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General Information
Species Human
Chimera Sui Generis
Home World Earth
Residence Bellwood
Age 15
Powers and Abilities
Equipment Plasma blade
Relatives Vilgax
Voice Actor Sarah Miller-Crews

Lily the Voyager is a Human-Chimera who spends most of her time on Earth in Bellwood.


She has baby blue eyes and green toned champange skin, with long brown hair with red highlights.

She wears a bright pink leotard with triangle window tinted green. It shows off small cleavage but nothing too revealing. Her upper thighs have green tinted tights that lead into open-toe black leather boots.


She is strong and caring. She does what she can to leave her own mark on the world despite her father's reputation holding her back.


When she was born, her father couldn't be more proud. He gave her the world and even more so the universe, all that was his was hers.

Over her childhood, she explored the galaxies and got the title "Lily the Voyager". Unlike her father who conquered, she was hero who helped those in need and to learn and seize the moment rather a planet.

Powers and Abilities

  • She has super strength, and uses it on daily basis.
  • She can breathe underwater.
    • She he can survive without oxygen for short amount of time.
  • She can survive the vacuum of space for decent sum of time, this is because of her denser molecular structure.
  • She is a low-level empath. How she developed such a skill is still unclear.

Her sword can change its shape as but she prefers very anime-esque broad sword-like design over all others, and despite it being plasma based weapon it is very heavy.


Her own heritage tends to put a damper on her own wellbeing, along with her lack of social skills that often keep her a bit aloof to oblivious of others feelings despite her skills of being an empath.

She sometimes forgets how strong she is and breaks things unintentionally.



  • Vilgax, her father that may be absent in her life but he does talk to her when he can.


  • Lana, her best friend and the only one that sees her for herself and not her father.

Love Interests



With no official series, she can be used with guest star appearances with only credit needed.


  • She is Demi-Pansexual so she needs a strong bond with person above all else, but who or what they are does not matter.
  • She was made for a love child meme art of characterxself-insert, along with Lana.
  • She may be used with credit to original and Dreamer.


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