Liminal Amalgam
Liminal Amalgam.jpg
General Information
Species 1/7 Lamia
1/7 Harpy
1/7 Centaur
1/7 Slime
1/7 Mermaid
1/7 Arachne
1/7 Dullahan
Home World Earth
Body Amalgamated Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Heat Detection
Enhanced Swimming
Long Forked Tongue
Enhanced Stamina
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Speed
Enhanced Stealth
Sharp Talons
Cold Immunity
High Body Temperature
Liquid body
Water Absorption
Poison and Disease Immunity
Adhesive Body
Size Shifting
Voice Mimicry
Mind Reading
Poison Expulsion
Superhuman Reflexes
Web Generation
Wall Scaling
Detachable head
Prehensile ahoge
Non-mouth Assisted Consumption
Soul Reaping
Afterlife Teleportation
First Appearance TBA

Liminal Amalgam is a Omnitrix fusion of the first 7 Liminal DNA samples.


Liminal Amalgam is made out of different parts of the Liminal transformations.

  • Amazona:Part of ears, scales, tail, hair, hair clips and upper shirt.
  • Skyfly:Wings, hair coloration, scaly legs and talons.
  • Arthura:Ears hair,left eye, hair coloration and the belts under her breasts.
  • Slicky:Arms composition, composition on the right wing, tendrils in the left wing, and color and texture of the ahoge.
  • Melodeep:Tail fin, gills, hair coloration, part of ears and feathers colors on the right wing.
  • Black Widow:Multiple eyes, both arms armor and claws and hair coloration.
  • Reaper:Body shape, ahoge, corset pieces, skirt and hair color.

Powers & Abilities

The fusion has all the abilities of her component DNA samples.

Due to the strength of all the samples combined, her tail is strong enough to crust the hardest material in the galaxy.

She can pick heavy objects even cars with ease with her dexterous talons.

Due to the slime DNA she can bend and morph her hands.

Due to the Harpy, Mermaid and Centaur DNA she can survive in the coldest areas in the universe.

Can breathe underwater.

Her body can pinpoint more precisely its head position.

Can shapeshift her body to adapt to the environment.

She's very adept at swordplay and archery.

Can shoot webs embedded with slime from her wrists.

Can change her size when absorbing water.

She is able to use her threads to manipulate a person's movements to an extent.

She can teleport whenever she wants without draining her energy, in what location she wants.

Her ahoge is prehensile, making her able to grab objects.

She can teleport into the afterlife.


Due to the fact each DNA ability cancels the other DNA weaknesses is impossible for this fusion to have a weakness.


  • This is the first Liminal fusion on the wiki.
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