Brandon 10 - Freezefire2


This is a list of aliens in the series Brandon 10.

Original Aliens

Freezefire: A fire-ice alien from the planet Pyrokincryo. He is an alien that controls both fire and ice.

Ro-Warasaur: A Warasaurian from the planet Warasauria. He can shoot cannons from his shoulder and has super strength.

Wildpup: A dog alien. He can not talk but can run fast, jump high and has a small sonic bark.

Slime Shot: A slime alien. He can shapeshift, control acid, glide, fit in small areas like vents and melt through almost anything.

Aqualad: A water alien. Aqualad can control water, glide temporarily, shoots water and can creates tidal waves

Gasadactly: A bird like alien. Gasadactly can fly through the air like a Pterodactyl and produce a toxic gas from his beak.

Angeler fish: A fish alien. He can swim in the water like a fish and can chop down with his powerful jaws.

Big Boo: A ghost alien from the dimension planet, the Nightmare Realm. Big Boo can fly, turn invisible and scare like a ghost but also carries Nightmare Dust take can bring a person's nightmares come alive and teleport the his own home world. NOTE: He was supposed to be removed from the omnitrix but wasn't that is why there are 11.

Virus: A electronic alien. Virus can teleport through electronics, fire lasers, control and modify technology and fly. Even though he was an additional alien, he is still in the original alien playlist.

Twisty: A weather alien. Twisty can control the weather, fly and use his weather controlling abilities to attack his enemies. He is on the original alien playlist, even though he is an additional alien

Snow Bear: A snow alien. Snow Bear can breath ice, run fast, fits into small but not tiny places and camouflages with his element, ice. He is on the original alien playlist, even though he is an additional alien.

Additional Aliens

Beastie - A wolf like alien that resembles a beast creature from nightmares.

Rocks - An alien made from earth like material.

Tempus - An alien that can control time and space and appeared in the live-action movie, Alternate Chaos.

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