This list is a list of all the aliens that appear in the series, Brandon 10: Alien Force.

Original Ten

  • Loch Ness: Loch Ness is a swamp-like alien that can control and fire water
  • BrandonBot: BrandonBot can hack into machines and fire electric blasts
  • Astro: Astro can fly at sonic speed and fire blasts made of pure space energy
  • Tick: Tick is a very small insect-like alien that can fit into tight spaces
  • Brainiac: Brainiac is a very intelligent alien and has high-tech armored skin
  • Crusher: Crusher is a strong rock alien that has super strength and is very durable
  • Batwing: Batwing is a bat-like alien that can fly and scream at high levels
  • Electrix : Electrix is a electric type alien that can conduct electricity and is very durable
  • Agilmur: Agilmur is an animal type alien that is very agile and can swing from anywhere
  • 10 X : 10 X is a reality bending alien that can do anything but at a certain risk

Additional Aliens

  • Ben 10 Alien Force Aliens
  • Magnet Man: Magnet Man is a magnetic type alien that can push and pull magnetic objects at will.
  • Stink Breath: Stink Breath is an armored alien that can produce toxic gas from the bowels of his suit.
  • Lodestar: Lodestar is a magnetic alien who can move magnetic objects with his mind.
  • Rath: Rath is an aggressive alien who can slash with claws and fight violently.
  • Hackoid: Hackoid is a mechanic alien that can fly, shoot lasers and hack into nearly anything from AAU.

Recurring Aliens

  • Rocks: Rocks is a rock type alien that can use different forms of Earth as projectiles and shields.
  • Snow Bear: Snow Bear is an ice alien that can breath ice, camouflage in snow and use his claws.
  • Cannonbolt: Cannonbolt has the ability to roll up into a ball and roll over opponents.
  • Upchuck: Upchuck has the ability to eat anything and chuck it back at opponents.
  • Way Big: Way Big is one of Brandon's biggest aliens and strongest.
  • Diamondhead: Diamondhead is a crystal-like alien that can shoot diamond projectiles and more.

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