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Lightning Dust
Lightning Dust.png
General Information
Species Rodesteenian
Home World Singbleth
Body Rocky humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Firing off electric dust

Enhanced durability

First Appearance Unknown

Lightning Dust is a Rodesteenian from the planet Singbleth in Ben 10: Ruins Of Earth.


Lightning Dust is a rocky humanoid with glowing pieces of blue rock on his body. His Omnitrix symbol is in the middle of his chest. 


Lightning Dust can generate a special type of rock powder which he calls "lightning dust". Once this blue dust is released from his body, it gains electrical properties which can be used to zap stuff. Lightning Dust can create it out of any place in his body, but mostly uses it in the palms of his hands, allowing him to throw it at enemies and shocking them.

Lightning Dust can control whether or not the dust will be electric or not, and also control its voltage. If he lets the voltage go high enough, the dust can even create bolts of lightning between each dust speck, making it a deadly weapon.

Even though the dust can barely power up a single light bulb, it is highly conductive and can be used to replace electrical wires. 

Due to his rocky body, Lightning Dust is rather durable. Due to his abilities, he is also very resistant to electricity. 


While he is quite durable, he is made of rock and can easily be mined with an iron pickaxe destroyed by drills or powerful lasers.

Destroying the blue stones in his body will cause a massive electric shock to go through his body, along with creating another electrical burst where the blue stone was.


  • Unknown.


  • Lightning Dust was inspired by Minecraft  Redstone. However, unlike Redstone he is blue, resembling Lapis Lazuli more than Redstone.