Limus' are a Kineceleran's natural predator, found on the planet Kinet. They are a free-to-use species and alien by ThatGuyWiththeBacon


The Limus are a massive species of snail-like creatures, measuring easily over 6 meters tall. Primarily blue or purple in color with a similarly colored shell, eyestalks, and four to six orbs on their underside, similar to the orbs on a Kneceleran's feet. They have a circular mouth lined with teeth.


Limus' primary ability is to fire strands of thick, adhesive slime from their mouths at distances of over 60 meters. Anything coming in contact with this slime will find it very difficult to remove.

Thanks to their massive size, Limus' have a great deal of strength

Similar to Kineceleran's, Limus' have evolved similar orbs on their undersides, which allow them to have sudden bursts of incredible speed for short periods of time. These speeds are even faster than Kineceleran's.

Thanks to the constant lightning storms of Kinet, the Limus' shell both attracts and resists any form of electricity to make up for it's slow movement.


The Limus' main body is incredibly soft and squishy, and can be easily pierced.

Their speed can only be used for a minute at a time at most, meaning they need to use this wisely to catch prey. Otherwise, they are rather slow creatures.

The orbs can be removed from their undersides, leaving them stuck in slow mode.


Limus' primary hunting tactics is to dash quickly to a target to get in slime range. Once in range, they spray their slime to catch unsuspecting Kinecelarians. Once caught, they will devour them whole before moving to find more prey.

Notable Limus

Slimeroller (The Nemetrix's DNA sample of this species)

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  • They are inspired by the Snaradoxum, another idea of a Kinecelarian predator made by Artman
  • Limus means 'slime' in Latin.
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