Lilian 'Ileas' Cretaman is the main character of 'What's Human?'. She's initially a pure-blood human who came into possession of the Epitrix by accident.


Athletic build, average height. Two-tone brown hair cut short at the front and a long plait at the back. Wears a dark blue half sleeved top with purple marks, brown pants with orange/brown details. Has a maroon jumper that sits above waits and has a tail coat at the back.

Abilities and Equipment

Ephitrix - A device similar to the Omnitrix in that it can turn the wielder into multiple different aliens. However on each transformation, the DNA of the used alien will encode itself on the users base DNA.


Ileas is an energetic and restless young girl who is prone to trouble-making. Bored easily, she doesn’t like to listen to others opinions, and is more likely to tune them out. She’s diligent in her interests, and always likes to help (whether it’s wanted or not).


Born in a future where Earth has become a mixing pot of alien species, Lilian was part of a shrinking population of pure humans. She grew up in a small suburb with her parents and siblings, before a divorce led to her moving to Omnitrix City with her mother and younger sister. They moved in with her mother’s alien boyfriend, and Lilian began attending Posterus Elementary.

One day on her way to her after school activities, she discovered a robot arm with a strange device on its wrist. 


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