Here is a list of characters in the series, Brandon 10

Major Characters

Brandon 10: A 10 year old boy who finds a powerful alien device.

Coco: A 11 year old boy who is the best friend of our hero.

Minior Characters

Brandon 10,000: A future version of Brandon 10

Coco 10,000: A future version of Brandon 10's best friend

Slug like Aliens: Aliens who take the apperance of slugs

Old Shop Owner: A wise and old shop owner who has knowledge on ancient magic and good discounts

Old lady: Theres always an old lady within a Ben 10 Fan Fiction Series

Paul: A winner in Ocean Land

Cindy: A winner in Ocean Land

Kayla: Brandon's Neice

Sophia: Brandon's other Neice

Cops/Fire fighters/ Amubulence/etc: Somebody call 9 -1 -1


The Conqueror: A Villianous character with the needs to control the universe using the power of the Omnitrix.

The Mutanter: Another Villian attempting to mutant the world into his control.

The Creator: A crazy scientist whom creates evil robots to rule the world.

Extreme Bikers: A group of dare-devil teens and a few adults recking havock on Earth; trying to destory Brandon.

Sourceress: A magic using teenager who casts spells to gain control over the world.

Minior Villians

Bounty Hunter: A Bounty Hunter sent to blow up the Earth

Slug Aliens' planet owner: A alien in armor that bullys the slug aliens.

Sea Monster Alien: A monster/alien thats lives in the bottom of the docks protecting him/herself and his/her childern.

Sea Divers: A group of divers who intened to pollute the lake with oil.

The Destroyer: A villian so powerful that it took Brandon 10,000 almost all his power to defeat.

Camo-Man: Another scientist whom gone mad.

Movie Characters: These characters were in the movie in Theater Terror. Since basiclly everything attacked Brandon and Coco in the Movie they are consitered as villians.

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