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A list of episodes for the series Brandon 10.

Season 1

A Hero is Born

Brandon recives the Omnitrix

Fright at the Museum

During a tour at the Musuem, Brandon encounters a man with mutanting abilities

Water Worries

At the Docks, Brandon discovers that something is going on with the divers when alien squids appear

Robotic Past

Being captured, Brandon fights against robots and a man called, The Creator


Brandon is kidnapped and for some apparent reason can't escape with and without the Omnitrix

Best Comfort

Brandon spends the night in a hotel but when alien shape shifters arrive, It's Hero Time

The Other Me

Brandon creates a clone to work around the lab but he becomes evil and steals Brandon's Omnitrix


In search of the Omnitrix, The Conqueror comes across a crimmal leader and turns her into a bounty hunter

Theater Terror

When at the movies, Brandon, Coco and The Mutanter travel inside a movie based on great movies in history

Beginers Luck

Trying out his new Omnitrix, Coco tries to save the day but is cursed with good luck by an evil witch

Dog Gone

In an attempt to impress a girl, Coco accidently turns Brandon into Wildpup and he can't de-transfrom.

Sick Day

Brandon gets sick and it affects his aliens as well when a new villian rises.

The Conqueror

Brandon finnally faces the Conqueror

Season 2

The Forest

In a forest searching for DNA, Brandon and Coco find something unexpected


In the City, An alien virus attacks and Brandon is the only person left to stop it

Museum Mayhem

Being Kidnapped again, Brandon awakes inside a rigged museum full of robots based a historic events

Coco 10

In an attempt to stop the Conqueror, Brandon is sent into an alternative reality where Coco had the Omntrix


Brandon is abuducted into an alien arena where he fights against prisoners, guards and his evil clone


Brandon meets a group of heroes who arnt as heroic when an alien bounty hunter wants to blow up the earth

Camp Invansion

During camp, Brandon witnesses an alien invasion and unlocks a new form

Ultimate Prize

Hearing rumor of "The Ultimate Prize", Brandon joins a race in a prodotype go-kart against the Extreme Bikers

Bad Luck

The Soceress returns with her evil brother when Coco gains magic powers

Ocean Land

Brandon and a bunch of other people win a contest to an expensive underwater hotel where aliens attack

The Nightmare Realm

Noticing that Big Boo has acting strange, Brandon goes to the source of the promblem, The Nightmare Realm

The Mutanter and the Mutanted transformations

Brandon gets hit by one of the mutanter's rays and all of his aliens get fused with one another.

The Revenge of the Conqueror

The Conqueror returns for revenge and bought his new parther while Brandon gains Master Control

Season 3

Brandon 10,000

Brandon meets his future self when in need of help when an unstoppable villian rises


At a Mall, Brandon becomes hypnotized into doing work for an evil hypnotist

The Switch

Brandon and Coco switch bodies when the Soceress returns to get the Omnitrix

A Brandon 10 Christmas

In a ski lounge accident, Brandon is sent back in time on christmas day to stop an alien threat

Attack of the Wildpups

In the Dessert, Brandon envestagates for alien activity when evil wildpups appear and threaten the villages


When playing a new video game, Brandon and Coco are transported inside the game and battle an alien virus

Super Alien Heroes

When in Hollywood, Brandon discovers that some one has been ripping off his reputation into a TV show


When continuing his alien DNA evestagation, Brandon comes across an evil alien when he camps in the woods

Alien All Stars

Brandon joins the basketball team against the other team who arnt regular people

Mutanted Weather

In a national park, the weather and animals seem mutanted and its up to Brandon to find out why

Ghost Brandon's Return

Brandon enters a tour for a space station which eventually seems quite scary but not as scary as "The Master"

Ghosts Be Gone

Ghost Brandon,"The Master", rains terror in the space station as he plans to take over the earth from space

The Reuion

Out of Nowhere, Strange people visit Brandon's home as a family reuion but they arnt family or humans

Season 4

Day Dream

When Brandon has the most perfect day ever, he realises that hes dreaming

Copy Cat

Using his new alien, Ditto, Brandon battles the Mutanter but his clone doesn't want to go back.

Historic Quests

Brandon, Kayla and Sophia journy on the sea to look for an amazing treasure

After Party

After his cousin's wedding, Brandon throws an after party but the guests become party demons.

Super Powers

When battling the Mutanter, three kids are transfromed into alien heroes but will the power consume them?

Road Trip

Brandon and Coco battle Hijackers to reclaim the road

Fight Night

Abducted, Brandon and Coco must team up with the Creator, another adupted kid and an alien girl to escape

A Hero's Son

Based off Brandon 10,000, Brandon's son, Ren, is given an Omnitrix for his birthday.

Brandon 10 vs the Extreme 10 Part 1

Brandon must fight 10 powerful villains in order to save the world

Brandon 10 vs the Extreme 10 Part 2

Continueing from Part 1, Brandon, Coco and Sophia must fight the Extreme 10 to save Earth

Flight Troubles

While on a vacation, Brandon must fend of an alien bird while Coco deals with The Mutanter


Being mistaken for a rouge alien on Earth, Brandon becomes a member of a crinimal team.

Brandon 10 vs the Conqueror

It's the final battle between Brandon and the Conqueror as the race to find the creator of the Omnitrix.

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