evan and co. meet a villain that can swap things. He needs to charge his power so he can swap the universe with a bunch of cookies.
23 94 The Old Man's Tale Evan, Indetal, Zkare, Ego, and their pet go on a quest to revive an old song that helped children go through the Underground Railroad.
24 95 A Treet for Evan Evan steals Nanon's Tree Memory Tell Enabler 3000 to let trees tell him history.
25 96 Evil Evan Indetal, Nanon, Fuge, Radius, and Zkare notice Evan is getting really powerful and think he is going to turn evil. This episode is based off a Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness episode.
26 97
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50 121

Fan-Made Episodes

Put your fan-made episodes here and I might make it a real episode. PLEASE MAIK SUM NAO

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