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Lightning, also called Teru Hikami Proves How Cool He Is by Saving the Entire City, is the twenty second volume of Attack on To'kustar. It is the sixth and final volume of Attack on Teviv, the fifth chapter of the series.


Lightning was written and directed by Paper. It was written between April 13 and 15, 2017, and released on April 16, 2017. It is the first episode in the series to explicitly have a rating warning at the beginning of the episode, due to the amount of blood depicted in the episode.

The short title of the episode gets it name from the To'kustar transformation lightning. When a human transforms into a To'kustar, a lightning bolt strikes the user, beginning the transformation.


[The camera shows Teviv as the sun starts to rise. The wall is broken in the north, and a horde of Forever Knights led by Troy Dieter, Aaron Cross, Lauren Haber, and Maxwell Wagner storms the city. Also in the city is the Talking To'kustar, which is being engaged by Felix Upton, Tobias Clay, Richard Turner, Lucas Miller, and David Crawford. They try to keep it away from the center of the city, but they don't seem to be doing a very good job.]

[Over on the wall, about 50 feet from where the hole is, Ryan Thames, Sven Schmidt, Noelle Williams, and Arik Iverson standing, not sure how to help fight off the Knights. Lawrence Carter lands near the group as part of the battle can be seen raging outside the walls. A large group of soldiers and Knights are fighting about 100 feet away from the wall, while farther away, Penny Blair and Tuesday Smith continue to try and slow down more To'kustars approaching the city. John Ziegler, Hadria Carter, Michael James, Lily Scott, and Teru Hikami watch them, but they have to continually fly backwards as the To'kustars get closer and closer to the city.]

[Lawrence]: What's the status of the city?

[Ryan]: It's not looking good Lawrence... We're going to lose this battle. Our forces are strong enough to overpower the human Knights, but the To'kustars are diverting all of our forces.

[At the group of To'kustars, a roar can be heard as Penny kills yet another one. She looks around to count the number of To'kustars.]

[Penny]: Still 12 more...

[Tuesday, confidently]: We've got it...

[John, from afar]: No, pull back!

[As Penny and Tuesday turn to John, he turns to the wall and sees the team starting to regroup on top of the wall. He turns back to the To'kustars.]

[John]: We're regrouping!

[He turns around again and flies towards the wall, as do the children right with him. Penny and Tuesday pull back from fighting the To'kustars to join the group at the wall. As they fly towards the wall, Connor Yan, Kathryn Wesley, Krista Renth, and Wynne Holst fly up from their fight with the Knights below. After a few moments, the groups converge on top of the wall and meet up with Ryan's group.]

[John]: We certainly need a new plan.

[Lawrence, worried]: Ryan and I were talking... We think that if we can't defeat that Talking To'kustar, than the city is a lost cause. It's taking up too many of our resources.

[John]: You're talking about surrendering?

[Penny, interjecting]: Sounds more like a tactical retreat to me.

[Lawrence]: Exactly, we can get out of the city with minimal loss of life, salvage as much equipment as we can, and then head west so the expedition can leave from the western gate when ready.

[John]: Why don't you let the real soldiers handle this?

[Penny]: Actually, I agree.

[John]: It's not even a good plan.

[Penny]: Oh, well I didn't know that everyone in the Explorer Division had a death wish!

[John]: This isn't a branch thing.

[Penny]: No? Well it's certainly a rank thing, and I outrank you.

[John]: No you don't; we're both Lieutenant Captain!

[Penny, boasting]: Knight of Percival!

[John]: That's a title with no weight!

[Ryan, shouting]: Enough!

[Penny and John stare at each other in anger, then relax after a moment.]

[Ryan]: I don't care which one of you outranks the other; five council members are here and they outrank both of you.

[John]: Fine.

[Ryan]: But John, I think Penny's right.

[John]: About rank?

[Ryan]: About the plan? It's a damn good plan. We need to cut our losses and get out...

[He turns to look at the city.]

[Ryan]: Before there's nothing left to leave behind.

[Theme Song]

[The camera shows the Talking To'kustar walking through Teviv as all of the soldiers: Felix, Tobias, Richard, Lucas, David, Penny, John, Connor, Kathryn, Krista, and Wynne, stand on top of a building and watch it. Lawrence stands with them, talking to the Council members.]

[Felix]: So you're suggesting a tactical retreat?

[Lawrence]: Penny suggested it. She says we can he west and leave through the Western gate as we considered.

[Tobias]: Forget the expedition. We need to deal with the problems inside the walls before we should even consider leaving the walls.

[John]: Captain Clay...

[Tobias]: I know you feel strongly about this John, but... I think we've got to move on and cut our losses.

[John, disappointed]: Yes sir.

[There is a pause for the moments as it becomes clear that the city is going to be abandoned.]

[Richard]: We should try to get as many citizens out as possible.

[David]: Oh yeah, we'll surely get ourselves killed doing that.

[Richard]: Felix, come on. We're just going to leave a bunch of people here to die?

[Felix]: Actually I'm with David on this one. We can't save people if even trying will surely result in all of us dying.

[Richard]: We're soldiers. All of us should be willing to risk our lives to save the lives of the common man!

[Felix]: It's one thing to risk your life and another thing entirely to do something which you know will cost you your life. One thing is noble, the other is suicide.

[As the soldiers continue to talk, the camera pans to show a building across the street, where Ryan and Tuesday are standing with the seven children.]

[Lily]: I can't believe they're talking about surrender. What about all the people?

[Sven]: Forget that, why don't they think they can beat that To'kustar?

[Michael]: It's too smart! Did you see how it crystallized its frill?

[Hadria]: Yeah, like the massive To'kustar we fought before.

[Arik, remembering]: Right, when we first got to Teviv! That one was also a transformer!

[Michael]: It transformed with a flash of lightning, that means it's a transformer, but that doesn't help us... Does it?

[Noelle]: I don't--

[Teru, interrupting her]: Wait, say that again.

[Noelle, confused]: I don't think so?

[Teru]: No, Michael.

[Michael]: What? That the Talking To'kustar transformed in a flash of lightning.

[Teru]: Don't you see? That's the key! The lightning!

[Everyone looks him as if he's crazy.]

[Tuesday]: Okay?

[Teru]: We know that the transforming To'kustars appear in a flash of lightning right? This happened to both Sven and whoever transformed into this one... And from what we've seen before, the massive To'kustar also un-transformed in a flash of lightning...

[Lily]: I don't see what the point of this is.

[Teru]: But when Sven went to fight the Talking To'kustar, it grabbed onto him and forced Sven to be hit by lightning that was probably meant for him.

[Arik, realizing what's going on]: Teru! You're a genius!

[Teru, getting excited]: If that device causes a flash of lightning when you transform, you can make it cause a flash of lightning when you un-transform, but if you can get that lightning to hit the Talking To'kustar...

[Michael, amazed]: You can get it to detransform! Teru, you really are a genius!

[Sven]: So all I have to do is--

[Ryan, alarmed]: Woah, you're not doing anything; it's still too dangerous.

[Sven]: But this will work! And it's not that dangerous!

[Teru]: We can save the whole city with this plan!

[Ryan frowns.]

[Ryan]: Maybe so, but it's not worth the risk!

[Sven]: I've told everyone before that I'm willing to take that risk. If the Knights take the city, we lose.

[Ryan looks at the Talking To'kustar, then at the soldiers on the other building, and then back to the kids.]

[Ryan]: Okay, I'll go notify the others of the change in plans... But this is Sven's mission, everyone else stays here.

[Sven nods his head, followed by scattered nods of the others. Ryan jumps off the roof and floats over to the other building. Tuesday watches him and then talks to Sven without making eye contact.]

[Tuesday]: You know, you're brave.

[Sven]: You think so?

[She laughs.]

[Tuesday]: Certainly braver than me...

[The camera cuts to Pietro Czeswin and Vladimir Czeswin walking through the streets of Hennington, a town just within the south-east segment of Wall Sera. It is slightly brighter here than in Teviv, as the city is farther east. The morning sun begins to warm up the city, but it is still somewhat dark. The father and son walk down a back alley, looking for the Forever Knights base in the town.]

[Pietro, angry]: You sure you know where this is?

[Vladimir]: Absolutely.

[He gets to the end of the alley and looks into the main street. It is bright enough that he makes sure to check if anyone else is in the street. When he realizes there is no one, he quickly runs across the street and continue to walk down the next alley way, followed by his son.]

[Vladimir]: It's just a little bit farther.

[Pietro]: Don't make me pull a gun on you again.

[Vladimir]: As if you don't want to pull a gun on me?

[Pietro, angry]: Shut up.

[Vladimir, chuckling]: I'm your father and yet you still take pride in threatening me, how shameful.

[Pietro, bitterly]: I said shut up.

[Vladimir grunts. He looks back at his son as he continues to walk.]

[Vladimir]: How about you at least try to be pleasant?

[He stops again at the next street. He looks in the street and this time sees three soldiers standing in the street. They are Jack Eastview, Emma Saunders, and Ricky Zhang, the three members of Regional Squad Corps Squad East Sera 7. Vladimir stops to watch them for a moment, but then notices they aren't looking. He quickly runs across the street as Pietro follows him. As the two run across the street, Ricky notices them suspiciously running and starts to run after them.]

[Ricky]: Hey!

[He runs until he gets to the alley. Vladimir and Pietro are running at the end of it. As soon as Ricky turns to run down the alley, Pietro turns back, pulls a gun, and shoots at him, hitting him in the right shoulder. Ricky drops to a knee as Jack and Emma run over. Jack turns to look down the alley but Pietro and Vladimir make it just out of sight before he looks.]

[Jack]: Who shot you? Who did you see?

[Ricky, short of breath]: Two men... Didn't recognize them, but they looked suspicious, could be Forever Knights...

[Jack, worried]: Great.

[He starts to run after them as Emma stays back to help Ricky.]

[Ricky]: Follow Jack, I've got this...

[Emma]: Right...

[She runs ahead to follow Jack as the camera cuts ahead to Pietro and Vladimir ducking down another alley. They slow down but continue to move at a brisk pace.]

[Vladimir, angry]: Why'd you shoot him? Now the others are just going to follow us.

[Pietro]: Yeah, but maybe now there will be one less following us.

[They arrive at house. Vladimir looks at the front door, not sure of what to expect. Pietro is even less sure as the two go up the steps.]

[Pietro]: You sure this is it?

[Vladimir]: I'm as sure about this as I am that you probably shouldn't have shot that soldier.

[Pietro, ironically]: Okay dad.

[Vladimir knocks on the door four times, waits, then knocks four more times. After a few moments, a man opens the door. He is Jasper Donovan, the Proctor of East Sera.]

[Jasper]: Vladimir Czeswin?

[Vladimir, unsure]: Jasper?

[Jasper]: Well isn't this the loveliest surprise?

[The camera cuts back to Teviv. Sven, Lawrence, and Felix are standing on another building, a short distance away from where the rest of the soldiers are still standing. The Talking To'kustar is in sight, but not extremely close to them.]

[Lawrence]: Remember, all you need to do is grab the To'kustar and then detransform... You can control that right?

[Sven]: I have before.

[Lawrence]: Right, you've got this!

[Sven takes a couple steps forward.]

[Felix]: Good luck, kid.

[Sven, looking back]: Thanks.

[He jumps off the building and flies forward on a pair of Skywings. Lawrence and Felix, along with the rest of the soldiers and children, from farther away, as Sven flies towards the Talking To'kustar. He angles himself so that the To'kustar has its back turned, and then flies high up into the air before activating the device on his wrist. A flash of green lightning zips down from the sky, striking Sven and causing him to transform almost immediately into a To'kustar. His momentum carries him through the air towards the Talking To'kustar. It slowly starts to turn around due to the lightning, but Sven arrives before it can complete the turn. Sven strikes the To'kustar in the head with his fist, knocking it back several steps. Sven lands and then rushes at the To'kustar, tackling it to the ground. The Talking To'kustar rolls to the side and knocks its way through Sven's leg, rolling into a row of houses. Sven reaches over and punches the To'kustar in the chest, keeping it down on the ground. Sven roars but the To'kustar seems unfazed.]

[Talking To'kustar]: Quit now and I won't kill you, uh?

[Sven roars again. Obviously, he is unfazed by the banter from the Talking To'kustar. Suddenly, the To'kustar rolls over again and then slides its leg and quickly pops up. Sven tries to get up but the To'kustar punches him to the ground. It reaches up to punch again but Sven catches the punch and slowly pushes the To'kustar back, enough to get off the ground and block another punch from the To'kustar. As the two To'kustars continue to trade punches, the camera cuts to Felix and Lawrence, who are tailing the two To'kustars at a safe distance.]

[Felix]: What's taking so long?

[Lawrence]: My guess is that he's trying to weaken the To'kustar so that it can't break free and he doesn't detransform accidentally.

[Felix]: He looks like a natural at this...

[Lawrence]: I can't explain it. This is the first time he's ever seen action.

[The Talking To'kustar swings another punch at Sven, but he ducks and then sends a punch at the To'kustar, hitting it in the face. The To'kustar winds up to punch Sven again, but he quickly pushes the To'kustar, causing it to lose its balance. Sven rushes forward and pushes the To'kustar again, but it manages to stay on its feet and return the blow, knocking Sven back a few steps. It rushes forward and tries to punch Sven again, but he catches the punch and pulls the To'kustar down with him. The camera cuts to Sven, floating in a sea of darkness. His body is shaking as a faint green lights begins to glow extremely green. It eventually takes over the whole screen as the camera cuts back to the outside, where a flash of green lightning strikes down, hitting both the To'kustars and causing a massive explosion of steam. From far away, the soldiers react to the lightning.]

[Tobias]: Go!

[He jumps off the building and boosts forward, followed by the rest of the soldiers as they rush to see if the plan worked. After several moments, Tobias lands on a building next to where the To'kustars were. The cloud of smoke from the lightning hitting the To'kustars is still too thick to see through. One by one, the other soldiers arrive on scene, waiting for the steam to disperse.]

[John]: Well?

[Slowly, the steam becomes clear enough to see through. First, Sven can be seen standing on the ground, swords drawn, perfectly fine. He is turning in place to see where whoever transformed into the To'kustar is. He continues to turn until he eventually sees a figure kneeling on the ground, back turned, with hand on their hand. A moment later, the smoke clears enough that Sven can tell the person is Vance Grace. Vance stands up, and when he realizes what's happening, draws his swords, turns around, and notices Sven. The rest of the smoke clears, allowing him to see all the soldiers waiting for him.]

[Vance, under his breath]: Son of a bitch...

The Forever Knights were never taken seriously by the police or military until the last decade or so, in which their actions have increasingly turned from slightly disruptive to extremely dangerous.

The rise of the Forever Knights can be credited to their developments in the sciences, which are what have made them so dangerous and allowed them to more easily compete with the police.

[The camera cuts back to Pietro, Vladimir, and Jasper in the Forever Knights base in Hennington. Vladimir and Jasper are sitting at a table, while Pietro sits away from them on a counter; from his position, he can see out the window. There is a mug on the table in front of Vladimir, containing some unknown liquid.]

[Vladimir, laughing]: Ah, I haven't seen Bradley in years; how's he doing?

[Jasper]: He's alright. You know how family things go.

[Vladimir]: I see.

[Jasper]: But I must ask Vlad, it's not every day I get visited by Czeswin Sr and Czeswin Jr... What do you want?

[Vladimir]: Well, we're looking for another old friend of mine... Daniel Fermi.

[Jasper stops laughing. Pietro turns from looking out the window to look at Jasper.]

[Jasper]: Vlad you know not to dig into things that shouldn't be dug into.

[He stands up.]

[Jasper]: Now you two really should be going.

[Pietro hops off the counter, draws his gun, and points it as Jasper. The Knight reacts by drawing a gun of his own and pointing it back at Pietro.]

[Pietro]: If there's something you're not telling us you son of a bitch.

[Jasper]: Vlad, control your spawn.

[Pietro]: I've shot him and I'll shoot you, too, don't doubt me.

[Jasper]: I didn't know the head scientist of the Knights was on an Esper hunt... Science was so much more noble when it was only making humans turn into To'kustars...

[Pietro]: You've got until the count of 3--

[Jasper]: No, you're going to leave on the count of 3 or I guess we'll both be dead.

[Pietro]: 3...

[Jasper]: 2...

[There is a double knock on the door; it is not the Forever Knights' traditional knock. A mumbled voice can be heard outside, but it somewhat sounds like Jack.]

[Jack, outside]: Anyone there?

[Pietro points his gun into the air and puts his finger over his lips, signaling silence. He slowly begins to walk over towards the window, bending over to stay out of its view. He slowly stands up to look out the window, seeing both Jack and Emma standing outside the door. He gets back down and walks back over to the room with Vladimir and Jasper.]

[Pietro, whispering]: Two soldiers...

[Jasper, angry whispering]: You were followed?

[Vladimir]: It's the Regional Squad. Pietro shot their third member.

[Jasper]: Bold move, Jr.

[Pietro, still whispering]: Don't call me that!

[He gestures towards the door with the gun, but stays in place.]

[Jasper]: You expect me to do something about this?

[Pietro, whispering]: It's your city!

[Jasper, annoyed]: Right.

[He puts his gun away and walks over towards the door. Jack knocks again and then shouts this time.]

[Jack]: If no one answers I'll kick down the door.

[Jasper opens the door.]

[Jasper]: That won't be necessary.

[Jack]: Hello sir, you wouldn't have happened to see two men running around here, would you?

[Jasper]: No, I've been inside all day.

[Jack, suspiciously]: Do you mind if I take a look around inside.

[Jasper]: Not at all.

[Jack and Emma step into the building. They walk down one hallway as Pietro and Vladimir quietly move through the other hallway to avoid being seen. Jack and Emma arrive in the room where the three Knights were talking. He notices the one mug on the table, and assumes that Jasper was drinking from it. He continues to move around as Pietro and Vladimir quietly exit the house. Moments later, Jack and Emma finish a complete loop of the first floor and arrive back by the front door.]

[Jasper, kindly]: Did you want to check the other floors?

[Jack]: No, we're all good, thank you.

[Jasper]: Good day to you two...

[Jack and Emma exit the house and then walk down the street, continuing their search for the Czeswins.]

[Emma]: Why didn't we check the rest of the house?

[Jack, confidant]: Because I think those two Knights were in that house, but probably left before we got there.

[Emma]: How sure are you?

[Jack]: Absolutely certain; 100%.

[The camera cuts back to Jasper. He closes the door and turns around to find Pietro and Vladimir somehow made it back into the house. Pietro is once again holding a gun at him.]

[Jasper, shocked]: Goodness Pietro! How'd you get back in here?

[Pietro]: Cellar... Now help us find Fermi...

[Jasper sighs. The camera cuts to the three Knights standing in the attic of the house. Jasper holds a small box in his hand. The box has a button on it, and a wire sticks out of the box and runs into a large box on the floor, which has another wire sticking out of it that runs into the wall. Jasper pushes the button.]

[Jasper]: He should be here any moment now...

[The three Knights stand around for a few moments but nothing happens.]

[Pietro]: This isn't funny Jasper.

[Jasper]: I can't make him respond to the signal, okay? I can only send it out.

[Pietro]: Push the button again...

[Jasper pushes the button again.]

[Vladimir]: Pietro, it's not going to work. If he didn't respond right away, he's probably not going to.

[Pietro sighs.]

[Pietro]: Okay, here's what we're going to do... I'm done here; I'm heading back to Teviv.

[He looks at Jasper.]

[Pietro]: If Fermi shows up, send him my way.

[He turns to his father and laughs.]

[Pietro]: It's been great, pops.

[He walks out of the room as Vladimir turns to him.]

[Vladimir, chuckling]: Hey son...

[Pietro stops, but doesn't turn around to face his father.]

[Vladimir]: Some advice for you... The whole world isn't against you... Realize that and maybe you'll be able to make some friends...

[Pietro stands still for a moment, but then continues to walk and heads down the stairs. Vladimir turns to Jasper.]

[Jasper]: Your son is crazy if he expects me to help him.

[Vladimir]: My son's crazy, period.

[Back in Teviv, Vance stands on the ground, his swords drawn, across from Sven, and surrounded by the rest of the soldiers. He looks around and then focuses on Sven.]

[Vance]: How do you like it? Transforming into a To'kustar. Isn't it such a rush?

[Sven]: You're not going to get away, Vance. You've lost!

[Vance]: Maybe we've lost the battle, but the war is just beginning.

[Tuesday jumps down from the building and lands next to Sven. She takes a couple steps forward and Vance begins to back up. He stops when he realizes that Penny Blair is standing behind him.]

[Penny]: Scared?

[Vance, confident]: Not at all.

[He jumps into the air on his Skywings and Penny flies after him.]

[Tuesday]: Stay here Sven, we'll handle this.

[Tuesday flies off to help Penny with Vance as many of the other soldiers drop down to street level. The children run towards Sven.]

[Michael]: You were amazing Sven!

[Sven]: I'm just glad it worked.

[He turns to Teru.]

[Sven]: You get all the credit for this.

[Teru]: Me?

[Sven]: You came up with the idea.

[Teru]: Yeah, I guess I did.

[Lawrence]: Great work everyone...

[He turns to his daughter.]

[Lawrence]: You, too.

[Hadria hugs her father.]

[Lawrence]: Our work isn't over, though.

[Tobias]: No, far from it.

[The camera cuts to show the remaining soldiers standing in a circle.]

[Felix]: We still need to drive the Knights out of the city, and then there's the issue of the hole in the wall. It will need to be protected constantly if we don't want any more To'kustars getting in.

[Richard]: Connor, Kathryn, Krista, Wynne: you four go to the wall and handle that group of To'kustars that was approaching the city. We'll send backup as soon as we can.

[Connor]: Yes sir!

[The four Regional Squad Corps members fly off, leaving just the council members and John, along with the children and the two police chiefs.]

[John]: Based on what we've seen, there are five high ranking members of the Knights in the city, including Vance, which means we need to track down the other four. That should be priority number two, behind securing the city.

[Tobias]: I agree, if we defeat them, we end the battle for good.

[Felix]: Right, let's take things one at a time.

[As the conversation continues, the camera cuts to Vance flying through the skies of Teviv. The sun has now completely risen, making it bright enough to easily see where he's going. About 15 feet back, Penny flies after him, while Tuesday trails the two about 50 feet further back. As Penny gets close to engaging with Vance, Tuesday is bumped by Max, who then draws his swords and continues to follow Tuesday. She draws her own swords as she lands on a building, turns around, and slashes her swords against Max. Near them, Penny slashes at Vance, making him slow down to safely defend himself. He draws his swords and lands on a building about 20 feet away. Penny and Vance slash their swords as Tuesday and Max continue to fight.]

[Max]: Today you join your parents beyond the grave!

[Tuesday]: I don't think so.

[They slash swords back against each other. Across from them, Penny and Vance are locked in a sword battle. They repeatedly swings their swords back and forth, blocking and attacking, with no real progress. Penny quickly looks over and sees the other fight, but then looks back at Vance to block another attack. She thrusts at him, causing him to step back. She then jumps and boosts over on the Skywings towards Max.]

[Penny, bantering]: How about we switch?

[She tackles Max as Tuesday turns towards Vance and blocks his attack. They continue to fight on top of the building as Penny and Max crash through a window into a house. People can be heard screaming downstairs as the two continue to fight inside the house. They slash their swords for a few moments, before Penny takes a step back and puts her swords away. She unclips her Skywings and drops them to the ground.]

[Penny]: You know, it's been forever since I've done this, but I've just about had enough of you.

[Max]: There's no way you can win without those!

[Penny]: Watch me!

[She rushes at him as he slashes at her, slicing her left arm. She grabs his right hand with her left and throws that sword out of his hand as blood gushes out of her arm. He slashes with his one remaining sword at her left hand, cutting it clean off her arm. She kicks at him, causing him to step back. He then slashes at her again; he misses, allowing her to knock the other sword out of his hand. With her one remaining hand, she grabs his left shoulder and then knees him in the gut. He grabs her right shoulder with his cybernetic left hand and delivers a shock to her, making her let go. She grimaces in pain due to all the injuries she has sustained, but continues to fight. Max draws another sword and stabs it right through Penny's waist, but she largely ignores it as she punches him in the face. She pulls out the sword and throws it on the ground as Max starts to realize he doesn't stand a chance.]

[Max]: You're a monster!

[Penny, clearly in pain]: Yes, but I'm winning.

[He grunts as he draws two more swords. As Penny approaches him, Max backs up, but eventually realizes he doesn't have much more room, with the wall and broken window behind him.]

[Max]: You really don't understand, do you? Just because you survive doesn't mean you win? The costs of victory are sometimes too high to be sustainable.

[He stabs one of the sword through another spot in her waist.]

[Max]: Your real enemy is chaos itself, not something which can so easily be defeated.

[With another sword, he slashes off her other hand. She grimaces in pain as Max stabs another sword through her chest, leaving it in. As Max draws his final sword, Penny jumps in the air. Max slashes through Penny's right leg at the knee, but as she falls to the ground, she kicks Max in the face, knocking him clear out of the window. As Penny lands back on the ground, with only one leg, and no hands to hold herself up, she falls over. Max floats back up on his Skywings, still holding the final sword. He flies back through the window, pointing the sword at Penny, who has already started to heal. She uses her healed left hand and arm to get off the ground as her right hand and leg continue to heal. She pulls one of the swords out of her chest and points it at Max.]

[Penny]: I can do this all day...

[They slash the swords at each other and pushes against each other. They are about evenly matched, but as the rest of Penny's body heals, she is able to stand on two legs again and able to push Max out of the house again, but this time he doesn't fall all the way to the ground. He floats just outside the building as Penny continues to point her sword at him.]

[Max]: You will face enemies that you cannot kill either, Knight of Percival. Maybe then you'll wish you could die.

[He flies off as Penny stands by the window. She pulls the remaining sword out of her chest and throws them on the ground. Her leg and hand have finished regenerating, leaving only the wounds on her chest and waist. After a few more moments, she is completely healed, with the only signs of prior injury being the holes in her clothing. She looks at her healed body and then looks upwards, out the window, and across the street, where Tuesday is standing with her hands on her knees, catching her breath from her battle with Vance. The knight lies unconscious on the building, having been defeated by Tuesday. There is no sign of Max in the sky. Penny smiles as Tuesday notices her and smiles back. She then looks at Vance, realizing that this gives the army an advantage over the Knights.]

[The camera cuts a few hours ahead to the police station, where all the soldiers, save for Nathan Loretta and the four Regional Squad Corps members patrolling the hole in the wall, as well as all the officers and children, have been reunited, including some who didn't fight in the battle, such as Samuel Wright, Logan Fitzpatrick, Susan Quell, Prescott Martin, Derek Brady, and Jonah Bishop. As the Aterian children talk with Pryor Hade, Sophia Faraday, Rachel Stone, and Nico Valencia, the four children of Teviv who missed out on the battle, the officers and soldiers hold a more important discussion.]

[Felix]: Fighting seems to have died down, but this battle is certainly not over.

[Tobias]: Of course, the Forever Knights will have backup plans.

[Penny]: We did capture Vance, but Max got away, and the other three we haven't seen the other three commanders since the wall was breached.

[John]: I'm sure Vance will have some useful information.

[Lawrence]: Not to change the subject, but this seems related: where are we on finding Nathan?

[Logan, stepping forward]: Yeah, some of us would like answers.

[Tobias]: We're doing the best we can. Penny is going to continue looking for him as soon as we finish this meeting. Any other questions?

[No one steps forward.]

[Felix]: Alright, we'll rest for the day and then see what we can do tomorrow.

[Everyone nods their heads. Penny looks at Tuesday, who notices her after a few moments, and then remembering what Tobias said, realizes what she wants. The camera cuts to Plutonon, the capital city, at the center of the area within Wall Nova. The Imperial Palace is shown from the outside; it is now late in the afternoon, on the same day as the battle, so the sun is already starting to set, giving the sky and orange tint. The camera quickly cuts inside as Parran Revirik walks with Darren Mathis, the Prime Minister. They are walking down a long hallway.]

[Darren]: So you believe the situation there is under control?

[Parran]: Five members of the high council and the Knight of Percival are all in the city, so yes, I'm confident in them, but as for the rest of the world, I'm not so sure.

[They arrive at a grand door guarded by two soldiers of the Royal Guard. They open the door, allowing the Commander and Prime Minister to enter the throne room. Parran and Darren continue their discussion as a man stands from the throne; he is Hector Reiford, the King.]

[Hector]: Commander Revirik.

[Parran]: Your majesty. Pardon me for skipping the formalities but the situation is dire. I've already briefed Prime Minister Mathis.

[Hector]: I see, so how bad is it?

[Parran]: In a word, bad.

[Hector]: In a few more?

[Parran]: Really freaking bad, your majesty.

[Hector chuckles while Darren frowns at the Commander's joke.]

[Darren, annoyed]: Commander, my deputies want answers; we don't have time to joke around.

[Parran, serious]: Fine, well then I guess I'll start at the beginning for the King.

[As he prepares to explain the story, the camera cuts once again back to Teviv, now in the early evening, with the sky almost back to darkness. The camera shows a house in the western part of the city, the same one that Max went to when he first returned to the city. The camera cuts to the basement of the house, where Max, Troy, Aaron, and Lauren are standing across from Webster Grace. He looks disappointed at their failure to protect his son.]

[Troy]: We can still win the battle, my lord.

[Webster]: Don't worry about yourself, it's you who should be worried.

[He points at Max. The new Proctor of South Via is furious.]

[Max]: It's not my fault! It's the damn Knight of Percival! She's an Esper!

[Webster]: Don't make excuses. It's completely your fault that my son was captured.

[Max]: I doubt they'll be able to hold him. He can just transform again and escape.

[Webster]: Don't think that the army will be that ignorant, Wagner.

[Troy, interjecting]: If you don't mind me interrupting, my lord, I believe that it's the official policy of the Knights to deal with captured agents by eliminating them.

[Webster doesn't respond at first, but then realizes what has to be done.]

[Webster]: Yes, I suppose you're right.

[He looks Troy right in the eye.]

[Webster]: Then you'll take care of it?

[Troy]: Absolutely, my lord.

[Suddenly, the door to the basement opens. Whoever is at the top of the stairs is carrying a lantern, and as he walks down the stairs, it becomes evident that it is Pietro.]

[Max, jokingly]: Look who decided to come back!

[Webster]: What's the meaning of this, Pietro?

[Pietro]: I've got a new plan.

[Max, annoyed]: Great, more Esper hunting.

[Pietro]: No, not hunting, not capturing...

[He grins.]

[Pietro]: More like... convincing.

[The camera cuts to Hennington, around the same time. Jasper is sitting in the house, at the table where he talked to the Czeswins. He seems angry at the events of the day. He sips a drink from a mug and then puts it down at the table. He closes his eyes to think and when he opens them, he turns and notices Eric Sullivan standing next to him. Eric puts his hand on his shoulder and then teleports with Jasper. They arrive in a room in some other building probably not even in the same city. Jasper, who was sitting in a chair, falls to the ground due to the lack of a chair where he teleported. He stands up and realizes that Daniel Fermi is standing across from him, with his back turned.]

[Jasper]: Fermi, my lord.

[Fermi turns around.]

[Daniel]: Hello Jasper.

[Jasper]: Forgive me, my lord, I didn't expect that you would be paying me a visit.

[Daniel]: The Czeswins made you signal for me, correct?

[Jasper, confused]: Uh, yes, my lord.

[Daniel]: I've been meaning to pay Pietro a visit, but I was busy...

[He turns away from Jasper and walks over to a window. He looks out the window and watches the last sliver of the sun dip below the wall surrounding the city.]

[Daniel]: I was busy looking for an old friend of my own, but alas, no leads.

[He turns to Jasper and Eric.]

[Daniel]: But I suppose I'm free now... Eric, what do you say we go introduce ourselves to some new friends?

[Jasper looks confused, but Eric simply nods his head in non-verbal communication. Fermi chuckles as he turns back to the window. The camera shows him face on.]

[Daniel]: New friend number one: Nathan Loretta.

[The End]

No credits included for this episode.

Next, on Attack on To'kustar:
[The camera shows Trevor Faraday and Nathan Loretta arguing in Trevor's basement. Nathan is sitting in the far corner. Trevor is standing near him, with Tuesday Smith and Penny Blair on the far side of the room.]

[Trevor]: Nathan, you can't stay here forever.

[The camera shows a scene of Lawrence and Hadria Carter hugging at the police station as Trevor's dialogue can be heard as narration.]

[Trevor, narration]: Listen, Nathan, maybe there are some secrets worth keeping, I get that. But this is a secret you shouldn't have valued so highly, and it's a secret no more, so maybe you should just move on.

[The camera cuts to another house in Teviv. Sven and Lars Schmidt are hugging, as Viola and Sonia Schmidt sit on the side of a bed near them. They continue to hug as Lars narrates.]

[Lars, narration]: I've been more worried than I'd like to admit... But I really have been worried, Sven.

[The camera cuts a little bit ahead. Sven is no longer hugging his father, instead staring suspiciously at him.]

[Sven]: Actually, I had a question about something... unusual.

[The camera cuts a bit ahead.]

[Sven]: Have you ever heard of Espers?

[Lars widens his eyes.]

[The camera shows the basement of the police station, where Vance Grace is being held. His arm is in a special module in the wall of a prison cell so that he can't reach the device on his wrist to transform into a To'kustar. Felix Upton interrogates him as John Ziegler, Tobias Clay, Ryan Thames, Lawrence, and Sven stand by.]

[Felix]: We know who you are. Vance Grace...

[The camera cuts to a scene of Nathan still sitting in the corner of Trevor's basement. Penny is sitting on the floor just in front of him. Vance and Felix's dialogue narrates the shot.]

[Vance, narration]: Forget everything you think you know about him...

[Felix]: What is he talking about?

[The camera cuts to the first floor of the station. Lars, Lawrence, the seven Aterian children, Felix, Tobias, John, David Crawford, Lucas Miller, Richard Turner, Samuel Wright, and Logan Fitzpatrick are standing in the lobby area.]

[Richard]: I'd heard rumors about powerful beings that live among us...

[The camera cuts to the same place, only at a different time. Lawrence is arguing with Lars.]

[Lars]: My son says your daughter is an Esper.

[The camera cuts to show Lawrence dropping to his knees.]

[Lawrence]: What the hell is this? Who...

[The camera cuts again to Lawrence getting up, then it quickly cuts again to Lawrence, with his hands on Lars' shoulders, shaking him back and forth. Lawrence's dialogue from another part narrates the scene.]


[Suddenly, there is the sound of a gunshot. The camera shows Ryan, having just fired a gun at an unknown target, as the camera cuts to black.]

Denial -
Lars Schmidt Vehemently Denies the Existence of the Order

Premieres on May 23, 2017

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